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If you are a master, you know that a good tool does wonders. The blue BOSH perforator will become a reliable continuation of the hands during home repair or in professional activity. Green punchers in the class below, and the price they have more democratic, but with occasional workload will be long. In the range of guns there is no more reliable and functional tool than the products of the concern Bosh.

Parameters of punchers and abbreviation

The puncher is selected according to the nature of the work. Therefore, all units are divided into classes:

  • lung;
  • medium;
  • heavy.

Bosch lightweight hammers have a weight of up to 3 kg and are designed to create holes of small diameter by drilling with impact, impact and even one drilling. Instruments weighing up to 5 kg are referred to the middle class, they work on heavy brands of concrete and reinforced concrete.

To household models carry light perforators with power, kW and perform light construction work associated with drilling holes without destroying walls and ceilings. Rotational speeds of 2000-2800 rpm and , 00 strokes allow holes to be made in structures up to 20 mm in diameter.

To the amateur instrument of average power carry perforators Bosch 2400, 2600, 2800. They have an engine of 0.72 kW, a strong impact J, which allows even the work associated with the destruction of non-bearing concrete walls.

The products of the concern are marked, understandable by the enlightened. Let's look at the example of a perforator, as without looking at the passport, to determine the basic functions of the perforator Bosch.

The painting in the green color of the brand indicates that you are considering a household appliance. Blue is the call to pay attention to the professional. The first letter "G" means that the model is professional, "P" is an amateur one. "BH" is a sign that it is a puncher, not a drill or a screwdriver. It is for a professional instrument that the next figure means its weight. Through the dash it is indicated which maximum section of the hole in the concrete can be carried out by this model. Further letters mean which functions are inherent in this model of tools:

  • C - constant power with varying load;
  • E - speed control;
  • D - rotation blocking;
  • F - quick-action clamping cartridge SDS plus included;
  • R - reverse stroke;
  • A - dust extraction system.
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With the new marking, the letters E, R are removed from the marking, since the functions they have designated become standard for all manufactured Bosch perforators.


Perforator BBosch GBH 2-26 DRE

Bosch puncher, professional, lightweight with speed control and locking function - so the instrument presented for consideration is deciphered. It is reliable and according to reviews it is in professional use since 2007 without repair. Functions and specifications:

  • power - 800 W;
  • force of impact J;
  • frequency - 4000 beats per minute;
  • speed of rotation - 900 rpm;
  • Weight, kg;
  • depth stop;
  • reverse mode;
  • Special SDS plus cartridge;
  • safety clutch from impact.

Perforator Bosch GBH 2-26 DRE is made of plastic, handles with rubber pads. The tool supports 3 functions. In reserve, there is a mode for turning the tips of the type of peak and chisel, but is used occasionally. Works stably. Additional convenience - a cord with a length of 5 meters ensures free movement.

Disadvantage can be considered a plastic case, which from the first days of work is covered with scratches. Technological flaw - with a long drill, there is a backlash in the cartridge, a note from several users.

Professional light puncher Bosch

The Bosch GBH 2-24 D is a high-end tool. He has a high energy of destruction and three modes of operation. The presence of the reverse function allows the use of a perforator for screwing fasteners. When drilling holes in structures, a depth gauge is used.

The speed of rotation of the drill is regulated by the force of pressing the start button. A flat chisel is installed at different incline angles of the cutting surface, thanks to a special function. Reversal stroke is included through the brush holder. To replace the rig, the Bosch GBH 2-24 D is equipped with an SDS plus cartridge. Forced air ventilation protects the motor from overheating. Protection from vibration is provided by the use of an elastic rubber grip, convenient for gripping. There is a safety clutch, protection when the drill is jammed or broken. To ensure that the power cord does not work on the fracture, a hinge mount is used.

Buying a green technique from the company Bosch, you need to remember the sparing conditions of its operation. Initially, professional models are completed with more reliable parts. Even the length of the cord for amateur models is less.

Thoughtful equipment and protection systems extend the life of the tool. The manufacturer counts on competent operation, calls a maintenance-free lifespan sufficient to create 7, 00 holes. The instrument has proved itself well in impact mode. A turn of the brushes when changing the direction of rotation allows the reverse to drive at the same speed as the direct stroke.

