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The history of one of the most popular indoor plants began in 1892, when Walter von Saint-Paul made the usual walk through the paintingThe county entrusted to him by the German government in East Africa

As a son of a prominent dendrologist, the commandant himself had a genuine interest in the unusual flora of an exotic region. The small, pubescent rosettes between the stones with dense oval leaves and violet single flowers attracted the attention of the baron.

Therefore, having collected small seeds of an unknown culture, he sent them home. The very next shoots were received the following year, the plant was described and named in honor of the discoverer.

Today, photos of Saint-Petersburg violets or Saintpaulias are easily recognizable by all lovers of indoor floriculture. It is difficult to imagine that the plant, first presented at the exhibition a little over a hundred years ago, was already recognized as the most popular in the USA in 1927, although by that time it was possible to count cultivars of violets on fingers.

Thanks to the tireless selection work, more than thirty thousand varieties of violets have been received, whose names and photos excite the imagination of the lovers of this culture.

Violet Blue Fog

Shining, light violet flowers Blue Fog selection K. Moreva has a star-shaped, sky-blue color and an amazing wavy edge, giving Saintpaulia lightness and freshness. Corollas are very large, densely double-lined. Petals are decorated with a wide white border. Socket standard size. The foliage is light green, egg-shaped with a wavy edge and a notch in the center of the leaf plate. Violet bloom The blue mist is massive, and the plant will become the center of any collection.

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Violet Frosty Cherry

Bright cherry flowers with a white border and the center of the corolla are striking in their bright color and size. Sorting Frosty Cherry, in the photo, can be considered one of the best in the author's collection of K. Moreva. The plant will be a great decoration on the windowsill and grower novice and connoisseur of culture. A rosette consisting of simple pointed leaves has standard sizes. Blossoming plentiful and long. On the aging of the flower can be found on the darkening petals.

Violet Lunar Lily white

Violet Lunar Lily white is one of the most extraordinary varieties offered to growers. Thanks to the snow-white color and arachnid form of the graceful flowers of Saintpaulia will not go unnoticed. Peduncles are strong, not prone to lodging. The compact rosette consists of oblong oval leaves of saturated green color.

Violet Duchess

In the photo the Duchess violet from S. Repkina. This variety of Saintpaulia is well-known to flower growers of the CIS countries, since, like other "offspring" of this breeder, it invariably pleases with beautiful flowering and docile disposition. The flowers of the Duchess violet are huge, semi- or terry, with a wavy patterned edge. Decorative flowers give spots plum shade in the center of the petals. The variety is distinguished by a powerful rosette and beautiful dark green foliage with noticeable veins, giving the leaf plates a quilted look.

Violet Duchess Lux, obtained from a close-looking parent plant, has noticeable differences. Moreover, both varieties have beautiful large flowers, pleasing with the number of petals and the shape. In the Duchess Lux the green fringed border is clearly distinguishable along the edge of the petals. The leaves of this species are lighter and have beautiful wavy edges.

Violet Blue Blood

The embodiment of pure blue color and elegance of form. Violet from the famous breeder E. Korshunova, bearing the name Blue Blood is worthy of the attention of all growers due to the huge semi-double colors of star-shaped. A photo of a barbed violet cannot convey the appearance of sparkling petals. And on a compact outlet consisting of green leaves, beaters with a blue drop in the center and a thin white border look even more luxurious.

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Violet YAN Minuet

Bright hats of simple or semi-double flowers, as pictured, violets YAN Minuet of Puminova selection bring their owners regularly and willingly. The corollas of flowers of this spectacular variety are painted in a light pink basic tone, while the edges are generously sprinkled with a thicker and more juicy shade. The edges are intricately corrugated, which gives the flowers an airy pompon shape. The socket is small, smooth green.

Violet Summer Twilight

In the photo violets Summer Twilight selection Konstantin Moreva. The variety pleases not only with large semi-double flowers with lilac-purple background color and white trimmed petals, but also motley foliage. Socket standard size, round, flat. Foliage somewhat concave, with a wavy edge.

Violet Bullfight

The violet presented in the photo Bullfight is the fruit of the selection work of E. Korshunova. Like many other varieties of the author, Bullfighting stands out in gigantic colors, reaching a diameter of 8 cm. The shape of the rims is terry or semi-double, star-shaped. Coloring - the main attraction! It is difficult to achieve such a rich, elegant shade of burgundy on the senpolias, but Korshunova succeeded! The leaves of this izambarsky violets, as in the photo, are light, pointed at the tips.

Violet Angelica

Violet Angelica Pugacheva selection - this volume terry flowers, painted in light pink color, bright green foliage and abundant bloom. And yet the main highlight of the variety is a double fringe of petals. Closer to the center of the corolla is a strip of lilac spray, and the corrugated edge has a pure white tint.

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Violet Amadeus

Another variety from S. Repkina violet Amadeus gives growers extremely large, velvety flowers. The corollas can be semi-and densely double, while the oblong expressive petals are decorated with a white border, contrasting with the red-crimson color of the flowers. Pointed, simple foliage forms a standard outlet. As the dissolution of the color of the petals becomes richer.

Violet Ice Rose

Pictured from baroque violet Iced Rose of S. S. Repkina is distinguished by the size and color of terry flowers resembling noble roses. On a white background of petals, raspberry-pink strokes of varying intensity look very impressive. The edge of the densely wavy petals is decorated with yellow-green fringe. The foliage is light green, with a wavy scalloped edge.

Violet Blue Dragon

Large violet Blue Dragon from P. Sorano selection during flowering gives growers large flowers of light blue shade. The corolla is star-shaped, with wavy petals with a lilac or crimson frill. For the Blue Dragon violet, a powerful, flat rosette of dark green foliage with a purple or violet shade on the back side is characteristic.

Violet Winter smiles

A graceful variety of violets Winter smiles belongs to the famous and oldest breeder of Russia B. Makuni. Compact plants generously endow a lover of this culture with semi-double or double flowers with a diameter of up to 5.5 cm. The color of the petals is complex and harmonious. Light pink background, which stands out crimson tint strokes. Fringed edge, reminiscent of frost sparkling at dawn, has a delicate yellow-green tone. When plants are kept in a hot room, the border is lighter to white. The flat robe of the Saintpaulia violet, as in the photo, consists of green rounded leaves, sometimes with an olive tinge. The edges of the foliage are serrated, the sheet plate is embossed, quilted.

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