How to wash membrane clothes in a washing machine

  • What is membrane tissue?
  • What products can be used to wash it?
  • Do you need special treatment after washing?
  • How to properly store these clothes

In general, it is not recommended to wash clothes from such fabric often. The ideal option is one time per season and then, following certain rules, otherwise you can easily deprive the clothes of all its properties. Therefore, how to wash the membrane clothes in a washing machine, we will tell as much detail as possible.

What is membrane tissue?

This is a fabric that does not let moisture in from the outside at all, but remarkably removes the evaporation of the body to the outside. That is, it is as warm and dry in it as in a warm jacket, on which a oilcloth raincoat is dressed on top, but at the same time, your back does not become wet and there is no risk that the slightest breeze will instantly “stretch” you.

And such an effect comes out because the fabric itself is very warm and breathable, but on top of it is covered with a very thin film, which is not solid, but perforated with microscopic holes. And the moisture can not get inside, they are too small. Therefore, it simply flows down, falling on this coating. But the steam from the body comes out great, it is enough of the existing, invisible to the eye, holes.

Membrane tissue come in three subspecies. What is their difference? Yes in thickness. And the properties of all of them are the same and the rules for washing affect any of them. Now, almost all sportswear for winter sports is made of this material. Also, overalls for fishermen, tourists and hunters. It is, indeed, very comfortable and functional. But, but. .. This pleasure is not cheap. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of it, and first of all - properly wash and store.

What products can be used to wash it?

More than anything, membrane tissue is afraid of bleach. It corrodes the film itself, making its pores wider. And from this completely lost water-repellent effect. And as you probably know, bleach is found in almost all washing powders. Let in a small amount, but still, it is. This means that the first thing we exclude from the means by which such a thing can be washed is powders. In addition, they, in addition to bleach, may contain more aggressive substances.

How to wash membrane jackets, for example, written on the labels themselves, attached to clothing. If there are none( and everything can be, if you bought a jacket in the same second-hand), then just read our tips on how to erase the membrane. On sale there are special detergents for such clothes. But, since they are very expensive, many people replace their use with cheaper counterparts. For example:

  • Laundry soap
  • Children's washing gel

These two products are very gentle and do not contain anything that can damage the film membrane. Naturally, if we say - laundry soap, then we mean - the simplest, simplest, brown soap, and not all kinds of "Anti-shells" and other means with additives.

But how to apply laundry soap in a washing machine? Very simple. You need to make it a liquid tool. Rub the third bar on a grater and dilute with warm water. Now calmly pour this substance into the compartment of the washing machine. Yes, for a long time. Yes, it does not smell very much. But - cheap and absolutely safe for such a fabric. And washes well, by the way!

What is the optimum water temperature for membrane clothing? The most optimal temperature at which you can wash such a thing - 40C.If you do less, it does not work out very well. Do more - spoil. And, as you probably understood, such things should never be boiled and ironed with a hot iron. If you can’t do without ironing, you only need to iron through the fabric, and only at the lowest temperature.

Do you need special treatment after washing?

For membrane tissues on sale there are special tools. But they are not a panacea either, by and large. And, if you think that you can wash it in any way and with any kind of aggressive means, and then sprinkle with a “magic spray” and the fabric will become like a new one, then you are mistaken.

These sprays are good for old fabrics, when you already see that there is wear and that clothing loses its properties. She, by the way, is not eternal. And she grabs her for several years, and then, the film gradually collapses and your sports membrane jacket turns into a completely normal one.

How to properly store these clothes

To extend the life of such a useful thing, you need to keep it right. From the main recommendations:

  1. Do not store in damp rooms and do not store next to substances that smell very strong.
  2. This fabric tends to absorb odors, and as you already know, it is often not worth washing it.

In general, how to wash membrane clothes you already know and we hope that our advice will benefit you!

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