Proper tomato cultivation Sprut F1

Tomato Octopus is an extraordinary result of breeding specialists. Many gardeners argued how real such a culture is. But the creators of the tomato tree argue that this is possible. In addition, there are gardeners who managed to grow such tomatoes on their plots. It is believed that this variety can be grown here, even under the most adverse weather conditions.


  • description and characterization of tomato Sprout
  • history tomato
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Sowing seeds to seedlings
    • Preparation tanks
    • ground Planting
    • the landing care
  • Transplant tomato in open ground
  • Care grade
  • Features fruiting
  • Disease Control and Prevention

Descriptionand the characteristic of a tomato Sprut

This variety according to the characteristic hybrid, long-term .Its growth is not limited, and the plant is able to reach a five-meter mark in height.

In industrial cultivation from a single tomato tree is harvested to 1.5 tons of fruits. Gardeners will be able to cultivate such a plant, planting it in a greenhouse.

Culture forms a crown, the diameter of which, according to the description, reaches 50 square meters .Up to 6 fruits ripen on the hand, each of which weighs not more than 150 grams .

The diameter of the crown of tomato tree can reach 50 sq.m.

Foliage oval, inflorescences of white and pink color. The tomatoes are elongated, painted in yellow, red, orange color, distinguished by excellent taste, fruit density, their fleshiness and aroma. Great for canning, juicing.

If you comply with the storage requirements, fresh tomatoes will lie until the New Year holidays.

Successful cultivation of such a giant is possible only in greenhouse conditions.

And the greenhouse should be heated all year round, without interruption. Naturally, it requires and intensive nutrition.

The history of tomato

Since ancient times, tomato tree has been grown in South America. But in conditions with a temperate climate, plants could be cultivated only in botanical gardens. But in 1985, the breeder from Japan Nozawa Shigeo first introduced the hybrid variety, which was able to produce a real sensation.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the main positive qualities are the following features:

  • beauty of tomatoes, the versatility of their use;
  • excellent yield ;
  • unpretentiousness in the care ;
  • early ripening;
  • long fruiting season;
  • good resistance to the most common diseases;
  • no need for a pasynkovaniya.
One of the advantages is the beauty of the fruits and the versatility of using

The negative points include:

  • compulsory formation of the bush;
  • special requirements for soil composition;
  • abundance of dressings.

Sowing seeds for seedlings

You should not experiment here - use seed material purchased in special stores .The technological process does not cause much difficulty.

Preparation of containers with the ground

For landing you will need containers in the form of barrels or boxes.

In order to remove excess moisture in a timely manner, the bottom is knocked out in a barrel. Holes are arranged in the walls according to the “twenty by twenty” scheme so that oxygen can easily flow to the roots.

Capacity is set to in a place well-lit by the sun .Preparing a mixture of earth, turf and bio-fertilizers in equal shares, covered with ten-centimetric layers.


Octopus F1 Tomato Seeds

Like other tomato seed varieties, the planting material of this crop should be soaked in a solution of potassium permanganate and washed with running water. is sown in January-February of , for good germination a temperature regime of twenty-five degrees of heat is observed.

Post-leaving care

The first shoots will appear in a week and a half. Seedlings require timely watering, removal of weeds, the introduction of fertilizer compounds.

Transplanting Tomatoes in Open Ground

The culture is transplanted into open ground in late May - early June , when the sprouts stretch to thirty centimeters and form from five to seven leaves.

A mound is planted from the fertile soil into which the bush is planted. Previously on it stepchildren and the lower leaves are removed. Another layer of soil mixture is poured to a height of ten centimeters, the container is covered with polyethylene.

As soon as the bush stretches for a dozen centimeters, it is again sprinkled with soil to the leaves located below. The procedure lasts until the entire barrel is filled.
When planting in open ground, it is advisable to use a barrel or a plastic bag.

Care of the grade

By the middle of the summer season, tomato lashes must be provided with with struts . should maintain an 60% moisture level in the soil, for which it is recommended to loosen and mulch. Watering is carried out by up to three times a week by and only by warm water.

From July, you can begin to apply fertilizer, up to three times a week using a mash made from mixed soil and a biocompost. In addition, the tomato tree requires mineral or organic compounds that are introduced during watering.

As soon as the tomatoes of the first brush ripen, should be removed foliage. The operation is repeated when the tomatoes on the second hand begin to grow brown. Wilted leaves should be plucked during the growing season.

For preventive purposes, you can water the plant with water with a small amount of iodine added to it.

Fruiting characteristics

It is recommended to grow a plant in a large greenhouse equipped with a heating system. These are the basic conditions that guarantee the normal development of culture.
The variety is recommended to be grown in a large greenhouse with an

heating system. Tomato can grow in more cramped conditions, but you should not expect a good harvest in this case. According to the technology, you will not get a full-fledged tree; a tomato will develop only up to the size of a bush; tomatoes will be small and not in such quantity.

Diseases and their prevention

It has already been said that Sprut is excellent against major diseases .But it will not be superfluous if the treatment from phytophthora is organized for preventive purposes. From the appearance of rot protect the plant with special solutions, which are used at the beginning of the summer season.

Tomato Octopus is considered by many to be a true miracle of breeding experiments. Each gardener, observing the requirements for growing, will simply be proud of the tomato tree and the results of their own labor. And if something doesn’t work out, you’ll take the harvest anyway. We recommend you to have patience and courage and try your hand at growing this amazing hybrid.

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