Repair of refrigerators Stinol: Typical damage + how to repair their own

Brand Stinol popular among connoisseurs of high quality and reasonable cost. Reliable, high-quality assembly, functionality and durability of these devices do not cause doubts among consumers. But technology is technology and despite careful operation, sometimes it breaks.

Repair Stinol refrigerators - not a problem as the service centers is practically everywhere. You can repair the equipment on their own. We look at how to do it right.

The content of the article:

  • The operating principle of a typical unit Stinol
  • Apparatus electrical system
  • Overview of typical damage
  • Guide for self-repair
    • #1. Compressor device and its suspension
    • #2. protection and starting system
    • #3. The thermostat of the refrigeration unit
    • #4. Drainage system "weeping" devices
    • #4. Fuser, timer and fan in devices No Frost
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The operating principle of a typical unit Stinol

Range of cooling units of this brand represented a broad line of models with different performance characteristics.

All of them belong to the evaporation devices or compression type. This means that the compressor and the evaporator is necessarily present in their structure. Let's see how they work.

For cooling equipment working chambers is used the so-called refrigerant. The composition is a liquid capable of evaporating at a certain pressure at room temperature.

Most often used as refrigerant freon R22, but may also be other compositions. All types of refrigerants are called Freon.

The principle of operation of the compression refrigerator

Refrigerator, like any other refrigerating machine works due to continuous circulation in a closed circuit of refrigerant flowing boiling and condensation stage during movement

The operating cycle is as follows. The liquid freon is fed to the spinneret. This narrow nozzle in the form of a capillary tube piece through which the refrigerant injected into the evaporator.

The latter is made in the form of a coil, which allows heat exchange to flow with maximum efficiency. Inside the evaporator freon quickly expands and is transformed into gas, while absorbing a large amount of heat.

Thus the temperature inside the refrigeration or freezer compartment is lowered. If continuously injected into the refrigerant evaporator, the pressure therein will rise sharply, and the evaporation process is stopped.

Scheme evaporative cooler

Evaporative coolers are arranged equally. a compressor and an evaporator are necessarily present in their structures (+)

Therefore, the refrigerant vapors are continuously pumped by the compressor and supplied to the radiator. This is another coil located at the rear of the cooling unit. Here the refrigerant vapor condenses and thus heat.

Further, the liquid Freon is fed into the die and the cycle is repeated. The main feature of such a system - the presence of moving parts and mechanisms, which can eventually fail.

Under Stinol brand manufactured cooling units with one or two compressors. In the latter case it is possible to separately control the freezing and refrigerating compartments, each of which is served by the "proper" compressor.

This is convenient, but considerably complicates the system, as well as its maintenance and repair. In addition, the brand produces equipment No Frost and thaw drip system.

Schematic diagram Stinol

Wiring diagrams Stinol refrigerators several different depending on the model. In general terms, they may be represented as shown in Scheme (+)

Apparatus electrical system

Normal operation of the refrigerator to any one compressor provides circuitry. In its simplest form, it consists of several elements:

  • The thermostat is responsible for maintaining a certain temperature.
  • The relay thermal protection that prevents the overheating of the compressor.
  • Motor.
  • Starting relay responsible for the motor run.

The operating cycle is as follows. When the instrument is energized, current flows through the closed contacts with thermostat, Forced defrost button, then through thermal relay start relay and on the working coil motor.

Since the motor shaft stands flowing through its operating coil current is much higher than the nominal voltage.

Repair Stinol refrigerator

To work with the electrician refrigeration unit definitely need a tester, a soldering iron and a basic knowledge in the field of electricity

This is because starting relay contact closure design provides the starting coil only at times the rated voltage. Thus the relay current transfers to the start winding of the motor starts rotating, the stress in the work winding down.

The motor continues to work in the normal mode, the refrigeration unit starts to freeze. At the time of reaching a predetermined temperature before the thermostat is activated.

He opens his contacts and the current ceases to flow to the engine. The compressor stops. When the temperature thermostat contacts are closed again and the cycle repeats.

