Raspayachnaya box for outdoor and flush: types, classification + installation instructions

Junction box - Electrical accessory is a traditional element of the electrical installation. Used to protect the current-carrying conductors (cables) at the points of their connection.

Usually raspayachnaya box mounted on the outside or inside walls of buildings.

The content of the article:

  • Classification raspaechnyh boxes
    • Design for open wiring
    • Design concealed type
    • Mounting box - Escutcheon
    • What is the difference of metal products
  • Installation instructions with their hands
    • Tools and materials for installation
    • Installation of various types of valves
    • Mounting metal box raspayachnoy
  • Useful videos on the topic

Classification raspaechnyh boxes

Design of different configurations suitable for mounting on various types of materials - brick, concrete, drywall, etc. This kind electrical accessories is actively used in the installation of home wiring, thus ensuring electrical and fire security.

Based on the destination for installation, conditionally be divided power distribution box into two types:

  1. Raspaechnye.
  2. Installation.

The main purpose of the first - the protection of wires and cables from the wet environment and mechanical damage during operation of domestic power supply scheme. The second type is usually intended to create user-friendly communication with the installation work associated with the installation of electrical equipment. Both kinds of products may be used under conditions of ambient temperature from - 25 to + 40 ° C.

Raspayachnye electrical box
Industrial production raspayachnyh produced huge number of boxes for the installation of electrical networks in circuits. Structural and decorative assortment of strikes, but the configuration remains the basis of a single

The advantages of using raspayachnyh (distribution) boxes are clear:

  • an extensive selection of different capacities under the grid;
  • reliable protection of places of wiring connections;
  • ease of installation and ease of implementation;
  • a variety of housing materials;
  • a variety of decorative performance.

The product design is simple and is represented by boxes typically rectangular, circular or other shape, which are closed lids. Snug fit and fixing caps provided with locks, latches of different configurations.

Box for flush
EXAMPLE mounted junction box for concealed installation and execution of the compounds of the conductors by means of insulated terminals

All existing forms of boxes manufactured by recessed or surface mounting. Fastening raspaechnyh boxes outdoor installation made standard - screws, dowels, screws. Fastening raspaechnyh boxes flush done by inserting them directly into the structure of the building structure (walls, partitions, ceiling) followed by pouring the solution.

Design for open wiring

Execution raspayachnoy boxes for open wiring, usually rectangular or round. The material of construction - polypropylene, ABS white (gray, black) color. The number of lateral openings for bushings wires (cables) from 4 to 10.

Box outer raspaechnaya
Standard modification circuits wirings for 1 - hole plug fastening screw; 2 - a wall of the housing; 3 - slots for the terminals; 4 - leash for the cover; 5 - insertion hole; 6 - lock-latch; 7 - a collar leash

A good example open wiring box AP9 can be considered a model designed for installation in a wet room. Housing product is made on the basis of a two-component molding and equipped with membrane is inserted under the cable.

The upper housing part (lid) such raspayachnyh boxes made under outdoor installation, has on the inside a groove around the perimeter. In this groove is laid PVC seal securely shut off the path of moisture and dust into the product. Cover "attached" to the body flexible leash - additional ease of maintenance.

Despite the simple design, the design features of such boxes AP9, such products provide protection class IP55. Provided addition design accessories - fuses, terminal blocks, thus providing a more convenient and reliable connection conductors.

Design concealed type

Terminal boxes for flush actually exhibit the same technical options and qualities that are marked for outdoor installation products. They are also preferably made of polypropylene and polystyrene. Moreover, polypropylene is usually used for the manufacture of the housing and the cover material is polystyrene.

Boxes internal mounting
Construction of junction boxes concealed wiring. Body body are cookie cutter holes cable entry, for which you just need to squeeze out a piece of polypropylene

For installation in the body the brick and concrete walls are available distribution box with IP20 protection class - IP30. Form products preferably circular or rectangular. Color painting of hull - white, blue, black. Covers traditionally white or light gray.

Joint and fixing the lid to the body is usually done at the expense of the lock pin. On the body there are grooves, which are inserted into the plastic pins on the cover.

Mounting box - Escutcheon

There are a variety of designs raspayachnyh - mounting box. Their main purpose - installation in hollow or solid walls of buildings (brick, concrete) with the subsequent installation of electrical switches, sockets and other elements of electricity. Mounting boxes made under the protection class IP20.

Boxes of assembly mounting
The so-called mounting terminal boxes - some modification of the same product flush. Differ somewhat altered the configuration of hardware. The rest is completely similar

Proprietary products made of plastic of good quality, having high strength characteristics and dielectric protection.

Installation boxes can be mounted at ambient temperature from -5 ° C to + 60 ° C. Operating temperature range is within the bounds values ​​of -25 ° C / + 40 ° C. There are two kinds of products: for installation in hollow walls or in solid walls. Different structures from one another technique of fastening:

  1. Fastening by means of supporting legs.
  2. Fastening assembly dowels or screws.

Also, there are differences in the degree of rigidity and the body color. For solid wall construction generally have a hard body and painted red.

What is the difference of metal products

Points cabling lighting wiring and power lines, calculated under the voltage above 1000 volts, often within organized raspaechnyh metal boxes.

