Proper picking cucumbers at home

Cultivating and picking cucumbers is an occupation that requires certain knowledge and skills, which has its own nuances. For planting this vegetable use two methods: non-seedling - germinated seeds are planted immediately in a permanent place; sprouts - seeds are first grown in separate containers.

The first method is preferable, it is less traumatic for tender seedlings, but in climatic regions, where frosts are possible in late May - early June, the second option is the only way to get the crop early. PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMSSeeds for seedlings are usually sown in small containers. As the root system grows, the seedling becomes thinner and needs a transplant.

Picking is the process of transplanting a young plant from a small tank into a large one.

Gardeners and gardeners have still not reached a common opinion whether transplantation is beneficial or harmful. Some claim that this procedure severely injures the roots of and inhibits the growth of escape. Others - that kind of shake for Zelentsov. It stimulates the appearance of additional roots and

makes sprouts stronger, stronger, stronger than .

Picking is the process of transplanting seedlings from a small container to a large

. Despite the dual opinion, transplanting is sometimes necessary.

Why dive cucumbers

Cucumbers are quite delicate plants and any interference with the process of natural growth may affect development. Therefore, it is recommended that be planted directly into the ground or into utensils, from which no transplant will be needed.

Except as follows:

  1. Incorrect tare size. If the plate in which the seedlings grow does not fit in size, the shoots may feel bad, be ill, fall behind in growth. In too large a capacity, the roots may rot, as it is difficult to calculate the water for irrigation. In a small plant there will not be enough space and it will cease to develop properly, it can stretch, turn yellow. This also includes the case when many seeds are planted in one box. Over time, they become crowded and need to spread them. It is worth choosing the strongest sprouts.
  2. Lack of sunlight. Sometimes it comes time to plant seedlings in the ground, but in cold and rainy weather this can not be done. She begins to strongly stretch. In this case, it makes sense to make a picking, deepening with the bottom of the escape. The procedure will slow down growth a little, and additional roots will grow on the stem that is underground, which will provide better nutrition in the future.
  3. Incorrect calculation of the timing of transplanting to the ground. Or inappropriate weather. Seedlings in the ground can be planted 30 days after germination. Soil temperature should not be below 16 degrees. Otherwise, the young shoots will take a long time to take root. As a result, the plants will be stunted, and the crop will appear much later than expected. If the seeds are planted much earlier than expected, you can slow down the growth of shoots by picking.
  4. Infectious or fungal diseases. When they appear, you need to immediately transplant green leaves, replacing the ground completely. Otherwise, there is completely lose the entire crop.
One of the reasons for picking is the incorrect timing of the planting of seeds.
In any of these cases, a procedure is necessary. But if there is an opportunity, you should not expose young shoots once again to stress.

Advantages and disadvantages

Diving cucumbers has both advantages and disadvantages, so before planting seeds it is worth considering all the nuances of growing seedlings.


  • The method makes it possible to choose the strongest and most viable sprouts of the .In the future they will give a good harvest.
  • Space Saving .A large number of seeds are planted in one box, and then the best seedlings are selected. The weak are rejected.
  • After transplanting a young plant, all the nutrients get to him alone. In conjunction with the packaging, suitable in size, and quality soil it effectively stimulates growth and development.
  • Pikivka promotes the growth of a powerful root system, which allows greens to take the maximum nutrients from the earth.
After transplanting a cucumber sapling, all the nutrients get to him only

Damage to the pick can bring in two cases:

  • Transplant of initially weak seedlings, which will lead to the death of most of the shoots.
  • Disruption of technology.
The weak root system of cucumbers is their main feature. A pick does not always give the desired result and shoots are far behind in growth or die.

That is why gardeners try to do without this procedure and plant the crop immediately to a permanent place in the ground or grow seedlings in a tank, the volume of which is enough for the normal development of young shoots without transplanting.

peat cups are very good for this purpose. Plants do not need to get out of them, and immediately planted in the ground. Under the action of moisture, they will disintegrate and will serve as additional fertilizer.

When doing an

rassazhivaniya To sprouts received the least damage during a pick, it is important to know when this can be done. Transplantation is carried out in the period of disclosure of cotyledon leaves or in the period of appearance of 1-2 true leaves of .

leaflets. The fact is that the root system of a young plant is not yet developed enough to suffer severe damage. Therefore, seedlings take root better. The seedling in this case is strong and strong, which will ensure a good harvest in the future.

How to dive home at home

To successfully complete the process, you must follow the rules. Seedlings before diving need to prepare, and after transplant properly care for her.

Preparation of

The first step is to prepare the tanks in which seedlings will be transplanted, and the ground.

You can buy land at a specialty store or make your own hands:

  • turfy land
  • peat
  • sawdust
  • humus

Thoroughly mix .Glasses filled with soil, pour water and leave for a day to the ground settled. Then you can begin to dive.


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