How to choose a ballast for fluorescent lamps: the device, how it works, the types of

When the ballast for fluorescent lamps (FL) fails, the lighting unit stops functioning correctly. Return it to normal operation can only quick-change element to spoil the serviceable.

Buy the item may be in a specialty store, the main thing - to choose the correct module modifications. This issue is the subject of our article.

We will tell you what the ballast, which tasks it performs in the fluorescent lamp. We give a detailed classification, and also describe the specifics of the operation and application of different modules. We will help you choose the right ballast based lamp parameters and control device of the manufacturer.

The content of the article:

  • Features LL connection to the network
  • What is the ballast
  • The general principle of operation of the element
  • Types and characteristics of ballasts
    • Features of electromagnetic products
    • Electronic ballast units
  • Ballasts for compact fluorescent lamps
  • What to look for when choosing a
  • The selection of ballast manufacturer
    • Features brand ballast
    • Top manufacturers of electromagnetic devices
    • Actual electronic modules
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Features LL connection to the network

Fluorescent lamp - a practical and cost-effective module for the organization of lighting systems in domestic, industrial and technical areas.

The only difficulty lies in the fact that directly connect the device to the centralized elektropodayuschim communication is not possible.

Fluorescent Lamp

Electromagnetic ballast consumes about 25% of the capacity of the lighting device, thereby reducing to a quarter of its effectiveness and efficiency level

This is due to the fact that the creation of a stable discharge in activating Fluorescent lamp type and the subsequent restriction of the growing power demand of organization of some specific physical conditions. It is these problems are solved by the installation of the ballast unit.

What is the ballast

Ballast is a device regulating actuating function and connected to the electrical communications fluorescent lighting.

It is used to maintain the correct mode operation and effective control of the operating current.

Acquires increased relevance when there is insufficient network electrical load and there is no necessary limitation in current consumption.

The general principle of operation of the element

Inside fluorescent lamps is electrically conducting gas environment having a negative resistance. This is manifested in the fact that with increasing current greatly decreases the voltage between the electrodes.

It compensates for this time and ensures correct operation of the lighting device that connects to ballastnik control system.

Basis for fluorescent lamps

When a large amount of current for the power supplied to any luminescent device, it may be damaged. To avoid this, in the design of the lamp is turned on ballast, inverter performing functions

He's on a short period increases the overall tension and helping Fluorescent light up when the central network for this resource is not enough. Additional features of the module vary depending on their design features and performance type.

Types and characteristics of ballasts

Today, the most widely distributed electromagnetic and electronic ballasts. They operate reliably and ensure the proper functioning of a long and comfortable operation of fluorescent lamps of all types. They have the same general principle of operation, but differ slightly on certain opportunities.

Features of electromagnetic products

electromagnetic type ballasts are used for lamps, connecting to the central mains using starter.

Supply voltage in this embodiment is accompanied by discharge, followed by intense heating of the electrode and the closure of bimetallic elements.

Ballasts for fluorescent lamps

Electromagnetic ballast from the electronic different even in appearance. The first has a massive, high structure, and the second is an elongated thin board on which all operating elements are arranged

At the time when the starter circuit electrodes occurs, the operating current increases sharply. This is due to limitation of maximum resistance choke.

After complete cooling of the starter the bimetallic electrodes disconnection occurs.

Installation of ballast in fluorescent lamp

If electromagnetic ballast design fails starter, Fluorescent work appears a false start. In this case, at the time of switching on and immediately before full ignition lamp blinks 3-4 times and then begins to burn. This leads to unnecessary energy consumption and significantly reduces the overall service life of the light source

When Fluorescent starter circuit is opened in the induction coil is formed immediately active high voltage ignition pulse occurs and the lighting unit.

The advantages of the device include:

  • high reliability, proven time;
  • operational comfort of the electromagnetic unit;
  • ease of assembly;
  • reasonable price, which makes the product attractive to manufacturers of light sources and consumers.

In addition to positive moments, users will notice a long list of disadvantages that spoil the overall impression of the device.

Among them are noted items such as:

  • presence gating effect in which the lamp flickers at a frequency of 50 Hz and causes an increase in fatigue levels in humans - it significantly reduces performance, especially when the luminaire is in work or school premises;
  • a longer time is required to run the fixture - 2-3 seconds at the beginning and up to 5-8 by the middle-end of the service life;
  • specific audible hum throttling device;
  • high power consumption, which entails an inevitable increase in bills for utilities;
  • low reliability starter element;
  • cumbersome design and its substantial weight.

When you purchase all of these conditions must be considered in order to understand what it would cost operation of home lighting system, equipped with luminescent in the future.

Electronic ballast units

type electronic ballast used for the same purposes as the solenoid module. However, by design and by the principle of their duties, these devices are quite different from each other.

