Breeding of musk ducks at home is an interesting and profitable business.

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The rural farmstead is always filled with various livestock. Breeding of musk ducks is beneficial for many reasons. Quiet birds in the summer, half the feed is mined by free grazing. The conditions of the maintenance are a small pond and a green lawn in the summer, a warm winter in winter. Slaughter weight is reached before the first molt, 13 weeks.

Origin and features of rock content

Wood ducks, and that's how they were called by the ancient Aztecs, they tamed. The bird has received other names from people:

  • musk, for a specific smell from the growths around the eyes;
  • mute, for his inability to shout loudly;
  • Indotka - a duck from the Indians.

Muscovy duck differs equanimity. She has a broad chest and short legs. The wings of the bird are very powerful with beautiful plumage. They can be white and chocolate, there are even blue and two-color, variegated.

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The merits of ducks are referred to as:

  • unpretentiousness in the choice of feed;
  • they do not arrange noisy disassembly with other inhabitants of the farmstead;
  • can do without water;
  • rarely get sick.

To the requirements that must be observed in conditions of the maintenance of ducks should be attributed - do not allow dampness in the room, and space - a square meter for 3 individuals. But even in winter on snow birds should take sun baths every day for half an hour. By the time of the laying of eggs in April, it is necessary to create, by lightening, a 16-hour light period of the day. It is no longer possible, cannibalism wakes up in relation to hatched ducklings.

The domestic musky duck is valued for its calm nature and unpretentiousness in food. In a short time ducklings grow, and from three months can provide the family with tender dietary meat. An adult drake weighs 6, a duckling - about 3 kg. They are not fatty, they have red meat.

Feature Indotok is the ability to swallow all that glitters. They can collect sharp glass fragments, scattered screws, and then suffer from obstruction. Where there are Indots, there must be cleanliness.

Eggs in indotok large, up to 85 g in weight. They rush in two terms, in spring and in autumn. During moulting ducks rest. In total for a year it is possible to receive 70-100 eggs. To eggs are fertilized, 4-5 females need one drake. Musk ducks are bred from spring masonry, and, the earlier eggs are taken for incubation, the greater the percentage of withdrawal. The incubation lasts 32-35 days under the hen. In the incubator it is necessary to observe some tricks in order to get fewer debris, but it displays more males, which is good for breeding ducklings for meat.

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It is important to know, in the summer of musk ducks will arrange content in a light canopy with logs for overnight. In winter, you need to have a room with a warm dry litter and nests. The temperature of the contents should not be lower than 15, for ducklings above 20. FROM. In warm weather birds should peck grass, everything that creeps in it and extract duckweed, larvae, and crustaceans in the near water body. Due to this, the musk duck at home eats up to 50% less food rations.

Conditions for obtaining a litter at home

To obtain the ducklings take the fertilized eggs of the first days of the masonry. It is necessary to select eggs that are full by external attributes. They should be clean, characteristic shape and approximately one weight. Collect the incubation material for 2 weeks, store at 11 C on the side. In this case, from earlier eggs, the ducklings hatch faster.

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Duck breeding with ducks

With natural breeding, it is best to separate the motherwort. The drake and 3-4 ducks are brought into the prepared separate room. Required to create secluded places and leave dry leaves or sawdust.

Demolished eggs can not be touched. The bird itself knows what to do.

Musk ducks are good hens, they sit down on the nest when more than 10 eggs accumulate in it. The embryo development period is 32-35 days. During this time, the duck mother repeatedly turns the eggs, sprinkles them with water, brought in a beak from the trough, removes a thickly layered shell, so that air enters the chamber. Under such conditions, the yield from the masonry is about 90%.


The first released ducklings, when breeding with a musk duck, without the help of a person, can freeze or die from hunger. The squatter continues to sit, not paying attention to the kids. They should be deposited in a warm box with heating incandescent lamps, allow to dry and teach to peck. Ducklings can only grab food on the move. Therefore, crumbs of the egg, hard-boiled, poured on the backs of the chicks. The ducklings move, the food rolls down, and the kids catch it in the fall. So they learn to eat in the first day.

After 35 days of incubation, eggs with undeveloped embryos are removed, and the duck will take a brood. For this, dried up and warmed ducklings in the evening again are attached to the duck. In the morning she leads the ducklings to the farmstead, and in a week they will already bathe. Before this, the mother-duck carefully lubricates them with feathers with fat, so that the chicks do not get wet and drown.

Duckling in an incubator

In a pre-heated to 38 degrees incubator in the horizontal position, the largest eggs are laid, in 5 hours - medium, and after another - small. Twice a day, the embedded material is sprinkled with a slightly pink warm solution of potassium permanganate for cooling and accelerating the metabolism. Wet eggs are wiped with napkins, removing the top layer of thick peel instead of the mantle. For cooling, you can simply open the lid for 30 minutes, supposedly the hen went to eat.

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The eggs turn over automatically or manually. In this case, for averaging the development temperature, the clutch must be replaced in places, shifting the extreme eggs to the center. The temperature in the chamber is gradually lowered, coups are made to a certain degree, according to the table. Incubation of musk ducks lasts 32-35 days.

After, the brood is placed in a brooder and arranged for grooming. Particularly responsible for the first 10 days. Ducklings are taught to feed gradually. Do not be afraid of liquid litters, this is the peculiarity of the chicks of Indotec.

When breeding musk ducks at home, you can not fledgling ducklings to the water. They will get wet and drown.

For the cultivation of women from five months, it is necessary, in spite of nature, to extend the light time of day, gradually preparing them for oviposition. By spring, the length of the day should be 16 hours. Then the productivity of the females and their full fertilization will make it possible to obtain a strong offspring of musk ducks when breeding at home.

When feeding young animals for meat, it is necessary to create conditions for rapid growth. It is economically beneficial to feed for 13 weeks, or before the onset of molting. When a bird loses a feather, the weight gain stops. 60% of the livestock are guaranteed drakes, they will gain 3 kg of weight by the 13th week. The remaining number of females can be transferred to winter maintenance, and cook for spring brood.

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