White coating on dishes and in the dishwasher - what to do?

  • Three main reasons for the formation of plaque on dishes
  • Seizure of the cover for detergents and what to do
  • Reduced water supply pressure and how to deal with it
  • Clogging the holes in the sprinkler or filtersPoor quality detergent

White plaque on dishes after washing in the dishwasher - this is one of the most common troubles machine owners! And, if, for home use, this nasty effect is not so critical, then for owners of cafes and restaurants is just a misfortune and a torment. Harmful visitors frown in disgust, we have to wash up, and this is an overrun of electricity and water. .. Therefore, let's urgently figure out why this is happening.

Three main reasons for the formation of a raid on the dishes

There are only three reasons for this, but this is no easier. After all, it is not easy to find the main one from them by typing. So, here is this list:

  • Technical problems
  • Water hardness
  • Incorrect selection of detergents

It would seem, everything is simple. But, in fact, not at all easy! Each of these reasons has a lot of nuances and it is very difficult for a beginner to understand all this.

Therefore, we advise you to start the diagnosis with technical problems first. Of course, if you know for sure that yesterday the dishes were washed off with a bang, and today, after changing the detergent, a raid suddenly appeared, then it is about him. Change it and deal with the end!

But, if you have a new machine, and the very first wash disappointed you, or an old machine that always washed well, but eventually began to leave a raid, then things are more complicated.

If you have a machine for a long time, we recommend that you start the diagnostics in the sequence shown in the table of contents.

If it is completely new, then you need to start with the following items: “Poor quality detergent”, “Incorrect dosage as the cause of the problem”, “Water hardness and how to choose the remedy”, “Reducing the pressure of water supply and how to deal with it”.

Seizure of the cover of the compartment for detergents and what to do

If the cover was working properly, then this is not immediately noticeable. Closed, gone, but the tablet does not think to leach out properly. And from this, of course, salt does not enter the ion exchanger.

But salt does not flow, so the water does not soften. And the white coating on the dishes is not the remnants of detergent, but traces of hard water.

If the cover is out of order, you need to call the wizard. By eliminating this problem, white spots on the dishes from the dishwasher will not disturb you anymore.

Reducing the pressure of the water supply and how to deal with itAnd, of course, the dishwasher leaves white bloom. Detergent is not washed, due to lack of water!

If you know that such a phenomenon is taking place, then check this option. A high probability of pressure reduction can be, if the water supply comes from an autonomous source, an

well. Therefore, first of all, check the water pressure in the faucet. If you clearly see that he is weak, then this is clearly the reason. Then you should deal with the pump itself.

If, however, your central water supply and water pressure are reduced, then you will only have to wait for the moment when the pressure returns to normal. Naturally, if, this is a one-time phenomenon.

But, if this problem is permanent, then it is worth starting the fight against it. There are several options that solve this issue:

  • Cleaning the filter in front of the counter
  • Installing larger diameter pipes
  • Installing a pump to increase pressure
  • Installing a storage tank and pumping station

Which of these methods is right for you, you need to decide on the spot and proceed from the situation.

Clogging of the holes in the sprinkler or filters

It is impossible to give a general recommendation, since dishwasher models are a great many. You need to take the instruction to your typewriter, find these details and carefully study the recommendations for shooting.

Cleaning them is not a problem at all. As a rule, they are clogged with sedimentary deposits.

The ion exchanger

has failed, but this is already an expensive thing. It can fail only because you have incorrectly exploited the machine. Namely:

  • Ignored the rules and did not add salt when washing
  • . Replaced the special salt with another

. If you know that such sins were followed by you, then. .. write letters.

Water hardness and how to pick up an

tool If your water was always not too hard, but gradually you began to notice that the situation was getting worse, then the problem here is that the pipes at the common station deteriorate and the quality of water suffers.

You can put a filter, of course. But, it is not so cheap. Indeed, by and large, a slightly increased water hardness does not bring critical damage. And you can fight white bloom by choosing the right tool.

Rinse is a required component if the water in your faucet is hard. And, if, before that, you calmly did without it, now the circumstances have changed and you will need to be purchased.

Incorrect dosage as the cause of the

problem. The following statement is very suitable: "When there are a lot of good things, this is no longer good."Do not exceed the recommended dose, because the tool simply can not be washed completely.

Even if your dishes are too dirty, you should not expect a double dose to resolve this issue. It is better to wash at elevated temperatures in this case.

Poor quality detergent

Well, then, as they say, no comment. We recommend that you always, before you buy any powder, be sure to read reviews on the Internet.

After all, there is nothing more offensive to buy and throw out the entire package with annoyance. ..

We hope that now - a white raid on the dishes after washing in the dishwasher, it will not be a problem for you and you will be able to overcome it yourself!

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