The refrigerator stopped working

To properly respond, if the refrigerator has stopped working, you need to understand the causes of the malfunction. If you are attentive to external signs, you can quickly find a problem: for example, in the office there is no cold, and the light is on. What to do if the refrigerator does not work well, our article will tell.

Content of the material:

  • 1Typical malfunctions
    • 1.1The defrost does not work in the refrigerator
    • 1.2The refrigerator often turns on and works for a long time
    • 1.3The refrigerator compressor is constantly running
    • 1.4The refrigerator does not work after a power surge
    • 1.5Refrigerator after defrosting works without interruption
    • 1.6The refrigerator does not work after transportation

Typical malfunctions

Regardless of the brand, all refrigerators are susceptible to breakage. The reason can be as the wear of parts, wiring, and improper operation of equipment: overload, no defrost, improper installation.

Consider the problems most often reported by users.

The defrost does not work in the refrigerator

Automatic defrosting is included in refrigerators with the No Frost system. The motor is running for a while, the fan chases the cold. Then the compressor turns off, droplets of moisture that appear when the temperature rises, drain into the drain hole.

The refrigerator stopped working


Did you notice that water is accumulating in the bottom of the refrigerator? At the same time, a snow coat could form on the back wall. The signs indicate a fault in the No Frost defrost system. Check the following details:

  • evaporator heater;
  • a temperature sensor that sends data to the module;
  • thermoregulator.

The refrigerator stopped working

The reason may be in a motor that does not turn off for rest. Why there are problems with the defrost system:

  1. The matter is in the wrong transportation of equipment. Oil from the motor could get into the capillary, which led to a breakdown.
  2. An unclosed door can cause many problems: from the constant operation of the motor-compressor to the intention of snow on the walls. Therefore, make sure that the seal is closely aligned with the body.
  3. Hot and warm food on the shelves leads to the same effect as in the previous case. The cooling system, compensating for the temperature increase, works without stopping.
  4. The location of the equipment near the stoves and batteries is undesirable. There is an unbalance of temperatures.

The refrigerator stopped working

First, defrost the refrigerator for 10 hours or 24 hours. If the system does not resume automatic defrosting, call a specialist.

The refrigerator often turns on and works for a long time

Your refrigerator lasts a long time and has little rest, perhaps, it does not even turn off? What's the matter? Normally, the motor should be switched off every 15-20 minutes. When the room is hot and stuffy, the ventilation is not working well, the compressor can be switched off once per hour.

Why is the technology working and not turning off?

  1. The door seal has deteriorated, so there is no hermetic closure of the camera.
  2. The sealant could wear, tear or get dirty. If it can not be repaired, replace the rubber. This procedure does not take much time.
  3. The temperature sensor broke. Since the electronic module no longer receives a signal about the temperature in the chamber, it does not consider it necessary to turn off the cooling system.
  4. The capillary tube of the evaporator was jammed.
  5. Refrigerant leaked from the circuit. The amount of gas-freon is reduced, so the refrigerator works incessantly.
  6. On the mechanical control, the "Super Frost" mode is set. The compressor only operates at its maximum until you turn off the installation.
  7. The motor is running on wear. Its power is not enough for normal pressure, to raise the temperature.

The refrigerator stopped working

No less rare problem - the refrigerator starts to work and stalls. Usually this happens with new, modern models. The technique reacts to the voltage surges in the network. It turned out that the voltage is all right? Then a breakdown is likely:

  • In the winding of the motor there was a breakage or short circuit. The compressor overheats, as soon as it starts, after a couple of seconds again turns off. Slits may be heard. This starting relay disconnects the compressor for overload protection.
  • In case of failures in the main module, the intervals between operations may be different. Need diagnostics and replacement of the control module.
  • Defective starting relay. The refrigerator also works at small intervals, when you turn off, you hear a click. The replacement of a damaged relay will help.

The refrigerator stopped working

If you want to repair yourself, be careful. Pick up parts you need in strict accordance with the brand and model of the refrigerator. Otherwise, you will lose money and time in vain.

The refrigerator compressor is constantly running

When the motor is running without stopping, the cause is in the elevated temperature outside. As we wrote above, placement near batteries and stoves, poor ventilation lead to overheating of the refrigerator. Consequently, the compressor will work to reduce the temperature.

A dormant, poorly closed door has a similar effect. When the technician starts to work loud, it is necessary to check the motor mountings. Perhaps they are weakened and need to be tightened.

The refrigerator stopped working

If you notice that the compressor is hot, but the refrigerator does not work, it's in the windings. Inter-turn closure leads to the heating of the part. To check the winding, use a multimeter to ring.

Also, problems with the motor lead to the fact that the refrigerator hums, but does not work. Let the technique "rest" and defrost, then try to start again.

The refrigerator does not work after a power surge

Have you turned off the light, and then the refrigerator stopped working? In some brands, this is normal. The protection of the motor is activated, which is not allowed to start for 6-7 minutes after connection. If after the expiration of the time the technician does not work, such problems are likely:

  • as a result of a short circuit, the motor or its wiring burnt out;
  • The electronic board is particularly sensitive to voltage drops - perhaps it's a failure.

The refrigerator stopped working

It is also worth checking the wiring of the refrigerator, so it's best to contact a specialist.

If the refrigerator runs for several seconds (5-10) and turns off, the electronic board or the start relay is likely to be faulty. With these failures, it is also better to contact the master.

Refrigerator after defrosting works without interruption

In the case of continuous operation of the equipment after defrosting, the problem may be in the wrong mode. Maybe you accidentally set the regulator to full power or chose the "Super Frost" mode.

When defrosting the camera, never break the ice with sharp objects. This leads to damage to the separation walls and the leakage of refrigerant.

It happens that after defrosting the refrigerator stopped working. See if you plug the plug into the outlet. Possible causes of the problem:

  • Insulation of the network cable is broken.
  • The plug does not work or the plug is damaged.

The refrigerator stopped working

  • Problems with thermostat or temperature sensor.
  • Burned items on the control board.

Before you start defrosting the refrigerator, first turn off the cooling system and then pull the plug from the outlet.

The refrigerator does not work after transportation

If after moving your refrigerator noisily operates or does not turn on at all, probably the transportation was not done correctly.

It is recommended that the equipment be left standing after installation for at least 4 hours. What happens when an immediate connection is made? With prolonged use of the compressor, wear products are formed, during shaking they are mixed with oil. Therefore, if the connection is made immediately, the motor may jam.

Possible breakdowns:

  • Due to mechanical damage or depressurization, Freon leakage occurred.
  • The compressor broke down. One of its details came off during the transportation.

The refrigerator stopped working

To prevent this from happening, observe the rules of transportation of the refrigerator:

  1. Release the compartments from the shelves and drawers.
  2. Completely unfrozen, wash and dry both chambers.
  3. Secure the doors of the compartments with foam and tape.
  4. The main thing is to transport the refrigerator in a horizontal position.

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You have read the main problems of refrigerators. The one who is aware is armed, so, faced with a malfunction, you can make the right decisions.

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