The electronic ballast of the budget series

Cheap electronic ballast has a simple Autogenerating circuit with a transformer output stage and the base functioning bipolar transistors. Big disadvantage of these devices - the lack of protection against abnormal operating conditions

The wide popularity to the articles came in the early '90s. At this time they began to use in conjunction with a variety of light sources.

Initially high as compared with electromagnetic value products manufacturers compensated good efficiency devices and other useful characteristics, properties.

The use of electronic ballasts can reduce the total electricity consumption by 20-30%, while maintaining the full richness, power and strength of light stream.

This effect was achieved by increasing the light output of the lamp base at a higher frequency and a significantly higher efficiency compared to electronic modules with electromagnetic.

How does the ballast

The most vulnerable electronic ballastnika this fuse elements (1), a condenser (2) and transistor (3). They usually fail for various objective reasons and lead bulb inoperable

Soft start and gentle operating mode enabled by almost half lyuministsentam prolong life, lowering in this way the overall operating costs for the lighting system. Lamps required to change much less frequently, and the need for starters gone at all.

In addition, using electronic ballasts managed to get rid of the background noise and the workers expressed annoying flicker, parallel to achieving a stable and uniform illumination of the premises even when the voltage fluctuations in the network within 200-250 AT.

Fluorescent lamps in the room

To fluorescent lamp is not humming and flickering, you need to feed it only with high frequency current of 20 kHz or more. To achieve this task in turn should comprise a rectifier circuit, HF high voltage generator and the ballast, which plays the role SMPS

In addition, the opportunity to control the lamp brightness, adjusting light stream to the individual wishes and needs of the user.

Among the major product advantages distinguish the following criteria:

  • low weight and compact design;
  • almost instantaneously, a very soft start, do not have too much load on the fluorescent lamp;
  • complete absence of visible eye blinking and distinguish sound effect;
  • High operating power factor of 0.95;
  • direct saving of electric current of 22% - the electronic module is practically not heated as compared with the electromagnetic and consumes unnecessary resource;
  • additional protection is mounted in the unit, to ensure a high level of fire safety, and reducing the potential risks arising in the course of operation;
  • Fluorescent significantly extend the service;
  • light stream with good color density, without fluctuations even with prolonged burning does not cause eye fatigue people in the room;
  • High efficiency of the lighting device at low temperature indicators;
  • Ballast ability to automatically adjust the parameters of the lamp, thus creating optimum performance for themselves and the fixture.

Some manufacturers equip their electronic ballasts special fuse. It protects the device from electrical surges, fluctuations in the core network and an erroneous activation of the lamp without a lamp.

Office consecrated fluorescent lamps

Today bodies dealing with occupational safety and health, it is recommended in order to improve working conditions and productivity, equipped with fluorescent lamps installed in the office premises, it is electronic, rather than electromagnetic launchers devices

Of the minuses of electronic products usually mention only the cost is significantly higher compared with electromagnetic modules. However, this can be important only at the moment of purchase.

In the future, in the course of intensive use, the electronic ballast is completely fulfills its price and even begin to generate profits, saving electrical life seriously and taking some of the load from the source Sveta.

Ballasts for compact fluorescent lamps

fluorescent Lamp Compact Type are devices similar to a conventional incandescent lamp screw base E14 and E27.

They can be placed in the modern and vintage chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps and other lighting fixtures.

Compact fluorescent lamp

Due to the structural features of compact Fluorescent to electronic "stuffing" of increased requirements. Brands always consider them in the production and unknown manufacturers to reduce the cost, change many elements into simpler. This significantly reduces the effectiveness and module life

Equipped with devices of this class, as a rule, progressive electronic ballast, which is integrated directly into the internal structure and is usually located on the motherboard of the lamp product.

What to look for when choosing a

Choosing a ballast for a fluorescent lamp, the paramount need to pay attention to such parameter as the power module.

It must exactly match the power of the luminaire, or the lamp will be unable to function fully and to give light stream in the desired mode.

The process of connecting the ballast

Include ballast in the no-load network is strictly prohibited. The device can immediately burn out and have it repaired or buy a new

Next you need to determine what kind of ballast is required to purchase. For the price more favorable electromagnetic elements. Their cost is low and installation is usually no complications.

However, such devices are considered obsolete, are bulky size and consume additional energy resources. It significantly reduces their appeal, even though the original price available.

Oscilloscope to check the ballast efficiency

To check the serviceability of the electronic ballast, useful special measuring device - Pocket Oscilloscope

Electronic devices are much more expensive. Especially this point concerns products produced steep branded manufacturers. But their price is compensated by the energy-efficient, practical, flawless assembly and high overall quality of the devices.

