Nuances of the choice and installation of the built-in refrigerator

Looking at photos from fashion magazines, almost all the "kitchen" pictures are missing refrigerators. Where are they? Are Europeans so rich that they eat only in cafes and neglect food at home? No, home cooks in Europe are enough, they just chose the built-in models.

  • Pros and cons of the built-in refrigerator
  • Recommendations by the choice of refrigerators
  • Installation - installation secrets
  • Design - a repulsive feature of the attractive
  • home appliancedecided on a thorough study of the design and interior of the kitchen. Many have a negative attitude towards a stand-alone refrigerated cabinet, which destroys harmony and selected color gamut.

    Interestingly, built-in models can be installed not only in the kitchen, but also in the car, office cabinets.
    Among the advantages of products, I would like to highlight the following:

    • Consume significantly less electricity due to additional insulation( kitchen cabinet body, etc.);
    • Work almost silently;
    • The main advantage of the refrigerator is stealth. A stranger is unlikely to guess where the refrigerator is located in the kitchen.

    In total, the built-in refrigerator has two drawbacks:

    • The volume of the built-in model is much less than the analog-solo;
    • The high cost of products repels more than attracts.

    Recommendations of experts on the choice of refrigerators

    What are the main criteria when choosing a refrigerator? Right - conveniently located shelves and storage compartments. Consider the height of the product - the owner in the kitchen should not stand on socks or on a stool to reach the desired product. Available, comfortable, everything is at hand - these are the three whales on the basis of which the model should be chosen.

    According to experts, the height of the built-in refrigerator should not exceed 2 meters. The recommended setting is 1.5 meters. If the refrigerator is lower, installation on a stand is recommended.

    Installation - Installation Secrets

    The most important parameter during installation is electrical safety. In order to install the refrigerator compartment without a knot, without a hitch, many aspects and rules have to be studied that will help to carry out the procedure in the correct sequence. Each model is accompanied by a passport instruction, which identifies all the recommendations and requirements of the manufacturer.

    Installing a refrigerator is not an easy task. It is necessary that the condenser and the compressor are positioned so that fresh air can flow freely to them.


    Each individual model has its own characteristics, installation details and requirements. Do not follow the general rules.

    When self-installing the product, you need to pay special attention to the upper gap( above the refrigerator) for the intake of clean air. The gap should be at least 5 cm.

    In general, it is not recommended to engage in independent activities. Embedded equipment must be installed by qualified specialists who know all the nuances of work and give a guarantee for their services.

    Any inaccuracy that occurred during the installation of the refrigerator compartment could lead to fatal consequences( namely, product breakage).To avoid extra costs for the repair or purchase of a new product, entrust the work to professionals.

    Design is a repulsive feature of the attractive

    home appliance. Despite its high cost, the built-in refrigerator on the store counter has a modest and unattractive appearance. They do not have a special lacquer or chrome coating. The product will get a finished look only after it is installed in the cabinet and a decorative panel will be fixed on its facade. As for the panel itself, it all depends solely on the designer’s imagination. It can be matched strictly in color with a headset, and can stand out against the general background with its defiant coloring.

    When choosing a new built-in refrigerator, it is recommended to pay attention to its characteristics, and not to its appearance.

    Summing up

    Built-in cold stores are ideal for small kitchens. They will not only save space, but also make the room more attractive and comfortable. If you do not have the skills of an electrician, it is not recommended to engage in self-installation of the product. By paying a modest( compared to the cost of the refrigerator) amount, you can order the services of professionals who quickly and competently perform all the necessary work.

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