New and old grape varieties( part 2)

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The grape varieties presented in this part will be excellentwaist in addition to existing plants in the garden. Brief characteristics of yield, resistance to disease will help you make your choice.

Baikonur Grapes

The hybrid form of the very attractive Baikonur grape was the result of the selection work of E.G.Pavlovsky. Parents of this early ripening grape became Beauty and Talisman. Since the form is new enough, professionals and amateurs have yet to figure out the variety's winter hardiness and its resistance to existing dangers.

But now the winegrowers are showing an increased interest in the grape variety, forming strong-growing bushes, on which in the middle of August elongated conical brushes of dark blue oblong berries appear. The average bunch weight is 600 grams, but brushes weighing about a kilogram are not rare. The Baikonur grapes themselves weigh about 12 grams and under the thick skin they hide the fleshy flesh of harmonious noble taste. After ripening, the berries are not showered; brushes can be stored and transported.

Grapes Strasensky

Early table grapes of Straseni Moldavian origin are resistant to mildew and are little affected by pests dangerous to culture, but in relation to gray rot and powdery genera, bushes require increased protection. This grape variety does not differ in its ability to endure the frosty winters of the Russian middle zone. With an average growth force, the vine ripens well by the end of the growing season. The shoots are strong enough, on each grow one and a half kilograms of berries. However, given the large size of the brushes weighing from 600 to 5000 grams, it is important to ensure the normalization of the ovary and help the bush.

The Strashensky grapes are distinguished by the high marketability of their attractive loose brushes, studded with round or slightly oval berries of dark purple hue. The size of the fruit reaches 2.5 cm, and weight 12 grams. Brush after ripening, it is important to immediately remove from the vine, the variety does not have the ability to store, so the berries with excellent taste characteristics should be eaten without delay.

Grapes Bazhena

A hybrid form of grapes obtained as a result of amateur crossing Arkady grapes and varieties Gift Zaporozhye. The Bazhena grape obtained in Ukraine ripens for 100–110 days, it has an excellent rooting ability, according to statistics, in most cases the shoots ripen to 80% of the length. In Russian conditions, a vine cannot be dispensed with by a winter shelter, which carries frost only to –21 ºC.

The grapes of Bazhen are amicably pollinated and form many ovaries. Full-length cylindro-conical brushes of this variety may have a mass of about 1500 grams. The density of clusters is medium, the berries are elongated, ovate, with thin peel that does not affect the taste perception and a pronounced aroma. The weight of one translucent yellow berry can reach 15 grams.

Grape Helios

High-Yielding Grape Helios selection VNDue to the amazing similarity of appearance and attractive pink and lilac color of the berries, Krainova is often called the pink Arcadia. The hybrid is resistant to true and downy mildew at a level of 3.5 points, rarely suffers from attacks by wasps and other insects, and withstands winter frosts down to –23 ºC.110 days are necessary for full ripening of berries of a grade. Plants quickly form bushes ready for fruiting, have a decent growth force and ripening shoots formed during the season.

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The grape Helios has a massive, cylindro-conical brush. With an average density, such a bunch can weigh from 500 to 1000 grams and consist of even ovoid berries, weighing 7-15 grams. Even in unfavorable years, the variety shows no signs of pea, the berries do not crack and have an excellent taste of fleshy-juicy pulp with a muscat-like flavor and aroma characteristic of Helios grapes.

Grapes Gala

Ukrainian origin Gala early ripening grapes were obtained from a couple of famous table varieties Codreanca and Zaporizhia Gift. For full ripening of large oval berries, grapes require 110–115 days, while the bushes give a good annual growth, the cuttings of this variety rooted easily, and the shoots mature. Given the potentially high yields and the ability to unite together the ovary, Gala grapes require timely rationing, since excessive load on the bushes will necessarily affect both the size of the berries and their taste.

Grapes have decent immunity against mildew and oidium, but tolerates cold only to –21 ° C.Large brushes consist of smooth berries weighing from 7 to 12 grams. Signs of pea on this variety is not seen, but with an excess of moisture at the stage of maturation, the berries can crack. The weight of the brush of Gala grapes varies from 500 to 900 grams, with a good combination of circumstances, the bushes form clusters even up to 2 kg in weight.

Grapes Volzhsky

The variety of table grapes Volzhsky of Russian breeding has an average ripening period, that is, its berries should be expected in the last days of August or in September. The best results of the grapes show a long pruning of the vine, while the bushes require careful protection from common diseases and winter shelter.

Volzhsky grapes form very large clusters of medium or high density. The berries are quite sugary, have a pronounced taste and delicate texture. The color of large oval berries in a ripe form varies from blue to almost black.

Grapes Agat Donskoy

Grapes Agat Donskoy or, as this variety is also called, Vityaz has high resistance to diseases and frost, withstanding temperature drops up to –26 ° С.There is an experience of growing this variety without additional shelter in regions where traditionally grapes are cultivated only in covering culture. Shrubs varieties of Russian breeding have good growth power and consistently high yield. If you suspect an excessive load of the vine should be resorted to the normalization of brushes and thinning growth. From the appearance of the first foliage on Agat Donskoy grapes to the ripening of berries, 116-120 days pass.

The clusters of this class have a moderate density, a pronounced conical shape and an average weight of 400–700 grams. With a weight of 4 to 5 grams, oval or round berries have a diameter of 2.2 cm, fleshy flesh and a pleasant simple taste.

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Levokumsky Grapes

Technical varieties of Levokumsky grapes yield by the end of summer. A distinctive feature of this proven variety is the excellent tolerance of frosts down to –27 ° C, as well as the rare defeat of the vine of Levokumsky grapes with rot and downy mildew. Due to unpretentiousness and winter hardiness, grapes in their own-rooted culture perfectly wait out the cold season without additional protection.