Metal terminal boxes
Metal terminal boxes: 1 - opening the lid fasteners; 2 - the inner wall of the housing (aluminum); 3 - fastener hole under DIN-rail; 4 - the outer wall of the housing with an epoxy coating; 5 - a clip for "earth"; 6 - sealing cap

Metal configuration is a kind of universal option similar products. These boxes can be used not only for AC or DC power, but also for the network:

  • telephone;
  • television;
  • computer;
  • information.

Metallic box made based alloys having chemical and corrosion resistance. The outer surface covered by a special epoxy resin which provides additional mechanical strength and protection from ultraviolet radiation. The main body may be present from 2 to 6 bushings with threaded fittings.

In the closed state is excluded from entering a foreign environment inside a metal box because of the quality seal cover and cable glands. Installation boxes assume a configuration indoors and outdoors. They are mounted, usually in combination with rigid metal pipes, performing the role of cable channels. protection class IP66 products - IP67.

Installation instructions with their hands

By purchasing products of the installation, it should be borne in mind: a signature product, usually packed and accompanied by the product label.

Raspayachnye box with bar code
Each company's product is necessarily accompanied with said label thereon technical parameters and other information. So it is possible to distinguish the genuine product from a fake

On the product label states: technical information, product barcode certification mark.

Tools and materials for installation

For the execution of installation work on the installation electrician need a standard tool in such cases:

  • pliers;
  • flat screwdriver (Philips);
  • a knife with a thin sharp blade.

A set of mounting accessories, as a rule, are:

  • insulation tape;
  • electrical terminals;
  • DIN-rail;
  • fasteners (screws, bolts, dowels, etc.).

Should take note of: installation work associated with the laying of electrical networks and concomitant reinforcement may be performed only persons with relevant knowledge and qualifications.

In an extreme case, it is possible to make the installation of the boxes with their own hands, to lay cable channels. But the connection, the connection to the electric networks of testing, according to the instructions, may only be persons with a tolerance.

Installation of various types of valves

Installation for outdoor installation:

  1. The main body of the box cut raspayachnoy sharp thin knife cork sealed bushings. Sections were made by marking lines on the tube in accordance with the raceway diameter (directly or cable).
  2. The slices formed after holes give birth tubular channels (corrugated or straight plastic tube).
  3. Through channels plant inside terminal boxes housing the wire ends (cable).

If necessary, set in the special guides the terminals and perform connection of conductors of the circuit. By the end of close raspayachnuyu box cover, pressing it with some force until it locks locks.

box assembly instruction
Illustrated instructions for installation outdoor performance raspayachnoy electrical box. The standard version, which is used in most cases the household electrical wiring installation

Instructions for installation of an external universal box for the cable channel:

  1. Make by standard markings on the housing box under the knife cuts the size of the rectangular cable channel. Standard tags are designed to dock with cable-TV section - a minimum of 10 x 7 mm, a maximum of 40 x 25 mm.
  2. Gently break off notch portion casing plastic, thus obtaining opening for the cable channel.
  3. Based on the universal box fasten the terminals (terminals) for mechanical ligament electrical conductors.

Paving through-channel cable wiring, connect the ends of the conductors on the circuit of the terminals. Under the shutdown set box cover and fix its safety screw.

Mounting boxes for cable channel
Illustrated instructions for installing the electrical box in conjunction with a rectangular plastic cable channel. It is also the option of external mounting

Installation (hidden) box - installation according to the instructions:

  1. Prepare the product preform the necessary number of inlet ports in the casing. Holes created by fracture faces of the finished stencil. The main body of the box frame 11 can be placed under the opening hole stencils.
  2. Make the fitting hole in the cavity wall (e.g., gypsum) using a cutting bit diameter product. Or use ready-made mounting hole in the wall is solid.

Will remain to bring cable TV with a wire, to combine them with the box, bring the ends under harness compound and fix the box body by divorce fastening screws clutches (for drywall) or pour solution.

Installation of hidden boxes raspayachnyh
About this way is carried out according to the installation instructions for installing switchgear (installation) boxes concealed wiring. This option is often used in the installation of electrical wiring in homes urban homes

Connecting conductors hidden line in accordance with the circuit diagram closed box (box) lid. Externally, this design is ideally suited for the existing interior.

Mounting metal box raspayachnoy

Execution of the metal junction box allows only the external installation of such products. Therefore, the instruction in this case is simple:

  1. Bring the tubular channels with a wire to the input places.
  2. Run mechanical screw connection pipe to the walls of the housing and the output end of the cable in its inner region.

Securing gearbox housing to the wall with screws through the holes perform intended for fasteners. Then, connect the cables according to the scheme covered box and fixed by screws the cover.

Mounting metal box
Thus approximately looks wiring inclusion raspayachnoy metal box. tool kit for installation of various types of boxes is the same

Like this executed the installation of distribution modules with different modifications.

More examples of installation can be viewed on video.

Useful videos on the topic

Visual installation manual terminal boxes:

All existing structural variations junction box cover in one review is not possible. But the principle of the device and installation for all features of existing products are almost identical. Therefore marked instructions can be regarded as universal for the installation of many models raspaechnyh boxes.

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