Overview tablets Finish (Finish) Dishwasher

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Funds from the Finish has long proved to be reliable assistants who not only perfectly cope with cleaning the dishes, but also protective of the machine itself. No wonder this is the brand most often recommended to OEMs, and its probes invested a gift to purchase.

Consider what Finish dishwasher tablets available on the market of household chemicals.

The content of the article:

  • The reasons for the popularity of funds from the Finish
  • The range of tablets and verdicts consumers
    • Means number 1: Powerball Classic - saving and cleanliness
    • Means № 2: Finish All in 1 and Finish All in 1 Max
    • Tool number 3: Quantum - protection and shine
  • Tips for storage and use of
  • The comparison with its closest competitors
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The reasons for the popularity of funds from the Finish

The main advantages of the brand Finish - an excellent reputation, high quality components and the continuous improvement of its products.

These are not empty advertising claims, because it is the manufacturer introduced to the market the first two-layer tablets for dishwashers, and then - and the three-dimensional capsule.

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brand Finish

Finish tablets were recognized leader in cleaning agents for the MMP on a survey of over 50,000 consumers conducted by TNS in 2013, and according to GND for 2016

Today, under the brand produces a range of detergents and cleaning products for MMP in powders, gels and most convenient format for many - soluble tablets.

As part of the finish product is not chlorine or other strong corrosive chemicals. Help clean dishes active natural substance and oxygen that do not produce excessive foam and do not destroy the structural elements of the dishwasher.

The range of tablets and verdicts consumers

In addition to the detergent, Finish offers various related tools that improve the cleaning and dishwashing art work itself. This different rinses, gloss enhancers, hard water softener, freshener with a pleasant aroma and neutralizers, avoid the limescale, mold odor and stuffiness. But we will consider in detail only pills and reviews about them.

Short video presentation of the tablets to be loaded into the dishwasher:

Means number 1: Powerball Classic - saving and cleanliness

tablets from the Classic Series - Finish Best budget line representatives. They are created on the basis of the same detergent powder, which is sold packaged in plastic containers 1-2.5 kg. For manufacturing and powder, pellets and identical components are used.

Tablets Finish Classic

The difference between Finish Classic drugs is mainly in the ease of use and personal preferences consumers - one habitually dosed agent on their own, others prefer the agent in the finished batch form.

The main active ingredient - Stain Soaker, which is included in all tablets Finish. This patented technology company, and in fact - bleach with active oxygen, which is great splits dirt and cope with traces of lipstick, tea and coffee plaque, a fatty film, even without soaking.

The composition of the tablets finish

The list of components that make up the funds a little frightening abundance of chemical terms, but in actually, all these substances are completely biodegradable as confirmed by numerous tests Finish products

Other components of the tablets:

  • Nonionic surfactants and polycarboxylates - foaming agents and water softeners.
  • tripolyphosphoric acid salts (sodium tripolyphosphate) - food stabilizer, promoting emulsification of various fats.
  • Polycarboxylates - components, enhancing the cleaning effect.
  • Phosphonates - acid agents, neutralizing various impurities in the water.
  • Enzymes - active substances intended to accelerate the chemical reactions and destroy the organics protein.
  • Flavor, limonene.

Means Powerball Classic is suitable for cleaning ceramic and glass, sold in packs of 90 pieces. To use the tablet, you need to put it in a special compartment of MMP. The manufacturer recommends further softening salt used to improve washing results.

Tablet finish classik

Many thrifty hostess recommended to reduce the dosage of pills at low loading of MMP, but in the case of products Finish this advice is of little use, since the capsule evenly split will be difficult

Consumers appreciate Powerball Classic solid four. The benefits include tablets easy to use, affordable price (1 tablet - about 12-15 rubles), no white residue on the dishes and on the bottom of the dishwasher itself.

Also, it confirms that the means bad washes dishes and glasses from the coloring of beverages, but is much more effective working in tandem with the air conditioning.

But with food dried-some users have problems - had domyvat items manually as rims were from fat broths or dried ketchup.

Also, many have learned from their own experience that cleaning as a means of significantly reduced in hard water, unless you use special salt.

Means № 2: Finish All in 1 and Finish All in 1 Max

Tablets Finish "All in one" can be called today a leader in consumer demand for the dishwasher. This product is designed as a multidisciplinary tool that not only cleans the utensils from fat, trace dyes and food debris, and protects itself PMM and various metal objects on the scale and rust.

Tablets intended for cleaning ceramics, glasses, silverware and cupronickel, available in packages of 14, 28, 56, 70 and 100 units.

Tablet finish all in 1

Like the Classic Series tablets, Finish All in 1 you need to deploy to the application - they are enclosed in a special package that prevents the penetration of moisture

As part of the tablets Finish All in 1 added anti-corrosion agents - Zn2 ions, which fill small cracks and high unevenness on the surface of glass, metal, prolonging lifespan items. A salt is also present and antipenoobrazovateli operating water softening function, rinse or lipid solvents.

As a result, even at a water temperature of 30 ° C tableware effectively cleaned of stubborn dirt without incrustation and sedimentation plaque. Powered means without further salt addition in water hardness not higher than 21 ° dH (or 7.2 mEq / L).

For short cycles calculated for 25-40 minutes (e.g., "Express" or "fast"), it is better to use a special tool Finish All in one or Turbo Finish All in 1 Max.

