How to wash the shoes in the washing machine machine

  • What kind of shoes can be washed in an
  • machine Recommendations on how to prepare
  • In what mode and what means to wash sneakers
  • How to remove stains if the machine did not cope
  • How to dry the shoes

In general, the question “can I wash the sneakers in a washing machine?", Can occur only among those who bought the machine recently. And those who have it for a long time, knows for sure that it is possible and necessary to wash!

Washing cloth shoes in a washing machine - it is very convenient! And the quality of washing is much higher than with hand.

But, the newcomer is still scary. Still, shoes and there is a risk that it is deformed or unstuck. Therefore, in this article we will describe in detail the process and give you a maximum of useful recommendations on how to wash the sneakers in a washing machine.

What footwear can be washed in the machine

Any rag footwear, qualitatively made and stitched. If you see that the sole is glued anyhow, as there are already tears, then it is better not to put such sneakers into the washing machine.

Also, you should not wash cloth shoes with rhinestones, sequins and other embroidery, suggesting small details.

If the shoe has glued parts on the shoe, do not wash it. The glue cannot stand a long soak, and they will simply be spoiled.

In no case do not wash the suede and the skin in the washing machine. Just one wash and everything, write letters to your shoes. The skin will shrink, stiffen, and will no longer be restored.

Even if the sneakers are completely rag, but they have leather inserts, they are deformed. Do not risk and wash manually.

It is strictly impossible to wash shoes with inserts or inside which is artificial fur. He will simply come out, and the remnants will get lost.

We think you shouldn’t say that shoes with natural fur do not wash the machine in a washing machine.

Recommendations for the preparation of

So that the sneakers are well washed, they must be properly prepared. If you do not follow these recommendations, then there will be dirty spots.

Moreover, the wrong bookmark in the car can harm her. To the extent that there is an imbalance of the drum.

So, what should be done before the bookmark?

  • Pull the insoles
  • Pull the laces and put them in any light pouch, and you can also wear a regular sock.
  • Wash the sneakers with a brush from pieces of sticky ground.
  • Remove the burrs and other spikes, if any

. After these steps, put them in the machine. But just to quit and turn on the wash will not work. Sneakers need to be put in a laundry bag, along with all the parts removed. If there is no bag, then an ordinary pillowcase will perfectly replace it.

If you don’t put your shoes in the bag, it will hit the drum too hard and the machine will fail.

But that's not all! Wash one bag in an empty drum - it is impossible. Be sure to put more stuff. This is necessary in order to wash quality came out, due to the friction of matter between them. That is, if you put one bag, it will only be soaked and dangling in the washing machine, and, in fact, the washing will not work.

Things choose those that do not shed. Especially avoid black socks. It happens that one black sock, accidentally caught in a white wash, spoils all things and colors them in a dirty gray color.

In what mode and with what means to erase sneakers

This is also the most important point. Water should be no higher than 30 degrees, that is, it is a mode of washing in cold water. Spin is allowed, because, in addition to the shoe there are other things, due to them the deformation will not happen.

Also, the mode should be short, without soaking, no more than half an hour.

What about the funds, it can be washed and powder and gel. If you choose a powder, you should not do an overdose, otherwise, white stains will remain on the shoes.

How to remove stains, if the machine did not cope

In general, initially, if you see spots on the shoes, then you need to remove them first, and then wash them in the washing machine.

It is best to use for this store-based stain remover, since folk remedies, as a rule, act very weakly.

But, if you want to save money, we can advise you the following remedies:

  • Stains from the grass are removed using ammonia and simple, laundry soap. In a glass of water dissolve a tablespoon of alcohol, this mixture process stains. And then, on top, rub with soap and rinse.
  • If there is a stain on engine oil, then the usual dishware can handle it. Apply it on the stain, and let stand about a day. Then you can wash the shoes in the washing machine.
  • Paint stains are removed with acetone or white spirit. Apply the product on a cotton pad and wipe the contaminated area.

How to dry shoes

Sneakers are very convenient to dry, hanging them directly from the laces on the clothesline. They are easy and nothing will happen to them from such a method.

You can not dry them on the battery or near the stove, as this will harm the sole. It cracks and, accordingly, will then burst.

Well, actually, and all wisdom. We very much hope that our recommendations will benefit you, and you will no longer be puzzled by the question: “Is it possible to wash the sneakers in a washing machine?”, But just take them and wash them!

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