Replacement refrigerator thermostat brand Stinol

If faulty thermostat refrigerator repair it does not make sense. Typically, this device is simply changed completely on a new device

For protection from dangerous overheating provided for thermal motor protection. Its main element - flexible bimetallic strip. To reach a dangerous temperature, it bends and breaks the contacts, the cooled element "gets" in place and closes them.

Overview of typical damage

It is clear that if the equipment has stopped working, it needs to repair and sometimes replaced. However, there are signs that the owner must pay attention to your unit and may invite the master.

Normally, the compressor must operate without excessive noise, are periodically switched on / off. Continuous operation of the engine - the fault.

Refrigerator Stinol

Zealous owner always closely monitored the state of his fridge, and notes all atypical for the normal operation of the unit signs. The only way to prevent serious malfunction

The temperature inside the refrigerating and freezing compartments should correspond to the specified. Inside the freezer there should not be excessive frost, and in the refrigerator compartment does not accumulate water. Provoke breakage variety of factors.

Most often this incorrect operation or installation of the device, mechanical damage, environmental effects, such as too high temperature in the room. Very dangerous and power-line surges.

The water in the cooler chamber

When Plugged capillary pipe, which is not uncommon for the "age" of refrigerators, water in the compartment and the temperature will rise to storage

If the engine is running without interruption, and the temperature is prohibitively low, most likely, wrong thermostat. If it is damaged and can be a different picture. The unit refuses to run and defrosted, the compressor is not running.

The compressor will operate at the same time without switching off and ice in the evaporator may occur. Refrigerant leakage may occur on the cooling circuit. This problem is more characteristic for the equipment with bottom location of the freezer.

Along its perimeter passes a metal tube, which is approximately 6-7 years may corrode. In this case, it becomes a source of evaporation of refrigerant.

faults Stinol

Over time, some metal structural elements may corrode, resulting in leakage of refrigerant, compressor failure or other problems

When leaking freezer will continue to work, and the refrigerator compartment is not. Corrosion may occur in the evaporator and condenser. Repair in such cases is not possible, only the replacement of damaged cells.

Quite often, owners Stinol turn to tinkering with compressor problems. This may be jamming the motor mechanism. The engine will be switched on, but not rotate, but only buzz. A short time thermal relay triggered.

Frequent and short-circuit in the work or in the starting of the motor winding. Less often fails capillary tube. This can be seen by the increase in temperature inside the refrigerator and freezer compartment, the appearance of ice on the evaporator.

The engine will run at the same time, almost without stopping. All these are typical failure, to deal with that, most likely, you will have to master.

Guide for self-repair

User even slightly familiar with the technique, realizes that it is impossible to give detailed instructions on how to repair the equipment specific brand.

Models are too different in its specifications. You can only give general guidelines for the repair of individual units.

#1. Compressor device and its suspension

The device is simple enough refrigeration unit compressor. But its self-repairing is practically excluded. It often happens interturn fault windings require replacement of the compressor.

Amateur master, trying to rewind them, usually the gift of their time and effort. The reason - entering the compressor during operation inside a dust and moisture, mixed with air.

refrigerator compressor

Compressor refrigerator Stinol arranged quite difficult. Repair it yourself is hardly worth it, it is often useless. Often using the full replacement site to the next (+)

As a result, the node will still have to change. Masters are advised not to do so. Another thing - suspension compressor. Due to its deformation possible malfunctions the entire assembly.

First of all it is necessary to check the firmness of his stroke adjusting legs. He should be on the order of 8-10 mm or even more. If it does not have to replace the shock absorbers that are not expensive and not difficult.

The main difficulty would be that the compressor and capable of massive weight dislocate tube cooling circuit. Therefore, in the process of replacing the shock absorbers should be securely fastened to the assembly operating position and to treat them as carefully as possible.

Location of the compressor in the refrigerator

Another detail: experienced masters know that the unusual noise in the compressor area can come not only from the defective device, but also from any beating about the casing tube

In the latter case it is necessary to wrap it with cloth or felt and secure the bandage woolen or cotton thread. use is not recommended synthetic or foam.