Medium-dense brushes of this variety cannot be called large, their weight does not exceed 120–150 grams, the weight of berries is also small, only 1.3–1.5 grams. The color of Levokumsky grapes is black, the texture is juicy, there is a lot of sugar in taste.

Galben Nou

Grapes Known to winegrowers as Zolotinka, Galben knowy is a table variety and ripens in 105–120 days. The source material for Russian breeders was the Korinka Russkaya and Frumoas Albe grape varieties. As a result, the resulting variety acquired a good growth force, excellent maturation of the shoots of the first year of life and a decent ability to root. Plants of a variety are resistant to downy mildew and rot, tolerate a drop in temperature to –25 ° C.

As early as 2-3 years after planting, Galben know the bushes of grapes, which form the first brush. The weight of branched shirokokonicheskih clusters on adult bushes ranges from 400 to 800 grams. The density of the brushes is small, the berries with an average weight of 8 grams have a weakly oval shape, even size and a pleasant amber or yellowish color. The consistency of the grape berries Galben know fleshy, the taste in a mature form has a pronounced nutmeg notes.

Grapes Lady Fingers

Grapes Lady Fingers or, as the variety is called at home, in Uzbekistan, Husayn White is a delicious table grape, widely distributed not only in the Central Asian republics, but also in China and Iran. There is an experience of growing this thermophilic variety in the southern regions of Russia, however, the success is hampered by a solid ripening period of 126–140 days, low frost resistance, which is only –11 ° C, and poor maturation of the vine. In addition, the Lady Fingers grape does not have any serious protection against cultural diseases.

The outstanding conical brushes are very large, they can be as long as 40–50 cm, and as wide as 25 cm. The main pride of the variety is a cylindrical large berry, yellowish-green or pinkish. The skin of the fruit of the grape. Lady fingers are very thin, the flesh is crispy, juicy, with the highest sugar content. The desire to get equally beautiful berries on the bushes, more adapted to growing in the conditions of the Kuban, the Black Soil Region and the middle band, led to the development of many new varieties and hybrid forms of white, pink, red and black color.

Grapes Blagovest

From the crossing of grapes Talisman and varieties of radiant Kishim VNKrainov received grapes Blagovest with a short ripening and excellent yield. The ripening of annual shoots of Blagovest grapes is good, resistance to fungal infections and decay is average. When grown in most regions of Russia, bushes of this variety require winter shelter.

With respect to the rules of agricultural engineering and good care, in the middle of August, elongated brushes of this grape variety are ready to be harvested, with the weight of one bunch fluctuating between 600 and 1200 grams. The berries are oval, white or greenish. The average weight of the grape berries Blagovest is 9-12 grams. The texture is dense with good taste and a pleasant nutmeg tone in flavor.

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Grapes Centenary of ZSTU

The Crossing of Delight and Present Zaporozhye gave Ukrainian breeders a new hybrid form of grapes Centenary of ZSTU.This dining variety ripens in average terms, has an average resistance to infection by pathogenic fungi, does not freeze when it is cold to –24 ° С.The vine is growing rapidly, although even in the conditions of Ukraine it is not worth expecting good aging of the shoots.

On bushes, dense shirokokonichesky brushes weighing about 700 grams are formed. White grapes of the ZGTU centenary in the sun get brownish or amber tan. The consistency of large berries with thin skin is fleshy. The taste is pleasant, with good sugar content and low acidity.

Seedless Grapes Centenary

Seedless Grapes Centennial Seedless or Century Seedless - is fairly well known not only in the United States, but worldwide, cultivated in the southern regions of Russia.

Grapes Century seedless refers to the varieties of early aging. Every year, unvaccinated plants give good gains and stably, but not abundantly bear fruit. On average, a brush weighs up to 500 grams, and the mass of berries is 3-4 grams. To get a large berry, growers resort to rationing brushes and banding. As the berries ripen, they become yellow-green in color, the flesh becomes juicy and crunchy, and nutmeg appears on the palate.

When recruiting 16% sugar, berry harvesting is recommended, as the further stay of brushes on the vine threatens to shed the crop.

Grapes of Rumba

Grapes of Rumba by V.U.Kapelyushny differs in early maturity, equal to 95 - 105 days. The Variety delight and the Charrel grapes became the parents of the variety, from which Rumba received a high growth force, and the length of new shoots in successful years reaches 5-6 meters. Rumba shows especially good results on high-growth rootstocks.

Shrubs are quite powerful and can withstand up to 45 buds. Rumba grapes rarely suffer from fungal diseases and endure winters with temperatures down to –25 ºС without loss. Bunches of this table grape can weigh from 700 to 1100 grams, have a moderate density and an attractive conical shape. Large nipple berries of this variety are distinguished by pink color and delicious meaty and juicy pulp with high sugar content and bright aroma. The wasps almost do not harm the Rumba grape harvest, the berries do not suffer during storage and transportation.

Grape Ruby Jubilee

Hybrid grape Ruby jubilee received VNKrainov and attracts winegrowers amicable formation of the ovary and large cylindrical or cylindrical cone brushes weighing from 600 to 900 grams. Bushes are compact, with good growth power and resistance to disease.

Pink with a lilac wax coating, oval grape berries Ruby jubilee are ready to eat in late August. The average weight of the fruit is 10-12 grams, the taste of the hybrid is very high, the pulp contains a lot of sugar, juicy, but not liquid. Muscat flavor increases as it matures.

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