The selection of ballast manufacturer

The producer - is another important criterion when buying. You should not rely solely on the price and purchase the cheapest model of all that are available in the store.

Features brand ballast

Nameless Chinese product manufacturing can quickly be damaged and lead to subsequent problems with the bulb itself, and even a lamp.

Ballast from the well-known brand

Brand manufacturers of accessories ballasts quality, wear resistant parts, which ensure correct operation of the unit during the maintenance period

It is better to give preference to brands with reputable, well-established long-term work in the market of lighting equipment and related items.

Such devices are reliable for their full term, ensuring the proper functioning of any Fluorescent lighting fixtures.

Ballast products issued by enterprises popular brands, specializing in the manufacture of electrical equipment and related elements are strong and durable outer casing of heat-resistant, unwilling to plastic deformation composition.

Standing on the labeling of products degree of protection IP2 indicates that the device has a good level of overall security and is prevented from entering the box extraneous details larger than 12.5 mm.

Operation is comfortable and absolutely safe. The design eliminates the possibility of user contact with the conducting members.

Ballast marked IP2

Ballast modules labeled IP2 reliable, practical, and convenient to everyday use, however, are vulnerable to penetration into the dust. Because of this minor flaw to put them in a lamp illuminating the dusty working areas, it is inappropriate

The normal temperature range for effective and continuous operation of the device rather wide.

Brand ballasts qualitatively cope with the tasks at frosts, reaching up to -20 ° C and excellent feel on hot days when the air is heated to + 40 ° C.

Top manufacturers of electromagnetic devices

Very popular among customers enjoy electromagnetic ballasts manufactured under the brand E.Next.

This is due to the fact that the company offers a really high quality, reliable and progressive modules, performed at the highest level in strict compliance with the requirements for such equipment class.

The employee call-center

In addition to guarantees and service, the company offers customers E.Next user technical support through call-centers. Calling back, the user can ask the operator to issue any complexity and for a few minutes to get a professional, friendly response

For all products the company provides a firm guarantee and offers its customers a high quality service at all stages of cooperation.

Not less demand electromagnetic ballasts by known and respected European manufacturer of electrical equipment and related items - company Philips.

Products of this brand are among the most high-quality, reliable and effective.

Electromagnetic ballast Philips

Electromagnetic modules from Philips on the market in the widest assortment. Find the right option for any lamp configuration will have no difficulty

Ballasts Philips help you save energy and neutralize the stress caused during operation of fluorescent lamps.

Actual electronic modules

E-type products are the modern type of equipment and, in addition to traditional, are more and more features. In this segment leadership positions are occupied by products from the German company Osram.

Their value is somewhat higher than that of Chinese or Russian counterparts, but significantly lower compared with competitors like Philips and Vossloh-Schwabe.

Electronic ballast Osram

At Osram electronic ballasts have a number of advantages. They have a neat form and modest size, can operate in the temperature range -15... + 50 ° C and reliably serve for 100 000 hours

Among the budget brand modules stand out clearly from the competition electronic ballasts Horos.

Despite loyal costs, these items show a high operating efficiency and a good level of Efficiency, eliminate the ignition delay, minimizes the energy consumption and increase the luminous efficiency itself lamps.

Using these tools can eliminate annoying flicker in fluorescent lamps and lighting fixtures to make as convenient and operational and comfortable.

Not far behind the venerable old-timers of the market and a young, emerging growth company Feron. It offers users a product of the European level for a very small, reasonably priced.

Electronic ballasts Fearon

Feron ballasts are made carefully. All items have certificates of conformity. The outer casing is made of plastic, is an elongate flat rectangle. The product is lightweight and can be easily mounted in any configuration fluorescent sources of light

ballast device type from Fearon protect the lamp from unexpected electromechanical interference and changes in voltage, eliminating annoying flickering eyes and help save more than 30% of electricity energy.

Managed by Feron ballast Fluorescent switched on / off instantly. Background sound effect in the process is not observed. Lighting is soft, uniform and creates around a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

How does the electronic device in the fluorescent lamp. Detailed description of the apparatus and the principle of operation of the product:

The different electromagnetic and electronic ballasts. Features of each of the modules and the specific nuances of their use in household lighting devices:

Features of lamps equipped with ballasts of various types. What elements are more effective and why. Practical advice and helpful tips from personal experience of the master:

To choose the right ballast for fluorescent lamps, domestic type, you need to know what's inside this element and performs what function. With this information, as well as sorting out the device variants, to get the necessary modification will be possible without any difficulties.

unit cost depends on the manufacturer, but even branded products have a very loyal prices and damage to the budget of the average consumer is not applied.

Have experience selecting and replacing the ballast in a fluorescent lamp? Please tell the readers what unit you prefer and whether you buy happy. Comment publication and participate in discussions. the feedback unit is located below.

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