The health benefits of beans

In ancient Rome and Greece, beans were the main course. It occupied 90% of the diet of gladiators due to its cheapness and the amount of protein, due to which the muscle mass developed. This product served for a very long time in Russia only as an ornament. He was brought from France as a climbing plant with fragrant and exquisite flowers. The beans were used to make toys and decorations. From about the 12th century, it began to be eaten, and people appreciated the benefits and extraordinary taste of the bean. And there is practically no harm from it.

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  • The Right Composition of Red and White Beans

The correct composition of red and white beans

Meat is considered a high-protein product, but does not contain carbohydrates and fibers, and the beans are leading in quantity. The balanced content of trace elements, vitamins and fibers allows you to use it as a monoproduct.

100 g, depending on the variety and freshness, contains:

  • Calories from 260 to 300 kcal.;
  • Carbohydrates 48gr.;
  • Starch 44gr.;
  • Fatty acids 0,2gr.;
  • Proteins from 20 to 25gr.;
  • Fat 2gr.;
  • Dietary fiber 13 gr.;
  • Water 12 - 16gr.;
  • Saccharides 3 - 3.5 g.;

Beans contain all the vitamins of group B, PP, A, C and vitamin E - this composition is necessary for the proper formation of bone and cartilage tissues. Pregnant women in the first trimester necessarily need to saturate the body with these vitamins, as well as children of adolescence during active growth. In addition, you can feast on green beans.

Vitamin E, in combination with vitamin A and C, has a beneficial effect on vision.

A set of trace elements is quite wide, which allows you to nourish the body with essential substances by feeding on this dish once or twice a week.

Manganese, Zinc, Fluorine, Silicon, Chromium, Copper, Iodine, etc. Beans are the leaders among many foods in terms of their iron content, and are 6 mg., Per 100 grams.product. This allows you to restore hemoglobin in anemia and after surgery.

One of the varieties of beans is white beans

Caloric content

With a sufficiently high caloric content, the product is not dangerous for the figure. Athletes who control their weight, without fear consume rich in protein and fiber beans. The usefulness of this use for health is obvious.

With a calorific value of about 300 kcal., You need to consider that this is the weight of the dry product.100 g of boiled product, it is about 150 kcal. Therefore, you can safely have dinner Lobio and not worry that your figure will suffer.

If a person who wants to lose weight relies on average 1000 - 1200 kcal.per day, then 200 - 300kkal., at lunch, despite the fact that you leave the table full of meals, a huge success.

Due to the large amount of fiber, beans solve the problem of digestion, which haunts people choosing mono - diets or having a habit of snacking on carbohydrate foods.

Gray prepared for cooking

beans Benefits and harm

Considering the amount of microelements and vitamins in the product, it is difficult to underestimate its benefits. The most important advantage of the bean is the balance of protein, carbohydrates and dietary fiber. It's about as if you ate meat, grains and fruits in a complex. The finished product is very calorie, but at the same time, quite satisfying.

A rich set of vitamins allows you to remain energetic and vigorous even in the cold months. The portion eaten at lunch will allow you to feel full until late in the evening, for which she is loved by weight-lifting people.

Athletes must inject in the diet beans, because the protein, which is responsible for the structure of muscle tissue, is contained in it in large quantities.

People who fast, or vegetarians, may not worry about protein ingestion if they eat cooked legumes.

Meat in the post is strictly prohibited, but protein is always needed. Thanks to this product in the diet of believers and vegetarians there is a nourishing, healthy and inexpensive dish. The product has a diuretic effect, improves intestinal motility.

It is dangerous to eat raw beans, as they contain a compound that is poisonous. Only heat treatment will not help protect the dish, it is necessary to cook the beans in water.

It can harm the body only if:

  • you often, or in large quantities, use beans;
  • Eat raw beans;
  • Combine it with animal fats, which prevents the assimilation of trace elements;
  • You have gastrointestinal, pancreatic, and bladder stones;

Medicinal properties and health benefits

In addition to the food benefits, it can be used as a therapeutic agent of organic origin.

  1. This is an excellent diuretic. Fighting edema and high blood pressure is much easier if these legumes are in the diet.
  2. If overworked, tired, and depressed, an bean dish will help you to get back into form due to the presence of trace elements that are responsible for your emotional state.
  3. The female body needs beneficial saccharides and trace elements for the proper functioning of the reproductive organs.
  4. Children need beans in the diet for the harmonious development of muscle and bone tissue , proper intestinal function, and supply the body with vitamins and microelements.
  5. The male urinary system will not require the prevention of inflammatory diseases, such as prostatitis, and chronic - prostate adenoma, etc.

Contraindications for women and men.

There are a number of diseases that are contraindicated in eating legumes. These are:

Soaking beans before further use of
  • Gastritis and peptic ulcers, intestinal obstruction;
  • Pancreatitis;
  • Allergy;
  • Diabetes mellitus, or suspicion of it;
  • Diathesis, and other skin diseases of an unknown nature;
  • Urolithiasis.
If you have a suspicion of any disease, you should not risk it, be sure to visit a doctor for a diagnosis.

Use in cooking: how much soaked before cooking?

Bean dishes are common in the cuisine of the southern regions of the Caucasus, and partly of the middle zone.

Prepare porridges, mashed potatoes, soups. Some prepare excellent pastries and mashed potatoes.

Prepare it simply. You need to know a few rules:

  • Before cooking, soak the beans overnight in cold water. When soaking, it does not lose its beneficial properties. How much time to soak depends on the species;
  • In the cooking process, do not salt the dish, but only after the beans have been boiled;
  • Do not overdo the dish, as the taste of beans, tenderness and aroma will be lost;
  • Cook for no more than 2 hours;
Lobio - a simple recipe with

beans The most famous bean dishes, this is of course soup, and lobio.

Soup is prepared by analogy with pea, and the space for imagination can make a dish your trump card. In combination with smoked meat, it will not lose its charms, but first try to cook it without fragrant meat, only with fried onions, and your favorite spices.

Lobio - the famous Georgian dish - in fact, it is boiled beans, generously flavored with aromatic spices, greens, and tomato. A simple dish that is considered commonplace in the Caucasus. After all, soak and then boil red or white beans is not difficult.

Each dish can be beneficial, and can cause disease. Your taste tastes should be good. Beans - a product that replaces three products. Therefore, do not give it up.

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