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Makita Company was founded in 1915 and is a leader in the production of building tools for working with concrete, wood and other materials. All products have a high level of quality and meet all European standards, including Makit's chainsaws. Chain saws are made with different configurations and purpose( garden, felling).They have many systems and functions that allow you to work with the tool comfortably and safely, such as, for example, a vibration damping system and an automatic brake.

Makita EA3202S40B

The petrol chain saw of this version is intended for felling small trees, making firewood, boards, sawing knots on trees and forming crowns. The Makita EA3202S40B chiansaw belongs to a professional class of tools. Equipped with a 1.3 kW two-stroke engine. The EA3202S40B chain saw is equipped with automatic lubrication systems and a chain brake, and there is also a primer that greatly simplifies starting the tool even after an idle time. For an easier restart, MPI technology is installed.

Tire length 40 cm or 16 inches. For the convenience of filling the tanks for oil and fuel, they are equipped with a wide neck. Start and stop is carried out by one lever with three positions: cold start, work and stop. At the same time, protection against accidental launch is added.

In order to tire the process of working with the tool not too quickly, an effective anti-vibration system was installed in the Makit's chainsaw, model EA3202S40B, consisting of four steel damping springs.

All parts and body are balanced so that the weight is evenly distributed in the hands. The handles have an ergonomic design that allows you to firmly hold and control the chainsaw. Complete with the tool there is a chain, the tire, a cover and the combined key.

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The advantages of the Makit's chainsaw, version EA3202S40B:

  • , the body is made of durable material, thanks to which it has a long service life:
  • chain is tensioned from the side;
  • have the ability to adjust the flow rate on the chain of oil;
  • inertia brake snap;
  • light weight;
  • convenient location of the air filter, if necessary, it can be easily removed and cleaned or replaced;
  • easy operation and safe operation.

The disadvantage is the absence of the chain tension function without using a special key, as well as the very sensitive “Stop” button. The drive sprocket is fully welded to the clutch drum. In the event of a breakdown, you will have to replace everything together.

It is recommended to use AI-92 gasoline as fuel for Makit chain saws.

Makita EA3203S40B

The Makita EA3203S40B chiansaw is a lightweight and ergonomic garden saw with a well-thought-out body and low vibration. Due to this, the tool can be used for a long time. It is recommended for use in garden works, for cutting small trees and pruning knots, and can also be used in construction. A two-stroke gasoline engine with a volume of 32 cm3 and a power of 1.35 kW or 1.81 liters is installed in the chainsaw.with.

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The tire length is the same as the previous model - 40 cm. The switch has 3 positions - cold start, operation and stop. Chain lubrication is automatic. Electronic ignition system and primer allow you to quickly start a chainsaw, including after a long idle, and MPI technology helps to restart it. Safety Matik( chain brake) instantly stops the chain. There is also a single speed support function and protection against accidental launch.

Unlike the EA3202 model, this one has the function of setting and tensioning the saw chain without a special key.

The lids on the fuel and oil tanks are provided with S-shaped handles for easier unscrewing. Included with this version of the Makita chainsaw is a boot, a saw chain, as well as a combination wrench and tire.


280 280 a5 111,5 Dimensions, cmDCS34 saw is used for sawing logs and cutting knots or branches when forming a hedge in the area. Engine power 1,3 kW.Steel damping springs significantly reduce vibration while working with a Makit DCS34 chainsaw. The chain is lubricated automatically. To ensure the safety of the user, the inertia brake function of the saw chain is integrated, and hand guards are installed. Electronic ignition along with a quick start system help you quickly and easily launch a tool.
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Makita DCS4610 chiansaw has a similar design and function, but is equipped with a more powerful engine - 1.7 kW.Both tools can be fitted with tires with a length of 35 and 40 cm.

Table with technical characteristics of the Makita DCs chain saws and DCS4610:

DCS34 DCS4610
kW, 1.3 1.asr.
Chain speed, rpm 12200 12600
Volume of oil tank, Ipc, PSconsumables, tires and chains) 4.7 4.75

The price of Makit's chainsaws affects the price of Makit's chainsawsLecture( the presence of additional functions, systems) and power, as it is from her in the first place and depends on the performance chain saw.

Short video review of the chainsaw Makita EA3202S40B

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