Ice on the back of the refrigerator: what to do?

Ice on the back of the refrigerator: what to do?


One of the most common faults in the refrigerator is the appearance of ice on the back wall. In some cases, the problem can be solved independently, in other situations, a specialist can not do without a call.

The simplest defrosting helps to solve the problem most often, because every refrigerator, even equipped with the "No Frost" system, needs this procedure. But if after the "general cleaning" you noticed that ice forms on the walls again, this is a sure sign that the refrigerator is not working properly. How serious is it, is it necessary to call a master and why does the rear wall come to be? Let's try to understand.


  • 1Problems that you can fix yourself
    • 1.1Violation of the temperature regime
    • 1.2Wear Sealant
    • 1.3Refrigerating chamber overload
  • 2When you need to call the wizard

Problems that you can fix yourself

Often the cause of the malfunction is non-observance of the elementary rules of operation. In this case, the recourse to the services of repair companies is not required. Find the answer to the question, why the ice on the back wall of the refrigerator, you can yourself, and very quickly.

Violation of the temperature regime

The ice "coat" on the back wall may appear due to improper use of the refrigerator. For example, we all know that you can not put hot pans, but for some reason all the time we forget about it. Sometimes there's just no time to wait for the food to cool down.

Hot objects inside the refrigerator lead to improper operation of the defrost sensors, which results in ice on the rear wall. The way out of the situation is extremely simple - you need to adhere to the rules. The temperature of the dishes or food that you send to the refrigerator should not be above room temperature.

Wear Sealant

Another possible reason is worn sealant. As a rule, in this case, ice is not only on the rear wall, but also on the side walls. In order to restore the normal operation of the device, you need to replace the seal on the door - you can do it yourself.


Continuing the theme: replacing the refrigerator sealant

Refrigerating chamber overload

If your refrigerator is clogged up to the outset, the compressor is forced to work at the limit of its capabilities, on the walls formed ice.

The situation is fraught with the fact that the compressor can not stand, and its replacement will fly you a pretty penny. Therefore, try not to overload the refrigerator.

When you need to call the wizard

Suppose none of the above options are appropriate, you are attentive to home appliances, and the ice in the refrigerator continues to grow. Perhaps, the reason is much deeper, and only an experienced master can correct it. Let's look at the breakdowns, which will be difficult to eliminate for the average user.

  1. If there is a thick layer of ice and snow on the back wall, the defrost sensor probably works incorrectly. The average person, if he had not previously worked in a workshop to repair refrigerators, repair the sensor or replace it with a new one is unlikely.
  2. There may be a refrigerant leak in the device, but the compressor continues to operate. In this case, the temperature in the refrigerator rises, ice forms on the back wall.

Quickly to return normal working capacity to the compressor the employee of the service company can only. After all, this requires not only a special tool, but also work experience. So do not try to cope with the breakdown yourself.

The wizard not only fixes the compressor malfunction, but also explains its cause, tells you how to use the refrigerator, so that it serves you for a long time and without breakdowns.

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