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video Gasoline brush cutters help to quickly bring live patterns to the lively brush cutter Stihl HS 45 -

Gasoline brush cutters help to quickly bring the live brush cutter Stihl HS 45 -

video brush Gasoline brush cutters help to quickly bring the live brush cutter Stihl HS 45 -

Due to the fact that the trimmer engine is powered by gasoline, and not by electricity, it allows you to cut extra branches anywhere. The lower end of the brush cutter is equipped with a sharp cutting disc, and the upper part has an adjustable handle with an engine and a fuel tank. We recommend to read the article about the popular chainsaw Shtil ms-180!

Brushcutter Huskvarna version 545FX

Husqvarna company produces chainsaws, power saws, benzosy, electric scythes and other tools for domestic and professional use. Model brush cutter 545FX was released in 2011 and belongs to the category of professional tools with high performance and increased strength. Therefore, the Husqvarna 545FX petrol brush cutter can be used throughout the work shift. The tool was developed specifically for forest clearance. This task is possible only with a powerful gas trimmer with low vibration, as well as equipped with a high-speed gearbox.

The 545FX brush cutter's engine is based on X-Torq technology and has a cylinder capacity of 45.7 cm 3.Power is 2.2 kW.Thanks to X-Torq technology, the Huskvarna 545FX two-stroke brush cutter is rapidly gaining momentum with the least amount of exhaust gases into the environment, and also significantly saves fuel. The launch is performed using the Smart Start system. In this case, it will be necessary to apply minimal effort, since the resistance of the starter cord is reduced by 40%.

A distinctive feature of the model is that the gearbox is located at an angle of 24 °.Thanks to this work becomes much more comfortable.

The ergonomic and adjustable bicycle handle of the gasoline brush cutter is also set at an angle to make it easier to control the mowing process. The handles are trimmed with soft overlays, which completely eliminates the possibility of slipping. Anti-vibration system significantly reduces the level of vibration and the load on the hands, so the tool can work for a long time.

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  • power - 2.2 kW or 3 hp;
  • bar - straight;
  • weight without installed cutting elements, protective covers and fuel - 8.1 kg;
  • fuel tank capacity - 900 ml;
  • maximum recommended speed without load - 13000 rpm

Fuel pump helps to quickly start a brush cutter, even after long periods of inactivity. The filter cover can be removed without tools, which makes it easy to replace it without keys. The start button automatically returns to the initial position so that it is more convenient and faster to re-enable the brush cutter. For comfortable work with the tool with it, there is a belt tooling consisting of a belt, two shoulder straps and a wide back support. The back part can be adjusted.

Brush Cutter Gasoline Stihl FS 450

Brush Cutter FS 450 is a reliable professional gasoline trimmer with a large number of different functions. Designed for use in agriculture, forestry or utilities. The power of its two-stroke engine is 2.1 kW.The working volume is 44.3 cm3.Thanks to the soft start function, the ElastoStart brush cutter starts quickly and easily. So that the user is not affected by strong vibration and load, a system of their repayment, consisting of several rubber dampers, is installed.

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The bar of the petrol brush cutter Calm FS 450 is straight, and the handle is made like a bicycle or in the shape of a T. Such a handle allows you to control the process of work much better, and get less tired during long-term operation. The bar can be adjusted in height with a T-screw, without any tools. All controls are mounted on one handle.

Compared with household models of petrol trimmers, the brush cutter carburetor Calm version FS 450 is equipped with a compensator. As a result, even in the case of a strong filter clogged with dirt, the tool will be able to operate at constant power.

The compensator maintains the optimum mixing rate of gasoline and air in the carburetor until the filter fails completely. To make the brush cutter Shtil FS 450 make it easier to start after a long idle, it has a manual fuel pump and a decompression valve. The latter lowers the pressure in the cylinder. As a result, the engine start becomes even easier, and it also reduces the wear and tear on the petrol trimmer activation system. For comfortable work complete with a brush cutter Calm comes belt attachment. The weight of the device without poured fuel and cutting parts is 8 kg. Capacity for gasoline - 670 ml.

Carver GBC-043

Trimmer-brush cutter gasoline engine Carver version GBC-043 is designed to work on the plot. It can be used to level the lawn, cut small bushes or thick grass. Equipped with a brush cutter single-cylinder engine, whose power is 1.7 kW.The volume of the cylinder is 43 cm3.Just like the previous models, the handle is made in the form of a bicycle, to work with it was more convenient. The volume of capacity for fuel is 950 ml.

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Main features of the Carver GBC-043 brush cutter:

  • trimmer line has a square cross-section, which significantly reduces the level of noise and vibrations;
  • engine cooling air;
  • straight boom;
  • fuel tank of large volume allows you to work for a long time without refueling;
  • engine cylinder is chrome-plated, thanks to which it will last longer;
  • light weight - 6.7 kg.

Comparative table of petrol trimmers Husqvarna 545FX, Stihl FS 450 and Carver GBC-043:

Characteristics Name Husqvarna 545FX Carver GBC-043
Citations Ours 2 h h h h h h h ver AS AS AS AS AS AS AS AS AS AScylinder volume, cm3 45.7 44.3 43
Capacity of the tank for gas, ml 900 670 950
Weight( without installed casing, blades and fuel), kg 8,1 8 6,7
Rotation speed on the output shaft, about /min 10100 8750-8930 7600
Processing width, see 22.5 30 43
Noise level, dB 114 100-111 110

Gasoline pricebrush cutters primarily depend on their power and purpose. Domestic trimmers are significantly cheaper than professional tools.

Work gasoline brush cutter Stihl HS 45 - video

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