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Bergenia, as the plant is officially called, is found in nature in the foothills of Kazakhstan and Mongolia, in the Altai and in China. However, culture is more known to gardeners as Badan, photos of varieties and types of which are always amazed with the most delicate shades of pink, white, lilac flowers and pomp of leaves collected in lush basal rosettes.

Spectacular and unpretentious plant, which was first introduced to the culture in the XVIII century, is still not too spoiled by breeders. Some of the existing varieties are derived from the wild-growing specimens of the most studied species - Bergenia thicket. And the bulk of cultivated plants are hybrids with larger flowers of various colors than in nature, as well as specimens with variegated and purple leaves.

A total of 10 species of bergenia or bergenia have been discovered and studied by botanists, with many species unlikely to be seen in the garden. These are endemics found in very small areas, and rare plants included in regional and national Red Books.

Badan, thick-leaved( V. crassifolia)

BADAN, thick-leaved, became widely known due to the medicinal properties of the roots and leaves, which are prepared by fragrant tart decoction. Traditional among the peoples of Altai and Mongolia, the drink perfectly tones up, resists infections and inflammations. Thanks to him, bergenia was named "Mongolian tea" and is included in the list of medicinal plants.

Wild-growing bergenia, in the photo, can be seen in the foothills of the Altai and the Sayan Mountains, in the north of Mongolia and Transbaikalia. Clumps of this plant enliven the expanses of rocky wastelands in Kazakhstan and China.

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Badan is a grassy perennial. The plant's underground system consists of thick rhizomes located practically on the soil surface, giving rise to short, densely leafy shoots and peduncles with dense paniculate inflorescences.

As can be seen in the photo of the flowers of the bergenia, corollas resembling bells can be painted in all shades of white, pink, purple and magenta.

Leafy rosettes of large obovate leaves do not die off even in winter, so the greens appear literally from under the snow, with the first rays of the spring sun. Leathery smooth sheet plates during the growing season have a bright green color, and closer to the autumn are painted in red and purple tones.

Badberry Cardiovascular( V. cordifolia)

From the second half of the 18th century, Badan Cardiovascular is grown in culture. Previously, this species was considered independent, but now botanists recognize it as a well-established variety of bergenia.

Plants with dense, heart-shaped leaves and lilac-pink flowers during seed ripening reach 40 centimeters in height.

This type of bergenia has varieties, as in the photo, with very light or completely white flowers with a diameter of 1 to 1.5 cm.

Badan Schmidt( V. x schmidtii, or B. stracheyi var. Schmidtii)

Hybrid berries from a crosspollination of plants of different species, were first obtained in the XIX century. An example of such a culture is Badan Schmidt, which absorbed the features of thick-walled and thick-leaved bergenia.

This plant is easy to distinguish from other varieties on glossy leaves with jagged edges. Dense sheet plates are stored under the snow. In the spring, when flower shoots appear above them, the growth of foliage stops, and resumes with the withering of inflorescences and the formation of seed pods.

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White, purple or pink flowers with a diameter of up to 5 mm open from May to July or August. In the autumn the seeds ripen, which can be sown right away to produce spring seedlings.

Badan ciliated( V. ciliata)

A frost-resistant badan is a native inhabitant of the Himalayas and Tibet, where plants prefer to settle in wooded foothills and on stony ledges. According to the description, Badan prefers shady corners and the proximity of water.

This plant is distinguished by the presence of cilia or nap on the base of the leaf plates, apart from its other brethren, except for reed bedan. The flowers of this species of bergenia are light pink or white, with a bright almost purple cup.

Descriptions and photos of the varieties of bergenia hybrid

By creating, as in the photo, varieties and types of bergenia, breeders give summer residents the opportunity:

  • longer to see the flowering of these plants;
  • enjoy larger flowers;
  • not be afraid that the landing will suffer from frost;
  • paint the flowerbeds in all shades of pink and purple, white and red.

Many varieties of bergenia are the result of the work of German enthusiasts. The garden bergenia of the variety Abendgloken, in contrast to wild specimens, has semi-double flowers of rich pink tone. Unusual inflorescences open on purple peduncles up to 40 cm in height. The leaves of the Abendglocken variety are decorated with thin reddish edging in the summer, and in the autumn they are almost completely colored in purple shades.

Badan hybrid from the Dragonfly series stands out for its lush bloom. In the Angel Kiss variety flowers depicted in the photo of flowers, the oblong-oval dense leaves and racemes of white flowers with delicate pink spraying of flowers-bluebells.

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Bergenia Abendglüt bright purple flowers, which can be both simple and semi-double. In the warm season, the leaves of the Abendglut variety are green in color, and in the fall they acquire reddish-brick tones. The plant is compact and at a height of 30 cm is great for planting on curbs and alpine slides.

Although the flowers of the garden rose tree of Pink Dragonfly variety are not larger than 1.5 cm in diameter, they are incredibly attractive due to their semi-terry shape and delicate pink coloring.

The height of the peduncle badan of the hybrid Bressingham White is 30 cm. The first white buds are revealed earlier, when the flowering shoots are still bright green with a red edging of foliage.

According to the description of Morgenrote Badan, this variety has bright pink flowers with a reddish core. The peculiarity of the plant is that the racemes can appear not only in spring, but also closer to autumn.

Tall varieties and types of bergenia, as in the photo with lush racemes, are successfully used not only for decorating the garden, but also for cutting. An example of such a plant is the cultivar Glockenturm, whose flower stalks reach 50 cm in full dissolution.

Another garden variety of bergenia for spring bouquets is Bergenia Silberlicht up to 40 cm high with delicate white and pink flowers on racemes.

The name for the variety of Bergenia or Badana, Scheekoenigin, is translated from German as “Snow Queen”.The plant up to 50 cm in height fully corresponds to its name and charms with white flowers, gradually turning pink to complete dissolution. Powerful purple-green peduncles tolerate cutting, and the inflorescences do not lose their decorative effect.

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