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In the wild, Scindapsus is a semi-epiphytic liana, climbing over a tree to a height of over 10 meters. The plant has two types of roots: aerial and fibrous underground. In Sri Lanka, local people come to grips with a powerful vine that occupies too much of the territory. At home, seedlings are grown in outdoor pots, providing the plant with a trellis, or in hanging pots. The attention of flower growers is attracted by motley or bright green foliage, unpretentiousness in care. In natural conditions, the scydopsus blooms with a small inflorescence, but under room conditions, there is almost no chance to see flowering.

The rules of care

In the room where the pool grows in summer, the temperature should not be above +20 degrees, and in the cold season not lower than +12 degrees. Varieties with green foliage feel good in the depths of the room, because they do not need a bright sunny color. Variegated plants need brighter illumination so that the leaf plates do not lose their decorative effect.

When there is insufficient light, the sincapsule reacts with abundant foliage.

When caring for a plant, you must observe the watering mode. A moderate moistening of the soil after it dries more than 1 cm deep will provide a root system of the seed plant a comfortable environment for development. Abundant and frequent watering will lead to rotting of the roots and death of the flower. Create special conditions of the plant, increasing the humidity in the room does not make sense. It is enough to periodically wipe the leaves with a damp cloth or spray it with a spray bottle. In the summer you can make a warm shower, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of the flower.

In winter, power supplies should not be placed near heating devices.

Shoots grow very fast. In just one year, the branches of the flower will become almost 40 cm longer. Formation of the crown is as follows:

  1. Pruning of the stems and their further use for reproduction.
  2. Pinching the growth points of the stems to stimulate the formation of lateral shoots and increase branching.
  3. Installation of the arch for fixing long stems or a special pipe with a sphagnum inside. The moss is moistened, which allows the air roots to receive additional moisture.
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When taking care of planting, do not forget to feed the plants with complex fertilizers. During the period of active growth, watering twice a month should be carried out with the addition of fertilizer in liquid form. In winter, it is enough to feed the plant once a month.

Transfer and Soil Selection Rules

Replace the young supplies once a year at the end of February. Adult flowers try to disturb less. It is enough to change the pot once a year or two. If you take a not too deep, but wide pot, it will be possible to create a beautiful composition of various types of sincapsus or arrange a lush bush from an old plant and rooted cuttings.

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For self-preparation of the soil to use in equal proportions:

  • river sand;
  • humus;
  • peat or leaf earth;
  • expanded clay or perlite.

Scraping needs a good drainage layer.

To create a beautiful bush, you must first prune the shoots and root the cuttings in the water. In the old plant, it is necessary to inspect the root system and remove the damaged roots.

Reinforcement of

You really like your plant and have a desire to see several more copies next. You can buy, or you can propagate the bush that is already growing. Pruning an adult seedlings makes it possible not only to give it a beautiful shape, but also to get cuttings. For cutting use clean scissors or a knife. Cut to do under the knot. For successful rooting on a cut off shoot there should be three sheets. You will need a jar of water and a well-lit place.

It is possible to plant the stalk immediately into the ground, having previously treated the cutting place with a rooting. To achieve the desired result, the pot with the handle is covered with a transparent bag or a plastic bottle. After a maximum of 3 weeks, the ingrained money plant can be transplanted to a permanent place of residence.

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If you press the layering to the ground, it will soon give roots. After a while, the first leaves will appear. The young plant is carefully detached from the mother liquor and transplanted.

After cutting off a long shoot, carefully divide it into several parts. Each must have leaves. This approach allows you to get several cuttings.

Diseases and pests

Improper maintenance of a plant may cause its diseases:

  1. Yellow leaves. The reason - the plant needs fertilizer.
  2. Dry the tips of the sheet plates. The reason - the plant is placed too close to the heating device, lack of spraying.
  3. Falling foliage. The reason - the vine does not have enough power and light, perhaps there are drafts.
  4. Rot Stems. The reason - low temperature content and excessive soil moisture.
  5. Changing the color of leaves and the appearance of white spots. The reason - an excess of lighting or lack of it.

Spider mites, aphids, thrips are most often plagued by pests against an erupter. It is enough to carry out the processing by the actellic to win them.

About the Rules for the Care of the Cindepsus - Video

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