Air conditioner operation modes: overview of popular features.

When choosing an air conditioner for your apartment, we usually look at its indicators such as energy consumption, as well as minimal possibilities. The remaining functions of the air conditioner, for example, ventilation, the ability to dry the air, ionization and disinfection do not become so noticeable. Although manufacturers are ready to work on their air conditioners, to make them using the latest technologies, to add all the new functions and modes to the air conditioner to make our stay at home as comfortable as possible.

  • Heating and Cooling
  • Ventilation( fan)
  • Mode for dehumidifying air( dry)
  • Choosing automatic modes( auto)
  • Turning on comfortable sleep( Quiet, Sleep)
  • “Defrost” of the heat exchanger
  • Filament and sleep and treat, you can clean and sleep, and you should clean and sleep.with the main modes of operation of various air conditioners and their capabilities provided to customers.

    Heating and cooling

    Any air conditioner was created, first of all, in order for it to work in cooling mode “Cool”.Cooling is through the use of physical processes. In this case, the refrigerant changes its state from liquid to gaseous, taking heat from the external environment. Here it is just the cooling of the air that enters the room( a dehumidification effect is created, since water is drained from the air flow).To calculate the capacity of the air conditioner, which will serve for cooling, the following calculations are required: 1 kilowatt per area of ​​8 to 10 square meters for the air conditioner to work properly.

    The heating mode is activated when you press the button with the “Heat” icon.“Heat” is the supply of warm air that has a sufficient temperature for heating.

    The “Heat” mode is ideal for heating, as it emits 3–4 times more heat in comparison with the electricity spent on it. It is good for use in spring and autumn, the modes are just suitable for heating the room.

    But in winter, at low temperatures, freon and compressor oil are able to change their characteristics. The air conditioner may fail in a short time due to its incorrect operation. In such a situation, it is necessary to use a specially designed kit that is ready for operation at temperatures up to minus thirty degrees. But then you will get not only a heater, but also your cash costs for electricity will increase significantly, as its device will require much more.

    There are air conditioners that are equipped with a heater for heating. Their disadvantage is also high consumption of electricity, which leads to more serious spending of money( unlike other types of heaters).

    Ventilation( fan)

    This device mode only includes the inside of the device, using it to trap air from the external environment, but it cannot be heated or cooled. The use of such a function is fine when the building is heated by a central heating system.

    There is a possibility not to turn on the air intake from the street, then the air conditioner skillfully mixes different layers of air that have different degrees of heating( warm air is at the top, it is colder near the floor).

    More modern models in the technical plan have the ability to regulate the fan speed, thereby creating a different ventilation power.

    Dry air mode( dry)

    It is designed for a room with very high humidity, while the moisture mode remains on a cold surface( condensation occurs).The air is also dried during simple cooling, but this is not so noticeable.

    In addition, when operating in the “dry” mode, the temperature remains almost the same, the compressor starts its operation when it changes, at which there is a deviation from the normal temperature by at least a degree more or 0.5 degrees less. Drainage takes place within ten minutes, then five and a half minutes - a pause, and then 2 minutes of ventilation. Then the mode is repeated again and again.

    Selection of automatic modes( auto)

    This function allows the air conditioner to make a choice independently, selecting for you rational modes of operation. The device automatically chooses at the expense of which mode the user's requirements will be achieved in the best quality( ventilation has several cycles that are combined, heating and cooling, if necessary, replace each other).Work in the auto mode occurs in different ways, if necessary, the system itself includes dehumidification of the air flow to obtain the desired temperature.

    Enabling Comfort Sleep( Quiet, Sleep)

    Operation in this mode is based on reducing the number of fan rotations from the outside to the minimum mark, whereby the air conditioner operates silently without disturbing sleep. In addition, the device carefully controls the temperature indicators and slowly increases or decreases the degrees, if necessary( when there are deviations from the norm).

    "Comfortable sleep" significantly reduces the cost of electricity: the work stops immediately after the set time expires.

    Timer. With the help of the timer it is possible to set the temperature before your arrival, as well as to complete the operation of the air conditioner after the required amount of time( set by the remote control).

    “Defrosting” of the heat exchanger

    Using the electronics of the system, when the device is turned on, the temperature of the refrigerant, which is contained in the outdoor unit, is measured. When the heating mode is turned on, the refrigerant collects the cold obtained from the air masses of the external environment, which leads it to defrost.

    This feature is useful while operating systems at low temperatures.

    Filtering and purifying air

    Today, air conditioners have multi-stage filters that can eliminate the ingress of large amounts of dust and dangerous microorganisms into the air. Filters make cleaning in 3 stages. At the first degree, a coarse purification of the air flow takes place with the help of a fine metal grill, at the second stage - microbes and plant pollen are removed with an electrostatic filter, at the third stage - elements of tobacco smoke and other unpleasant odors are removed. These are very important purification steps that remove visible and invisible microorganisms and odors hazardous to health.

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