Petunia sophistice lime bicolor - chameleon in your garden

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Petunia today has about 25 varieties, which differ in unusual colors, the shape of the bushand flower size. Superfashionable petunia sophisticated lime bicolor, surprising with an unusual game of color will leave few people indifferent. Its spherical bushes, studded with large flowers, look luxurious both in flowerbeds and in hanging flowerpots.

Characteristic of petunia lime bicolor

Petunia sophistica lime bicolor photo, which can be seen on this page, is a perennial plant, but most often grown as an annual. In the process of growth it forms a powerful spherical bush with a diameter of up to 30 cm and a height of up to 40 cm.

Its unique color of flowers is of particular value. From June to October, the bush is abundantly covered with two-tone yellow-pink funnel-shaped flowers with a size of up to 10 cm in diameter. Depending on weather conditions, the degree of illumination and age, petunia can change the hues and color saturation of colors.

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It shows excellent growth in well-lit flower beds. It can also withstand a slight shade. To the ground, the petunia of the sophisticated lime bicolor series is not demanding, it tolerates short rains, drought and light frosts. But with long dry weather requires additional irrigation.

Cultivation of petunia sophistry lime bicolor

For obtaining an adult plant in earlier periods it is recommended to grow petunia by seedling. This page presents a photo of petunia sophistice lime bicolor, which is grown by a similar method.

Sowing seed for seedlings can begin as early as January. At the same time, sowing is done superficially, not sprinkling them on top of the ground.

For early germination, it is recommended to water the growth stimulant. Capacities are covered with glass or film to create the necessary microclimate. Usually, the first shoots appear after 2-3 weeks at a growing temperature of 18-20ºС.

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The pickling of seedlings is made after the appearance of 2-3 real leaves in 3 x 3 cassettes. At this stage of growing petunia, sophistication lime bicolor requires additional lighting and power. Reflecting surfaces( mirror, foil) can be used as light sources, but as practice shows, the plant shows the best growth results when the lights are made with LED lamps. As for additional nutrition, it is better to produce top dressing with liquid complex fertilizers every 10-12 days.

Watering seedlings during this period should be moderate. It is impossible to allow the soil to dry out, but it is also not recommended to make it too wet.

Plants are ready to be planted in open ground after they reach the age of three months.

Petunia care

sophisticated series Young plants are planted in open ground only after the threat of frost has completely disappeared. When choosing a place to break a bed, preference should be given to well-lit places. As on too shaded areas, the bush begins to lengthen and loses its spherical shape. Petunias grow well on drained, sandy or loamy soils with neutral acidity.

In the process of growth, petunia needs constant fertilizing, since the abundance of flowering depends on this. It is possible to apply both complex fertilizers and a prepared solution of organic fertilizers to the soil. In addition to supplementary feeding, inter-row bushes should be periodically loosened, which will allow the roots to more easily get nutrients and moisture. To maintain a well-groomed flower beds with petunias, you must regularly remove dried flowers and leaves.

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Video: growing petunias seedlings 100% germination

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