When you change the temperature they become brittle or stick together. In any case there will be no benefit from them. This "patch" will not only solve the problem of noise, but also protects the phone from unnecessary wear.

Compressor refrigerator Stinol

If the compressor is not recommended to repair yourself, but to "work" with its suspension is possible. The picture shows the arrows show the screws that hold the rack

Another common problem - reducing the amount of refrigerant. Watching videos on the Internet, some craftsmen are trying to perform a self-fueling. Masters strongly do not recommend it.

Pour Freon succeed, but whether the unit will be able then to work - the big question. Water vapor and dust inevitably fall into the cooling circuit during refueling, which subsequently lead to breakage.

Furthermore, injection of the refrigerant compressor assumes its regular work in the course of forced wet method. And this is extremely dangerous.

The best thing you can do for your compressor in this case, a qualified specialist with the license, which will perform the necessary work.

#2. protection and starting system

Starter and overload relays are usually combined in a common node constructors. In order to reach it have to drill out the rivets that hold the cover.

After repairs, it is best to put on a plastic adhesive and "grab" screws. The most "weak" places of assembly can be considered as contacts. They are often dirty or melted. Here to help elementary cleaning.

refrigerant Filling

Self refrigerant filling the refrigerant circuit is not allowed. Wrong operations will result in failure of the refrigerator and too thrifty owner will have to buy a new

Another "dangerous" part - the core of the starter. It can be full of dust, which leads to sticking contactor contacts.

The problem may be in the bimetallic plate. She eventually able to lose some elasticity. If the item in cold slightly arched, enough to give it the desired shape.

Weakened the adjusting screws can come together, and then the compressor starts to work as if both its windings has interturn fault. To solve the problem sufficiently loosen the screws to the required clearance. He is about 0.15-0.25 cm. And clean the contacts current protection.

#3. The thermostat of the refrigeration unit

Design thermostats used in refrigerators, can be different. In general, emit two types of components: electronic and thermomechanical.

The former are used in the electronically controlled devices and are a group of detectors and thermistors connected in one piece with the control board. Try to repair anything in such a system can only be a certified electronics.

Refrigerator Stinol

In refrigerators with an electronically controlled thermostats in a separate unit no. They are in a more simple models, but here is not easy to repair the thermostat

Thermomechanical thermostat is designed as a single unit, but it is considered to be completely non-repairable. This is due to the fact that the Heat-bonded to the evaporator, the seam is filled with the sealant and the whole system is covered by a hood.

Separate the unit from the evaporator is extremely difficult without special tools and skills. In addition, you can not violate the right position Heat-that is fraught with serious damage.

The only thing that you can try to do with temperature control, is to work with them without removing from the unit. So to say "suspended." In this position, the spring being transferred can inspect and replace it if necessary.

You can test the functionality of the screw-chippers, as well as to inspect and thoroughly clean the contacts. Reassembly should be done very carefully.

Examination of the refrigerator thermostat Stinol

External examination overload relays can be done without dismantling. In case of serious damage will require disassembly, for this you need to remove the cover and disconnect the unit from the modular terminal board

#4. Drainage system "weeping" devices

In units with a drip system inside the refrigerator compartment can also accumulate water. The main reason for this unpleasant phenomenon - clogging the drainage system. The design is intended for water drainage from the chamber and passes through the inside of the refrigerator body.

Another sign of blockage - the appearance of snow coat in the freezer. As the drainage begins in the compartment for food storage, in order to protect from falling into the tube of organic it must make a water seal.

The drainage system of the refrigerator

The "weeping" refrigeration units necessarily settling drainage system with water seal. When she gets clogged, the refrigerator owner begins the problems associated with the appearance of the water in the storage compartment

In practice, it looks like a small bend, which can linger all unnecessary pollution. To clean gidrozavora manufacturer offers special tools that are needed from time to time to release the opening of the accumulated dirt.

