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Manual brush cutters for cutting hedges and shrubs in a small area. If you have a small area and a few meters of decorative fence, do you need to buy a special electric or gasoline tool? The city dweller moves little, the arrival at the cottage is an opportunity to improve health in the fresh air. To work in silence and senselessness with your hands, inducing beauty, pleasure. One condition - the tool should be well in the hands and be sharp.

Requirements for a mechanical brush cutter

The entire tool for the care of a garden to be held in the hands is called manual. Manual mechanical brush cutters are driven by human physical force. Characterize such a tool long with a comfortable grip handles. It is known from a school course in physics that the greater the lever, the less effort is required to complete the work. Therefore, clippers are different from other tools in the length of the handles.

Manual mechanical brush cutters necessarily on the arms have non-slip fiberglass or rubber pads for comfortable grip. Of great importance is the material for the manufacture of cutters. They must be sharp to reduce the force when exposed to wood. At the same time, unlike pruners, the cutters are made wavy, which prevents the web from slipping. If shears cut each knot with a pruning shears, the scissors equalize the plane, and the length of the cutters determines the performance of the tool.

A handheld brushcutter on an electric pull will do the job faster, and it will take a little effort, but this tool is more expensive, there is a danger of damage to the wire or electric shock.

Petrol models emit a lot of noise and create a gas exhaust, which is not very welcomed by others. Relax when working with mechanisms can not. Still, for Sunday outdoor activities in the country is better to choose a simple garden shears.

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Varieties of mechanical brush cutters

Usually on the shelves of garden stores you can see a garden brush cutter with a total length of 50 cm, with scissors up to 25 cm. The surface of the cutters is wavy. However, there are scissors with ratchet, with cutters like secateurs. Mechanical manual brush cutters with telescopic handles are designed to work with tall shrubs. Traditionally, the best are the specific tools of the companies Gardena, Grinda, Rago. This is not a complete list, we offer to meet some of the best products. All garden shears are used for trimming thin branches, less than 2 cm in diameter. There are scissors with straight blades and a return spring that reduce the force, for example, models Rado.

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Gardena’s manual brush cutters are presented on the trading floors in the form of mechanical, battery, electric and petrol shears. The most inexpensive tool are mechanical shears. They are lightweight, and lie comfortably in your palms. Cutters are made of quality steel, long remain sharp. If you need to work with tall trees, the handles are extended.

When working with a hand tool, the load falls on the hands. It is important to choose a convenient device for yourself.

Be sure to remove the packaging and try out the brush cutter in your hands. If after several hand movements you are tired, then this is not your instrument. Scissors fastening at the meeting point of the panels should be free of play, but the cutting edges should be tightly abutted.

An interesting model are rotary manual mechanical brush cutters Fiskars. Such a tool will allow cutting the grass without leaning. The angle of inclination of the rod is adjustable, adjustable in height. Blades are turned 90, which provides maneuverability. There is a special support from the bottom for a full cut with the whole plane and a clamp for locking the scissors. The manufacturer guarantees the performance of the rotary shears for 25 years.

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In the line of manual delimbers of this manufacturer there are a lot of unusual models. Reinforced pruner with ratchet mechanism, resembling cutter pruner fitted with a push amplifier. Blades have a Teflon coating, due to this, resistance is reduced during cutting. Only these manual loppers can cut branches up to 3.8 cm in cross section. But the models have long handles, up to 68 cm, and for pruning large trees the rod reaches 241 cm.

Tools with contact and planar cutters have a number of new developments:

  • mechanism that increases the strength of hands 3.5 times;
  • thick knots up to 50 mm are cut in several stages;
  • handles are covered with cork, fiberglass, creating a comfortable grip hands.

Mechanical manual brush cutters Brigadier have a wave-like sharpening. The gap between the planes is adjustable depending on the thickness of the branches. The blades are made of hardened steel. There are shock absorbing stops and self-opening mechanism. The tool is designed to work without a large load, since the blade length is only 15 cm. The tool weight is slightly more than 500 grams, a good design and comfortable handles will fit women's hands.

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