It includes increased content of active substances, which can wash the dishes, even for such a short time. The sale can be seen as a mini-packages of 14 tablets, and MegaPack 100 pcs.

Packaging finish all in max 1

If you do not use fast mode PMM, splurge on Finish All in 1 Max is not necessary - the tablet dissolves quickly and All active components are simply washed away during the first half an hour of work, and then continue washing machine has a simple water

Judging by the reviews, really means to cope with this task - complaints about the cleanliness of dishes, even badly polluted, with burnt-on food residues or inveterate, no. We appreciated the hostess and work with metal objects, as well as a spectacular shine that appears on glass after washing with Finish All in 1 - some even compared with the result in the rinsing solution of citric acid.

Among the shortcomings - the high cost of the tablets (1 unit will cost about 17-25 rubles). But, if you believe the reviews, many have tried to get the same result from the lower cost of funds, and yet returned to Finish All in 1, and to save now buying MegaPack.

Tool number 3: Quantum - protection and shine

Tablets for dishwashers "Finish Quantum" - an innovative development company, has earned a lot of positive feedback from customers. Maximum features for perfectly clean and super gloss - so says the advertising slogan of the new product.

The shape of the "portion" of the powder is more like a capsule of red, white and blue, enclosed in soluble shell - that is, the tablet does not need to deploy their own hands, and can be put directly into container.

Available in packages of 10-80 pieces. Expanded range of flavors - lemon in addition to the standard can be purchased tool with apple and lime.

Finish Quantum tablets

NEW «Finish Quantum» is designed to not only effectively clean the dishes from the remains of any food, but also significantly improve the quality of the water, extending the life of the dishwasher

As part of the media:

  • Powder with enzymes to fight the most stubborn dirt.
  • Concentrated red gel for the splitting of fats even in cold water and to give additional light dishes.
  • Softening of hard water salts.
  • Water Purifiers.
  • Flavor.

Feature Capsules - gradual activation at various stages of washing. Containment shell dissolves within a few seconds upon contact with water, giving access to the powder with water enzymes.

Then come into action substances, emollients and purifying water, and the gel is activated only in the rinsing step to give gloss finish and squeak characteristic ideally scoured container.

The disadvantage in this facility was unanimously named a high price - by 23-30 rubles per 1 piece.

For a better understanding of the principles of operation of detergent Finish offer test - Finish Quantum how to cope with a variety of pollution:

Tips for storage and use of

Efficiency detergent tablets depends on storage conditions, because the components included in their composition, characterized by highly hygroscopic, therefore, may lose their properties in a humid environment or a prolonged stay in the bright rays sun.

The tablet in the compartment PMM

The tablet worked effectively, it is important not to touch it with wet hands, as well as to keep the detergent drawer completely dry

How to use the pill Finish:

  1. Load the machine dishes, making sure that the silver is not in contact with stainless steel.
  2. Place the capsule in the dishwasher compartment provided (typically, «D»), making sure that the compartment itself, and the tablet dried.
  3. If the water in your area hard - it is recommended to use an additional softening salt. Close the container cover.
  4. Set the water temperature at 50-55 degrees.
  5. Start the machine.

As for security use, the recommendations are simple and standard. Like other types of household chemicals, tablets agent should be kept away from children and animals, and in case of accidental contact with eyes or mucous - rinse with plenty of water and seek doctor.

The comparison with its closest competitors

Of course, consumer reviews - information is highly controversial, as much depends not only on the detergent, and the owners and cleanliness. Agree, because is difficult to compare results svezhezagryaznennoy cleaning utensils and cups dried, stood with tea or coffee for a few days.

It should also be taken into account and the type of the device itself. The result of the work and performance of MMP differ from different brands - the first an excellent job and one tablets, others require a complete set (softener, softener, flavor) to achieve optimum result.

Therefore, comparable tablets of leading brands on the most important issue for a lot of factors - the cost of a washing cycle. And if some manufacturers products are produced only in a single package (and, respectively, for the same price), at Finish can be seen a clear trend, familiar thrifty housewives - the greater the number of tablets in a pack, the cheaper the cost 1 PC.


Price per package, RUR

Number of tablets per pack, pcs

The cost of 1 cycle, rub

Finish All in 1




Finish Quantum




Finish Classic




BioMio 7 1




Fairy Platinum All In One








Somat All-in-1 Tabs




Frosch Dishwashing Tabs all-in-one Soda




Lotta All in1 Premium




Frau Schmidt "All in 1"




Paclan "All in one Silver"




Earful nannies




As for the quality of washing, in addition to customer feedback, you can examine the data verification means to MMP conducted Roskontrolem in October 2016. However, the selection of products is problematic because in studies involving both tablets and powders, but The latter was used together with a conditioner and softening salt, so the structure was close to content capsules.

Evaluation of cleaning properties

Better than others with the task handled Fairy Finish tablets and powder, but after Somat many things would have to manually domyvat

In this case, the conditions for the test were the same, to get the most reliable results.

For example, to check the quality of wash used the same dish washer working at partial load, and the dishes were contaminated with residues of raw eggs, dairy porridge, minced meat, ketchup, fruit juice pulp and other products are often use.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Roller is an opinion on the effectiveness of the hostess dishwasher tablets Finish:

While many continue to consider the cost of tablets Finish unjustifiably inflated, a huge amount of positive Reviews - it is an occasion when no move to brand products, at least to compare the result of its work with your favorite means.

And if you just go for the purchase of a dishwasher, consult together about the best choice for her pills.

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