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Home flower of abutilon is a plant from the tropics. Abutilon belongs to the family of malvaceae, the bright representatives of which are the stem-rose, beloved by summer residents, and hibiscus houseplants. They grow abutilon from seeds, cutting or purchase of seedlings is possible. In domestic conditions, it is rather a homely indoor flower that lives on a balcony in the summer. In warm zones abutilona grow in flower beds, used in landscape design.

Abutilon as a houseplant

A fast-growing unpretentious bush is ready to bloom all year round, if appropriate conditions are created. But such care is possible only in greenhouses. At home, abundant flowering continues from early spring to late autumn. Very decorative numerous large flowers, leaves of a maple form and fast growth make a flower a pet.

Abutilon plant or indoor maple grows well on light fertile soil with good lighting, but without direct sunlight. When you care should observe the balance of moisture earthen coma, as the plant drops foliage with a lack or excess of moisture. Winter maintenance should be maintained at 10-15, with very moderate watering.

Reproduction of Abutilon by

Seeds The best propagation method is to grow the seed from the seed. Seeds can be obtained at home or buy in a special store. Saplings are on sale much less frequently, and rooting is not always possible. Everything else is always interesting to try to grow a beautiful plant from scratch, to give it to someone close.

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Obtaining seeds is possible if there are several plants located nearby. Pollination under natural conditions occurs by the transfer of pollen by insects and wind. In case of indoor maintenance, use a brush with soft hair to transfer pollen.

As a result of pollination, a capsule is formed with seeds coated with a hard shell. Seeds remain viable for no more than two years. When growing hybrids, varietal characteristics can be split when sown with seeds.

The features of sowing and growing abutilon from seeds must be taken into account in order to get a strong healthy plant. These include:

  • soil requirement for sowing:
  • preliminary preparation of seeds;
  • temperature and watering modes;
  • terms of germination, picks;
  • features in the care of seedlings.

For sowing, the substrate is used as a common mixture for growing seedlings of garden crops, but sand and perlite are added to it. Experienced gardeners are advised to definitely steam the substrate for disinfection, put a layer of drainage on the bottom, which can be expanded clay, pebbles, or even shredded needles from conifers. Plants sown in peat tablets feel good.

Pouring the soil mixture into a box, it will stand until germination in a warm and bright place. If you grow abutilon for the street, in order to get flowering in the summer, seeds should be sown at the very beginning of January. Flowering will occur six months after sowing.

Seed preparation is the destruction of the upper shell. For this, seeds are treated with fine sandpaper or other hard tool. This should be remembered, because without destroying the upper shell with sandpaper or some other method, seedlings will not appear. After that, the seeds for a day should be soaked in epine, root or other stimulants. The seedling will not appear soon. Therefore, it is better to wait for the result, wrapping the seeds in a moderately damp cloth and wait for the spitting.

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If the plant is grown for indoor maintenance, then the best time to grow seedlings will be spring, when nature wakes up. A jar in which seeds of abutilon are sown should be shallow, surface sowing, sprinkled with soil only 5 mm. Be sure to install the box in a warm and bright corner, covered with glass. Room temperature is quite suitable for germination. During the sprout development, the soil is moistened from above, preventing it from drying out.

Shoots will appear in two - three weeks. Following the classical scheme of development of the cotyledons so that there is no elongated stalk, in the first week the plant should be delivered to the window, but at the same time the earthen room should be kept warm. Maybe with a thick napkin planted under the bottom.

When the first true leaf appears, the plants dive into cups 7 cm in diameter. In them seedlings spend 3 months filling the entire substrate with roots. With proper care during this time, the seedling turns into a young bush, which, after being transferred to a large container, will begin to bloom.

Pros and cons of growing abutilon from seeds:

  • seeds can be purchased by selecting exactly your favorite variety;
  • self-grown seed plants are more resistant to the indoor conditions of the apartment where they originated;
  • when growing several plants, you can get seeds and grow a completely new hybrid.
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However, you should know that the term for germination of seeds of abutilon is limited, the sowing should be carried out as soon as you purchased the material. Not always hybrid varieties of seeds have the same decorative effect.

It is necessary to transship the room abutilon annually, each time increasing the capacity of the pot. If you use a container for growth, not only the flowering, but also the growth of green mass will be delayed until it is filled with roots of the earthy lump.

Keeping the plant outdoors

With good care, the plant will begin to bloom in the fourth month. Keeping in direct sunlight can cause leaf brightening and subsidence. However, briefly falling on the plant rays are useful. If the room maple began to lose leaves, then you need to look for the cause in the care or settlement of pests.

In summer, the home abutilon on the balcony feels much better than in the room. It should shade the bush from direct sunlight and monitor the soil moisture. When leaving in the summer to the country problems with a home flower will not arise. The plant will delight with its beauty in open space. Abutilion in the country should be placed in the shade of trees, in a place protected from wind and direct sunlight. If prikopat plant in a pot, in the fall, you can prune the roots emerged, transplant in a large bowl. Winter in the garden, these plants can not tolerate.

Growing Abutilon from Seeds - Video

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