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The most famous garden tool is considered a pruner. With seeming simplicity, the tool is thought out to the smallest detail, a secateur with a ratchet mechanism is an example of respect for manual labor. The ratchet mechanism allows the physical cutting force of a thick branch to be divided into several methods, while maintaining an even cut and cleanness of the open plane of the

. The device, types and purpose of the pruners

The purpose of the tool is to cut dry and overgrown branches, creating a flat area without burrs, for quick healing. Based on the task, the tool has a peculiar structure. The upper cutting plane may be one-sided or double-edged, but necessarily curved outward. The lower part serves for an emphasis and the least injury of bark from below. It is made in the form of a gutter, where the upper cutter is lowered, by the anvil, which receives the upper ax, or planar, representing scissors. Less physical cutting force will provide a ratchet pruner. The tool is used when cutting thick and dry branches.

When choosing an assistant, you should pay attention to the individual nodes:

  1. The handles should not be too short, because they work as levers, they must have a comfortable grip and a spontaneous opening lock.
  2. Blades choose sharp hard alloys, Teflon coating is welcome.
  3. The mechanism for bringing the knobs into position is spring or lever.
  4. The cutter with ratchet is considered the best cutter.

Choosing a tool is always a risk. You can trust the manufacturer and buy an expensive product of a famous brand. However, the brand does not guarantee that the pruner is not made in China. It will be safer to contact an experienced gardener and take his advice in choosing a tool. He already tried more than one model, and can give a good recommendation. You can read reviews on the Internet.

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engine When choosing a device, you should evaluate its weight. The lighter the pruner, the less tired the hand when working. You can choose any tool for cutting thin branches, but the work on the formation of fruit trees requires a lot of effort.

For an even cut of branches with a cross section of up to 3 cm it is appropriate to use a garden shears with a ratchet mechanism.

By applying the device, even weak female hands can perform high-quality molding of thick branches.

How an

ratchet works as a ratchet is a mechanical unit with a toothed locking of the lever forward with each press. But the lever is connected to the knife, and with each deepening the knife remains in the thick of the branch, in a stationary state, waiting for the next impact on the lever by pressing. The cut can be done in several steps, and it will have a flat surface. Thus, the total impact on a branch is made up of several suitable compressions of the handle by the user. As a physical definition, the ratchet pruner mechanism converts the rotational-rotary movement of the lever into a pivoting one. Ratchet is called a rattle for a distinctive sound during operation.

It is clear that in order to cut one branch, it will be necessary to press so many times that the amount corresponds to one, but strong impact. Cutting speed slows down, but anyone can do the job. Ratchet pruners are more expensive for many reasons:

  • manufacturing complexity;
  • expensive manufacturing material, usually titanium;
  • special sharpness and reliability of carbide cutters, often with a Teflon coating;
  • make the tool famous manufacturers.

For cutting thin branches, it is better to have an additional planar device.

The possibility of using new expensive materials in relation to hand tools is expanding. Recently, titanium was installed only in the aircraft industry and the responsible sites of the chemical industry. The material is characterized by exceptional lightness and inertness. A tool made of titanium will never rust, it does not stick to dirt. Therefore, the contact titanium pruner with ratchet mechanism is the most durable.

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Manufacturers and varieties of garden tools with a ratchet mechanism

When choosing a pruner, you first need to evaluate its comfortable grip. If the instrument is delivered by courier, it is necessary to specify in advance the possibility of refusal to purchase it on this basis. At the time of purchase, you need to test the cut and evaluate the effort.

When choosing a tool, they prefer forged products, they are more durable.

Well, if the blade tool steel contains more carbon, chrome plating is performed, or there is a teflon film that reduces resistance when cutting. This is exactly how the Grinda tool is presented to the buyer, the handle of which is equipped with a safety hilt. Traditionally high quality at the Gardena Comfort SmartCut pruner with a ratchet.

Especially it is necessary to note the product of the Russian brand with the production in Taiwan. Products MR Logo presented tools of excellent quality. First-class steel, good coating of cutters and well-thought-out ergonomics are the key to quality. MR Logo Ratchet with Ratchet - a famous tool in Russia.

A quality product works in professional conditions for several years. Thick and dry branches with a thickness of up to 30 mm are handled by the device with ease and minimal loads on the hands. The blade is made of special high carbon steel, the handles are comfortable. The straight blade is convenient to operate. The latch, which protects the spontaneous opening, is blocked by one finger of the working hand. Bright colors will always help to find a loss.

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The price of the product is on average about 600 rubles. Numerous reviews predict the tool a long life, subject to the care of the coating. Included with the device is a sponge for cleaning the surface and an oiler for ratchet care.

Products "Centroinstrument", a company for the production of hand-made construction and garden products, are always notable for low cost and reliability. The most convenient is the possibility of disassembling the tool to the screw. This allows you to change the node in time and extend the life of the device that has already become a family.

As there are many varieties of care operations in gardening, there are also many different pruners. There is no universal tool. Each instrument is designed for a specific job. Therefore, pruner with ratchet should not cut thin branches. For thicker branches, there are loppers. And then there are grafting, classic models, for pruning roses and others.

Recently, it became possible to use in the manufacture of titanium blanks. Ratchet with a ratchet mechanism Professional gardeners chose the power tool. Despite its low cost, the mechanism serves for many years. After wear, the tool is replaced with an identical one.

Reviews of masters the most positive. No longer young, a six-year pruner cleared 8 hectares of neglected area from thickets up to 5 cm in diameter of plants, and only then, there was a backlash on the retainer, and the blade blunted. This is written by a woman.

There are a lot of reviews about the titanium titanium secaterer with Russian ratchet mechanism. Everyone notes the reliability of the tool, but after several years of work, the lower lip begins to deform the cortex. The latch does not always work, with time the ratchet is podnashivatsya. The high functionality of an inexpensive tool suits many users.

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