How to reset the washing machine

Restarting the machine is needed if the program fails or the light turns off in the apartment. Therefore, you need to know how to restart the washing machine correctly and without harm to it.

How correct is the restart and does not it cause a breakdown? This issue is of concern to many owners of washing machines.

Content of the material:

  • 1Reasons for rebooting
  • 2How to restart the machine: Quick Start Guide
    • 2.1If the electricity is off
    • 2.2Internal failure

Reasons for rebooting

Important! Please note, in this material the concept of "reset" will only mean a restart of the program (washing mode) of the AGR.

So, you have to reboot the machine for a number of reasons:

  • If the object dropped from the pocket inside (or the button disconnected, the bead fell off). In order to avoid damage to the cuff and blockage of the drain system, stop the machine immediately and restart the program.
  • If you need to report forgotten clothes.
  • If you want to change the mode.
  • If the program is hung. The machine does not respond to user commands (pressing buttons), does not erase or presses. If this is not a breakdown, then a restart will help.
  • It is often necessary to restart the AGR because of a power outage. In many modern models there is an automatic restart for such a case, but in some without a manual reboot can not do.

How to restart the machine: Quick Start Guide

Before restarting the washing machine, look at the conventions and buttons on the control unit. Find the RESET button to restart the program. If there is no button, press the key that launches the washing mode.

Important! Do not confuse the mode button with the disable button of the AGR!

Before you press the buttons, look in the user manual - some models of washing machines are reset in their own way.

Reloading the washing machine is as follows:

  • Within 3-5 seconds, press the program start button.
  • Wait until the wash is over, - some cars before they stop, first they will salt the water.
  • Select a different mode.
  • If necessary, fill the cuvette with powder or other detergent.
  • Press the "START" button.

If you need to get access to the drum during washing to add or postpone the laundry, you must drain the water (in front-loading machines) before restarting. Learn how to reset the machine if you need to report or ship excess clothes:

  • Stop the operation of the machine, holding the program start button for a few seconds.
  • Drain the water in any convenient way: through the emergency hose (located near the drainage filter) or drain filter.
  • The condition of successful and fast drainage of water: start spin at the preselected function "No spin". The washing machine for 2 minutes will merge all the water, finish the mode, unlock the hatch.

If you decide to drain the water yourself, then after that turn off the stylalke by pressing the "ON" button, and then remove the plug from the outlet. Within 5 or 10 minutes, the sunroof will release the lock. Take out or report things and continue washing.

Attention! Do not unplug the appliance without unplugging the appliance. This will lead to a blockage, provoke breakdowns and failures in the operation of the control unit - such repairs "will fly into a penny".

If the electricity is off

When suddenly switched off the light, the first thing to do is to disconnect the AGR from the mains. It is necessary to remove the cord so that the stylalka is not affected by a sudden voltage drop.

Turn the machine on when the power supply resumes. If the program is not reset in auto mode, then the machine itself will continue to wash.

Sometimes this does not happen, the machine turns on, drains off water and stops washing. In this case, the reboot is only to re-enable the desired mode.

Internal failure

Do you think how to reset the washing machine if the software crashed? First, understand that this is a software, not a mechanical problem. In the first case, the control panel is locked, and the buttons do not respond to pressing. Try to disconnect the SM from the mains so that the control unit reboots.

Important! You can not restart too often. Especially if the failure is accompanied by an error code on the display or a combination of flashing lights. Perhaps your machine needs repair, not a reboot.

As you can see, restarting is a simple task. With our instructions, you will not have any unnecessary questions. Also restart the washing machine video:

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