Marking of washing machines Electrolux: interpretation of symbols

Labeling of washing machines Electrolux is a sticker on the case. Decrypting it, you can find out more information about the machine: the country of origin or the maximum degree of loading of the tank. Choosing a stylalku in the store, you will not ask each instruction for each model, so knowledge of the badges on the labeling will be useful to you.

Content of the material:

  • 1What does "Electrolux" marking mean?
    • 1.1Decoding of the encoding for the CIS countries
    • 1.2Decoding of the marking of Great Britain
    • 1.3US encoding value

What does "Electrolux" marking mean?

The serial numbers of washing machines "Electrolux" may vary. It depends on the place and the country of the equipment assembly. Consider how to decipher the notation on the washers from the CIS, the UK and the USA.

Decoding of the encoding for the CIS countries

Decoding of the encoding for the CIS countries

  • The first letter in the marking of E. It means the brand (brand) of the washing machine - Electrolux.
  • The next letter indicates the type of technique. English W means you have a washing machine in front of you.
  • Next comes the letter S, which will tell you the type of loading or installation of the washer. In this case, S means that the stylalk has a front load and a narrow body. This model is suitable for rooms with limited space. If the letter M is specified, this means a supernatural casing and front loading.
  • Also at this place can be the symbol T, which means vertical loading. The English G indicates the built-in technique. This model can be built into a kitchen set or a cabinet in the bathroom.
  • If the marking is W, then the washer has a drying function. X means washing with drying.
  • The next number 10 indicates the power of the revolutions during spinning. In this case, 10 is 1000 rpm.

It can also be: 05 = 500 rpm; 06 = 600 rpm; 07 = 700 rpm; 08 = 800 rpm; 09 = 900 rpm; 12 = 1200 rpm; 14 = 1400 rpm; 15 = 1500 rpm; 16 = 1600 rpm.

  • The number 6 means 6 kg. It is this amount of laundry that the washing machine can accommodate for a single wash. Accordingly, the figure 4 indicates a capacity of 4 kg, 5 - 5 kg, and so to 9, which means 10 kg.
  • Next, the number 6 indicates the type of control that can be electronic or mechanical, as well as the average size of the LCD display. Modern models of electroballs "Electrolux" are equipped with electronic control. Also, the display size can be: 2 - a small LED-display; 4 - graphic; 7 - large LCD; 8 - large LCD with textual accompaniment.
  • The last combination of CAU symbols indicates the type of nodes that are used in a particular series. For example, the type of engine is collector or inverter. This designation will tell you how to choose the correct replacement part.
    In this case, the engine is a universal Eco valve. Design Camelia, chrome door.
    U - production of Ukraine.

Decoding of the marking of Great Britain

Valid for models with the option of embedding.


  • The first icons are similar to the previous markings. The letter E indicates the brand of the stylalki - Electrolux. The symbol W means that it is a washing machine, not another technique. The letter G indicates the installation method - an embedded SMA model.
  • The next number 12 will tell you how many spinning cycles the washing machine gives. The number 12 is 1200 rpm.
  • Next figure 7 - the maximum loading of the drum is 7 kg.
  • The number 410 indicates the type of machine control.
  • The last W sign indicates the color of the styrene body, in this model it is white. S means silver, X - stainless steel, L - hatch of chromium or white.

US encoding value

In the US, the "Electrolux" encoding is slightly different.


  • The first letter E points to the stamp of the washing machine
  • The next character W, and sometimes I, means the type of technique - washing machine.
  • The third letter F suggests that in this model the front-end type of loading.
  • Next is a combination of LS70J characters, it indicates the number of the washing machine Electrolux.
  • The last letters SS indicate the color of the case.

There may be additional characters:

  • T - standard model with a conventional motor.
  • E - type Eco valve. Universal motor.
  • F - Eco valve. Inverter.
  • G - Eco valve, standard engine. Additional option: PAR.
  • H - Eco valve. Inverter. Steam mode.
  • J - Jet system. Standard motor.
  • K - Jet system. Inverter.
  • L - Jet system. Standard motor. Option PAR.
  • M - Jet system. Inverter. PAR function.
  • O - connection to cold and hot water supply + Eco valve.
  • P - connection to hot and cold water supply + Jet system.
  • V - washing Eco Spray.
  • W - Jet system. Inverter. Weighing function and PAR.
  • N - Eco valve. Universal motor. Design Camelia, white hatch.
  • S - Eco valve. The engine is universal. Camelia decoration, silver hatch.
  • C - Eco valve station wagon. Camelia decoration, chrome hatch.

Each marking will show the main characteristics and advantages of the model. A label with symbols may be located on the top of the CMA housing, at the bottom of the drain filter or on the rear panel.

When buying a washing machine from Electrolux, pay attention to any signs. Deciphering the characters will help you.

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