Converter Heater

In the nature of the device - converter heaters - no, except that in foundries where the firemen are heated, the interpretation itself causes an ambiguous feeling.

Converters, Heaters: Theory and Practice

A converter-type heater is not invented in nature today. It is possible that nuclear synthesis will soon be put on stream, we will get a home converter( from the English converter), where we will throw objects for energy.

Today we will talk about wonders, often not directly related to heaters. The purpose of the article is to tell about different inventions, at the same time creating colorful images in combination with the word converter. Let us go to the factories and plants, take a walk around the spacecraft and look inside the electronic devices, showing that there are no converter heaters in nature, but only convector heaters were invented.

Recall the meaning of the word converter in translation from English. It is understood that the device is engaged in conversion. The transformation of one thing into another. In one fantastic book, the firebox converter was able to convert an object thrown into hydrogen. The processes of nuclear decay took place until a combustible gas was produced, moving the ship forward. The nucleus of a chemical element decayed to a single proton. Substances converted to hydrogen.

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Why a special furnace at the foundry is called a converter: cast iron was poured inside, then pure oxygen was blown, or air was blown over the melt. Impurities of sulfur and carbon turned into oxides, burn out. The percentage of impurities decreased as much as possible until strong steel was obtained( carbon is less than in cast iron).Do you feel? Again the word converter is associated with the conversion process.

Where we will meet similar devices:

  • In radio electronics special devices are engaged in frequency conversion, are called converters.
  • Converters can be found in the software world by employees to convert one file format to another.
  • The British have a power adapter called a converter that converts voltage types.
  • The computer world is built on analog-to-digital converters, called converters in the literature: convert the analog signal to digital.
  • In the world of television, converters convert ranges to view programs on equipment that is not intended for this.

In combination with the word converter, the meaning of converting homogeneous things goes hand in hand. In nuclear fusion, the number of protons changes, at a foundry, exposure is carried out on the percentage of impurities, signal parameters are converted in electronics, and in television, ranges are converted. Converter - converter, to call this word a heater incorrectly. Objected that the energy of the electric current is converted into heat, then any heater should be called a converter.

Devices placed on the shelves - not converters;There are gas heater, electric heater, infrared heaters, and more.

Converter or convector

The difference between adjectives is a pair of letters, but the meaning changes radically. And that's why. Convection - the phenomenon of flow flows in general. The term implies the transfer of energy by jets of a particular medium. The word applies to fluid, lava, gas, of course, air. The principle of operation of convector heaters is based on the transfer of heat by specially organized air flow. In order for the molecules to move in the right direction, two main methods are used:

  1. The convector heater body is like an oil one with a chimney effect. The principle of operation is similar. Smooth, sheer plastic walls begin at the bottom of a number of slots( sometimes at the bottom) and end in a similar manner from above. This creates a vertical channel for the air flow; a jet moving along it causes the heating element.
  2. The heating element of a modern convector heater has a special configuration with a profile in the shape of a letter X. It is slanted vertically with special-shaped grooves, forcing the air to gain heat with maximum efficiency;With this technique, the surface of the heating element is increased by 25%, which means that the heat transfer is additionally increased. The forum even hinted at the use of nanotechnology in convector heaters Electrolux.

The heating element is protected with an inert material to prevent oxidation. Due to the irregularity of the surface, the temperature inside rarely exceeds 60 ºС.This is a valuable achievement, if the converter heater existed today, certainly took over the described quality. Dust falling on the heating element of the convector heater does not burn, oxygen is not burned, there is no unpleasant smell in the air.

Passed information that individual convector heaters operate on the principle of forced blowing and are equipped with fans, most of them work on the basis of natural inducement. The design enters the mode in 40 seconds. If the walls hang convector heaters, appliances warm the room in minutes. For business rooms, this is a quick way to keep warm. In order not to overstep the necessary boundary, it is recommended to acquire a thermostat and hang convectors on the appliance.

Interestingly look devices with built-in filters. The designers noticed that a lot of dust was settling inside, they decided to fix it. At the entrance( at the lower slits) special filters are installed. As usual in the modern world, the device is multi-layered.

. More precisely, there are four steps:

  1. Mechanical will pre-clean the stream of coarse dust, wool and hair.
  2. Then comes the turn of activated carbon. Here the air leaves unpleasant odors.
  3. The third stage, which includes natural plant components, manages the destruction of microbes. Here most of the bacteria die.
  4. The fourth stage with particles of nanosilver will be engaged in polishing the obtained result, destroying the remaining microbes.

Convector heaters are not the only appliances that use multifunctionality. Air purification with ultraviolet radiation is carried out by desiccants, humidifiers and ionizers. The designers realized that adding functionality, they increase the marketing appeal of the product.

Converter word - how to speak correctly

Dictionary of a text editor like Microsoft Word suggests that there is no adjective convector in nature, although convectors are available. It is more correct to speak and write convective, but the authors prefer the first version of pronunciation. Sounds more attractive. Convective exchange can be, but not the device.

Text editor prompted spelling of the word converter. Someone somewhere heard the word convector, but learned wrong. He began to look in the dictionary, took on faith the first word that came up. People read reviews, repeated mistakes, looked for the disadvantages of converter heaters and the advantages of converter heaters. And they were thrown off by a search engine on convectors.

We hope that we have given a solid idea about converters and that, based on the methodology, it is not possible to design a heater today.

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