Original, tasty, aromatic blackberry wine

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Homemade blackberry wine is easy to prepare, although the fermentation process takes a long time. People who have experience in winemaking and beginners will cope with the task and will please themselves and loved ones with an unusual aromatic drink.


To make the wine sweet, with a rich taste and aroma, use berries that ripened in the sun. Blackberries, ripened in the shade will give wateriness to the final product.

To make wine, you need:

  • blackberry - 2 kg;
  • water - 1 l;
  • sugar - 1 l;
  • raisins - 50 g.

You can do without raisins. It is used in the unwashed form as a safety net, in case the initial berries have little wine yeast. Some hostesses instead of raisins uses a bag of wine yeast. The principle of working with them is similar to working with raisins.

While cooking homemade wine, do not use metal objects.

The content of the container enters into a chemical reaction with the metal and the result is not a wine, but a chemical composition that is unfit for consumption. To stir the contents it is necessary to use wooden, plastic devices, or stir with a clean hand.

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You can use wine, not juice, but ready juice for making wine. In this case, the operations are carried out in the same way, excluding the stage of processing the berries. Alcohol or vodka can be added to homemade wine. But in any case, you get a fragrant little tart drink.

The sequence of actions

The recipe for making blackberry wine is similar to traditional recipes from other berries:

  1. Source material is moved. Rejected spoiled, rotten berries.
  2. Blackberry cleaned, laid out in 1 layer in order to glass the water.
  3. Pure berries knead until smooth.
  4. Puree is placed in a container with a wide neck.
  5. Water, raisins, 400 g of sugar are added to the mashed berries. Mix thoroughly.
  6. The vessel with the mixture should be placed in a dark room at room temperature. Cover with gauze and leave to ferment for 3-4 days. Periodically mix the contents of the container to evenly distribute the enzymes.
  7. During this period, it is necessary to monitor the dishes with the mass. The appearance of a specific sour smell indicates the beginning of fermentation. Foam collects on the surface;Such manifestations testify that the process of preparing blackberry wine at home has begun.
  8. When such signs are found, filter the contents of the container through gauze, carefully squeeze the mass. In the further process, it is not useful, so it is thrown away.
  9. The purified liquid is poured into a fermentation vessel and filled to 70% of its volume.
  10. Add 300 g of sugar to the mass, mix, cover with a water seal or a rubber medical glove. A small hole should be made in the glove so that gas escapes from the tank. Better to use a water seal. Its design is planned in such a way that it makes it possible for fermentation gases to exit without passing air inside.
  11. Place the vessel with the liquid in a dark place with a constant temperature of 18-23﮿ C.
  12. After 4 days, open the container. Drain a small amount of wine in a bowl, add the remaining sugar to it, stir until dissolved, and pour back into the total container. Cover with water seal.
  13. After this operation, the vessel with wine is no longer open until the fermentation process is completed.
  14. After 30 - 50 days a precipitate appears at the bottom. The liquid becomes light and slightly transparent. In the water trap, gas bubbles cease to appear. If a glove was used, it is deflated at this stage.
  15. It's time to pour the contents into another dish. The operation is carried out carefully using a straw. The precipitate should not fall into a clean container.
  16. At this point, the tasting of the drink is held. If necessary, the taste is adjusted by adding sugar, if desired, alcohol. If sugar lays in a young wine, then the container is again closed with a hydraulic lock. If there is no need for additional sweetening, the vessel is filled to the top, so as to avoid contact with oxygen.
  17. Starting the exposure process. Wine placed in a cool room for 20-30 days. This period is conditional. The longer the wine is aged, the more valuable it will be.
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The process of making blackberry wine is considered complete when the sediment stops appearing.

If oxygen gets into the tank at the fermentation stage, you will get vinegar instead of blackberry wine.

Periodically, the wine is poured into another container, leaving the sediment at the bottom of the previous one. This manipulation avoids bitterness in the final product. Code notice that the precipitate does not fall out, the cooking process is over.

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If all the rules have been observed, the wine will turn out bright, fragrant with a pleasant peculiar taste.

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