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The main characteristics of the perforator:

  • power - 790 W;
  • force of impact J;
  • frequency of blows - up to 4700;
  • speed of revolutions - up to 1300;
  • the maximum drilling diameter - concrete 24 mm, steel 13 mm;
  • Weight, kg.

Price perforator Bosch this model an average of about 8 thousand rubles, which for a high-quality tool is not expensive.

Basic information about Bosch Hammer GBH 2-26 DFR professional

The use of this model of perforators as a universal tool for working with solid building materials is justified. Three operating modes make the tool universal for work with ceramics, brick, concrete. He can not only create designs, but also destroy them.

The Bosch GBH 2-26 DFR professional pre-warns in advance about a particular purpose. In the kit there is an additional cartridge to the installed SDS +.

Features and functions of the device are impressive:

  1. The mode switch has a lock button for the selected parameter.
  2. To use the unstressed mode of working with tools without shanks, a quick-action chuck, which is included, is used.
  3. Impact drilling is carried out only on a cartridge, adapted to fix the shanks.

The perforator has been operating for a long time in dusty conditions due to the special design of the engine cooling. Having become acquainted with numerous reviews, it becomes clear that the devices with an unknown country are not working well. The model is on stream in Germany.

Perforator Bosch GBH 2-28 DFV

The Bosch GBH 2-28 DFV is equipped with various innovations in a well-designed performance from the case to the power cord. It combines a screwdriver, impact drill and punch. Only performs these functions with greater strength and intensity.

The model, with an engine power of 850 watts weighs 3, 1 kg, that is, belongs to the middle class by weight. The developed blow acts on the object with a destructive force, The employee has a vibration damping system, and it is reduced by 25% compared to other models of this class. The power cable is fixed hinged and does not work for kink. A well-designed system for regulating the speed of rotation and impacts allows you to adjust the pace of work to the nature of the material.

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A powerful device is pleased with the results:

  • the use of hollow crowns on concrete makes it possible to obtain a through hole with a cross section of 68 mm;
  • Drill penetration is allowed 28 mm.

The rotary hammer is equipped with an additional handle, a replaceable chuck, and a drilling depth limiter. Price perforator Bosch this brand an average of 13 thousand rubles.

Amateur models of guns BOSCH

The Bosch PBH 2800 RE rotary hammer refers to the amateur sector of tools for building reconstruction. Universal use of a perforator as a mixer, screwdriver and splicer is possible, due to the availability of wide functionality. One tool, changing the nozzles, you can work with any building materials. The kit includes an additional handle, chisel, depth gauge and case.

Do not start work without first studying the operating instructions for the Bosch PBH 2800 RE. The tool requires respect.

Characteristics of the instrument:

  • load on the network - 720 W;
  • force of impact J;
  • cross-section of holes - concrete up to 26 mm, metal up to 13 mm, wood up to 30 mm;
  • cartridge - SDS plus.

The apparatus provides the regulation of the speed of rotation and the frequency of impacts of the drill or bit. The ability to switch to reverse mode will help to remove a stuck drill or screw. The presence of a depth gauge will not allow drill to the neighbors through the wall. Fixing the button to start the puncher will allow freedom of movement.

The Bosch PBH 2100 RE perforator for household use is an easy tool with one speed and chiselling. He does not have a strong blow, just J, but the frequency is 5800 bpm, will destroy any material. The speed of rotation of 2300 is also impressive. The puncher performs all the work that more powerful counterparts, only the cross-section of the holes is slightly smaller, due to insufficient power. It consumes 550 watts and weighs, kg.

Especially it is necessary to note, the price of Perforator Bosch does not exceed 5 thousand rubles.

Spare parts for perforators Bosch

Over the years, technology that works in harsh conditions, becomes unfit for use. Requires consumables - bits, drills, carbon brushes. The company Bush has a developed network of service centers and repair the punch is not difficult. Buy spare parts can be in online stores and on the sites where the manufacturer's tools are sold.

Overview of the perforator Bosch GBH 2 24 DF - video

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