What is a non-phosphate washing powder

What is a besfosfatnye detergent powders, what is their difference, what to buy for an adult and a child, you will learn from our review.

The composition of modern detergent powders is often alarming: incomprehensible chemical compounds, numbers and letters, the harm of which can only be guessed. But already everyone knows perfectly well that the powders, which contain phosphates, are harmful, so today their phosphate-free analogs are actively spreading.

Content of the material:

  • 1What is the difference between a besfosfatny powder: composition
  • 2Why are phosphates in detergent harmful?
  • 3Rating of phosphate-free powders: which is better to choose
  • 4Baby powderless powders

What is the difference between a besfosfatny powder: composition

Buying a powder for washing without phosphates, you can not be sure that you will get a remedy without surfactants or other unsafe ingredients. It's easier to understand immediately which substances are the most harmful, and to look at the powder label yourself - even if it is phosphate-free.

So, consider the most harmful components that can be included in the composition:

  • The surfactant is the "backbone" of any powder, its basis, which ensures the efficiency of washing. They accelerate the dissolution in water and push out complex contaminants from the fibers of the tissues.
  • Phosphates are salts that have excellent solubility in water. They are involved in water softening to strengthen the efficiency of the remaining components. Harmful to humans and to nature.
  • Phosphonates are analogous to phosphates, which do not harm the environment so badly.
  • Zeolites are less dangerous compounds. But at a high concentration can cause significant damage to human health, since they wash off the protective layer of fat from the skin, which leads to allergic rashes. In comparison with phosphates they are more ecological. Choose you - between your health and the environmentally friendly means.

What is the difference between an unphosphate powder and a conventional powder? The fact that instead of phosphates it may contain the above components. Remember their safe dosage:

  • Surfactants - from 5 to 20%. More than 30% is dangerous.
  • The safe concentration of zeolites should not exceed a third of the total volume of the detergent.

On a note! The form of release does not affect the "harmfulness" of the means - it can be powders, concentrated or universal agents. Differences - in the composition, and not in their liquid or friable form. Safe ECO powders contain a minimum of "chemistry" and often go even without a smell.

Why are phosphates in detergent harmful?

In the 1960s, scientists of the Soviet Union decided to investigate how household chemistry affects nature and the human body. They came to the same conclusions as the European researchers.

Scientists managed to find out: the main reason why phosphates should not be used is a detrimental effect on the protective layer of the skin, which is fraught with dermatitis and allergies. Further, passing through the skin and penetrating into the blood, they change its composition. This is followed by abnormalities in the work of the internal organs and muscles. This causes a metabolic disorder, can provoke exacerbations of chronic diseases, etc.

Now you know what harmful phosphates are, so remember these shocking facts every time you go for a detergent.

Rating of phosphate-free powders: which is better to choose

Finding out what kind of powder, which does not contain phosphates, it is better to immediately discard the famous brands, such as "Tide "Ariel "Persel" and others. These names are simply well advertised, but with many "surprises".

We compiled a rating that included German and Japanese powders, as well as Russian-made products.

Sodasan Ecologocal Color- German means, in the basis of which the manufacturer used soap from natural ingredients. The composition also contains herbal extracts, citric acid, minerals and essential oils as an aromatic additive. The quality is confirmed by certificates, which means that it fully meets all EU standards.

Packing in, kg costs 500-600 rubles.

BioMio ColorGerman production. Instead of phosphates, surfactants and zeolites are involved, as well as less hazardous ingredients - for example, a cotton extract. The manufacturer promises that a one and a half kilogram pack will be enough for 30 washes in the AGR.

The cost of the facility is within 500 rubles.

Klar Eco Sensitive- powder from Germany on the basis of a soap nut, soap on vegetable oils, with the addition of oxygen bleach, salt and soda, rice starch. Phosphates in the composition are replaced by zeolites. The temperature range at which it is activated is 30-95 degrees.

For a pack of weight, kg will have to lay out about 1000 rubles.

Ecover Zero- Belgian besfosfatnoe means for washing based on BIO-SAS, soaps, zeolites and other chemical components, among which there are no banned. This concentrated powder is very economical, therefore it is sold in small packs of 5 kg and costs about 700 rubles.

EcoDoo- French remedy with essential oils of lavender and rosemary. Detergents in the composition - surfactants, zeolites, aleps soap (based on laurel fruit and olive oil), enzymes. Properties are not lost in the temperature range from 30 to 90 degrees. It is a powder-concentrate, therefore it is economical.

It costs more than 2000 rubles per pack of 3 kg.

Mako Clean.Our list closes our list of domestic remedies based on surfactants, enzymes, soap crumbs, foam dampers, calcined soda. Does not have a sharp odor, it is sufficiently homogeneous.

The cost is within 700 rubles per pack in weight, kg.

What other powders do not have phosphates? In the products listed below, the composition may differ slightly from the previous ones, but they are safer than conventional washing facilities:

  • AlmaVin;
  • Mi & amp; about;
  • Herbals;
  • Nissan FaFa;
  • Clever Free;
  • Organic natural;
  • X.

On a note! The last two options are the best user feedback, join those who already care about their health and the environment.

Baby powderless powders

Buying powder for newborns or for older children, it is not enough to be guided only by phosphates. In the composition not only there should be no harmful "chemistry but the concentration of other substances should be in the permissible norm.

Consider some children's remedies so that you choose the best of them.

Amway baby- powder from the USA with active oxygen. In the composition of organic enzymes. Does not cause allergies and does not smell. The form is liquid concentrated.

Before washing, it is recommended to dissolve the required number of caps of the product in boiling water. Economical consumption thanks to a measuring spoon.

The Karapuz.Phosphates in it are replaced by harmless silicates. And the main detergent is palm oil. This soap product perfectly foams and copes even with old dirt. At the same time, the fabric becomes soft and does not smell of foreign smells.

Burti- expensive German powder premium. Phosphates are replaced by phosphonates. Well erases, but can provoke skin rashes in children.

Aistenok- the remedy is made in the Russian Federation. Erases well, but is considered too toxic. The composition includes both anionic surfactants, which are non-ionic. They are poorly washed from the tissues with 1-2 rinses. Things after washing have a sharp and unpleasant smell.

our mother- domestic remedy based on soap. The form of production is large shavings. The only inconvenience is that the shavings need to be soaked and poured into the SMA as a concentrate. But this is justified by the excellent composition of the product - natural soap, bio-surfactant, oxygen-containing enzymes.

Separately about detergent powders for the youngest ones, we wrote in the article "What is the best detergent for children?"

In conclusion, we can say: not always the word "besfosfatny" means "safe". Carefully look at the label of the detergent, there may be other harmful components. Especially carefully it is necessary to approach the choice of children's means.

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