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It is difficult to imagine a modern owner of a country house or dacha without a beloved four-legged member of the family. Many people start a dog to protect their plot and receive in its person an excellent incorruptible watchman. Someone finds a true friend in the pet for life.

Dogs, like people, have some behavioral problems that will irritate you. In this article, we have collected several recommendations that will help understand why a pet behaves in such a way and how to help him in getting rid of bad habits, so that your coexistence happy.


Most often an animal does this to attract your attention, if something is disturbing or frightening of it. A few tips will help you figure out how to act in such moments:

  1. Take an empty jar of soda and throw some coins or pebbles into it, so that when shaken, it makes a sound unpleasant for the dog. Now that she starts barking next time, firmly command "Quiet!" And shake the jar. A sharp sound will frighten the animal, forcing it to stop barking. This method will also teach the dog to this team.
  2. If your pet is barking when you are not at home, then the reason for this is the reaction to forced separation. Before you leave, rub your hands with a toy that he likes to chew the most. The smell will sooth the dog, distracting from barking. A hollow bone, stuffed with cheese or peanut butter, will also take a long time to pay attention to the animal.

Cats can produce about 100 different voice sounds, and dogs are only 10.

Digging the Earth

There are several effective ways to disaccustom an animal to dig your yard:

  1. Dig a hole in the place where the dog likes to dig the most. Blow a few balloons, place them inside, and sprinkle them with earth. When the animal comes running to unearth the loose ground, the ball will burst from the claws and scare the dog away from this place.
  2. If your little dog is digging the ground in the garden, throw a few mothballs into a jar of coffee. Close the lid and seal the slots with tape or tape. Shilom make small holes. Now put the jars in the places your pet dies. The smell of naphthalene will scare the animal off, but keep in mind that this substance is toxic, so make sure that the dog can not enter the jar and eat the contents.
  3. Cats like homogeneous soil, so if you dig up pine cones or wood chips into the ground, the texture of the soil in your garden will no longer be attractive to them. Having lost interest, the cat will do other things;
  4. If your cat spends a lot of time digging through the tray, this is a signal that you are not cleaning it often enough. Spend daily cleaning and periodically change the filler, especially if you have several cats.
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Observe the "body language" of the dog. As soon as you see that she is preparing to jump, strictly tell her: "You can not!". After that, turn away and leave, not paying attention to the animal. So in his head the thought will be fixed that as a result of jumping it is ignored, and this is the opposite reaction to that which the dog is waiting for.

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The next time your pet tries to greet you with a jump from the very threshold, catch it by the front paws, so that it stands only on the back. Hold it in this position until you feel that the dog does not like it. After that, lower the paws and say: "You can not!". Thus, the animal will understand that jumping entails discomfort.


To your four-legged friend does not chew all the furniture in the country, sprinkle the wooden products with clove oil.

If the puppy's teeth are chopped, put one of the toys he likes to gnaw in the freezer for several hours. The cold acts soothingly on the inflamed gums.

Sometimes excessive chewing is a sign of boredom. Different breeds have different degrees of activity, so talk to the veterinarian to see how much training your pet needs. Often walk with a dog and let go running around in the yard. You can also negotiate with neighbors about joint games for dogs.


To make it easy for an animal to stay alone at home all day while you are at work, turn on the TV (or other video signal source). Many dogs and cats are distracting. Some are also positively influenced by music.

Call the phone at home, talking to the answering machine. This will also dispel the boredom of your pet.

The bird feeder outside the window will take cat's attention for many hours. An aquarium with fish (and a closed top!) Acts on them as well.


Dogs always need their toys. While they are chewing, loneliness does not act so painfully.

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Interesting facts and recommendations

Quite an interesting question - why do dogs and cats eat grass? Most eat greens, and then vomit. There is no unequivocal opinion about the causes, but many believe that harmful toxins from their body are thus deduced. Others believe that pets simply like the taste of grass. In any case, all agree that harm does not result in eating grass (if you do not treat your site with chemicals).

If your dog does not eat for 48 hours, and the cat - 36 hours, call a veterinarian. This may be a sign of deep depression (yes, just like people). If you notice the first signs of a regular display of angst in an animal:

  1. Increase the number of walks and games in the fresh air.
  2. Set the mirror so that the pet sees its reflection. This will help to transfer your absence.
  3. Always allow him to attend when visiting guests in your home.
  4. New friends always have a positive effect on the mood of the dog.

Meet with neighbors more often, let your animals play with each other

Always observe the condition of pets and never be afraid to show excessive attention when possible. Then your house will have a reliable watchman throughout the day, who will gladly meet you from the doorstep.

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