In this case the outflow of water is adjusted. If the drain is clogged, so cleaning does not help. Contamination will need to break through.

It should be done very carefully, because the proper drainage system is a tube made of thin-walled plastic. It is best to take a fishing line with a diameter of 1 mm and smooth oplavit its end.

The resulting makeshift rope lowered into the drain hole and clean the system. Then it is poured into half or two liters of warm cleaning solution and finally washed with pure water.

Device for cleaning the drainage

To clean a drain hole in a complete "weeping" models of refrigerators have corresponding device with tip diameter

#4. Fuser, timer and fan in devices No Frost

Refrigerators "frost free" structurally more complex than are those who mourn. Accordingly, the problem with them more. The main difference - the presence of blowing, drying excess moisture that prevents frost.

The most "weak" places such devices find master fan, Fuser and timer. Inspect the fan you need from the freezer. Depending on the refrigerator model element may be open or closed.

refrigerator fan

To get to a closed fan in the fridge with the "Antiiney" you must first remove the cover. Very often the cause of the problem becomes elementary dirt accumulated on the impeller

In the latter case, the assembly is covered with a lid with holes. For devices with electronic control units commonly used open. The timer in this case, electronic too.

This tandem of self can not be repaired, we need a master. For simpler models with a removable cover and an electromechanical timer repair is possible. First you need to carefully remove the cover.

Reaching the fan, it should carefully examine and attempt to rotate the impeller finger. If she does not give in or go tight, you need to disassemble the unit. To do this, find the mounting plug.

It should be on the axis of the device may be covered with a proprietary sticker. Under the stopper is a washer may be made of plastic or metal. First diluted and removed using conventional needles.

The steel is removed with pliers or special tools. Under this washer are several Teflon, which neatly removed and stored. Further, the impeller with the rotor is removed, cleaned and lubricated.

Master warning that the lubricant to choose correctly. Use only low-temperature formulations, or they zagusteyut. Then hold back assembly and performance testing. Perhaps the problem is solved.

Problems with the seal

Often the problems start with a refrigerator with the seal deformation. If the user has noticed that the rubber gasket is attached loosely, you need to immediately acquire the repair kit and put it on the replacement of wear

If not, it remains to check the fan operation. To do this, the unit is opened from behind, then you need to access a device through which the fan is switched on. This can be either the network or a low-voltage filter.

To test the fan connected to the filter terminals regular narrow and wide on the supplied mains voltage. If the impeller does not start spinning, the problem may be in the filter.

To see this, take off the same filter with a fan compressor cooling and repeat the experiment.

Upon confirmation of damage replace the same filter. If all goes well worth checking Fuser termichku and start the timer. They are located in the evaporator.

First you need to remove the fuser from the connector and to ring his tester. Resistance should be zero. If not - change detail, it disposable. Pre-check the breakdown of the evaporator heater.

Then you need to put in place all the disassembled parts and close the Socket termichki jumper. This should be done only at the switched off from the network unit. Then, it is included. It should work on a short cycle, an abnormally. If this is true - the problem is termichke, it must be replaced.

refrigerator repair

Check contacts termichki need very quickly, otherwise you can bring down the timer settings. Put them back very hard. It is impossible to do it yourself

An important caveat. This verification should be a very short time, just 3-4 seconds, otherwise the timer will knock.

If the timer has not earned the most likely cause of the problem in it. Do not try to repair it, this is the power of experienced craftsmen. It will be easier to replace all the defective unit.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The reconstruction algorithm operating parameters of the refrigerator thermostat Stinol:

Video of compressor replacement procedure:

Roller-coaching wishing to repair the system "Antiiney" in the refrigerator Stinol:

Stinol refrigerators differ good quality and reliability. However, they also fail. If you have the desire and the skills, of course, you can try to "revive" the unit on its own. However, it should be understood that this event can not always end successfully.

Improper repairs can only aggravate the situation and then have to fork out for more complex repairs, or something very much would not like to purchase a new refrigerator.

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