What do we know about planting and caring for garden calla?

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If you decide to decorate your garden with flowers such as callas, planting and care in the open field have a small number of rules. In general, this plant is quite unpretentious and does not require carefully thought-out care. However, some tricks that will help make the calla more elegant and beautiful, still worth a look.

Garden callas: planting and care

Calla is one of the most attractive plants for gardeners, which is characterized by the presence of elongated, slightly wavy flowers. His homeland is Africa, but for a long time this flower adorns the garden plots in all corners of the world. In Russia, it is often called the wedding plant. With its help interiors are decorated, bouquets are created for brides and much more.

For a beginner florist, care for garden calluses may seem like a very difficult process, but with experience it will become clear that this is a non-capricious plant. First you need to decide on the choice of soil. It should be quite acidic. The best option includes the following components:

  • turf ground;
  • peat;
  • leaf ground;
  • some sand.
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Calla flowers: growing in the garden

So, if you are going to grow calla, planting and care in the open field will be successful when choosing certain varieties. The most suitable for the Russian climate are such species as:

  1. Rehmanni.
  2. Ethiopian.

Since these are still exotic varieties of flowers, they will require adherence to certain rules when growing. If you do it right, you can get blooming large inflorescences of specimens up to 1 meter in height.

When buying a tubers should be preferred only the largest. They should not have defects or excessively many "wrinkles".They can be purchased from the end of February. Flowers adapted to local conditions will take root easier and faster.

Acquired tubers should be laid out on a tray, and then left for a while in a special place. The optimal air temperature at the same time is from +5 to + 7 ° С.Many growers recommend storing planting material in the refrigerator, while not forgetting to turn it over regularly.

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Please note that on each planting tuber there is a bump, which is its top, from where arrows-peduncles are produced. Such tubers need enough space. Do not immediately water them, let them rest in bed and only after a few days can moisten the soil.

If you want to grow a healthy and beautiful calla, planting and care in the open field should begin in early summer. The optimal depth of the holes is about 10 cm. For this purpose, it is recommended to choose only sunny places in the garden. Shaded areas will not work, as this will have a bad effect on the growth rate of the flower. Drafts also should not be.

If you notice that the calla leaves do not tolerate the scorching rays of the sun and burns on them, then try to darken them at midday hours.

How to care for calla?

In most cases, callas independently cope with pests and do not have a tendency to hurt. Otherwise, they need regular care. In the period when the tubers are still beginning to form their root system, irrigation should be abandoned. You can resume it only after the first shoots appear. Make sure that the water does not fall on the tubers themselves. Regular watering begins with the formation of full leaflets. The frequency of irrigation depends on the presence of precipitation, as well as air temperature. On average, it will be enough to water the callas no more than once every 4-7 days.

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