How to keep roses in a vase for a long time?

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Having received a beautiful bouquet, you always want him to stand for at least several days. In order for the roses to stand in a vase for a long time, they and the water must be properly prepared:

  • can’t immediately bring a bouquet from the cold into a warm room or from the heat in an air-conditioned room. A sharp temperature drop will adversely affect the colors, so they should be left for some time in a cold( in winter) or warm( in summer) room for adaptation, and only after that bring them into the room in which they will stand;
  • before putting flowers in a vase, you need to cut off or cut off the lower leaves so that they do not touch the water. Ideally, the stem should be immersed in a liquid at 2/3 of its height;
  • also need to trim the tips of the stems, and diagonally( 2-3 cm) and preferably in water, so that air does not get inside the stem. Additionally, you can split the tips. An oblique cut will allow the rose to continuously receive moisture, and splitting into several fibers will increase its volume;
  • water is better to choose separated. In the warm season, it should be cool, and in the cold - at room temperature. To prevent fermentation and decay in the water for a long time, add aspirin, borax, vodka or alum;
  • to extend the freshness of cut flowers will help nutrients added to the water. As such, you can use sugar( 20-30 g) and vinegar( 1 tablespoon l.) Per 1 liter of liquid.
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In order to keep the roses in a vase for longer, you should ensure a certain temperature regime of the surrounding space, namely, coolness, but without drafts. Cut roses like cool air, but do not tolerate the direct rays of the sun.

Additional measures

You can extend the term of admiring a pink bouquet by performing daily procedures. So, water in a vase or other container in which flowers stand should be changed daily, carefully washing the tips of the stems under running water. After that, the bouquet should be actively but neatly sprayed, trying to moisten only the outer petals, without affecting the core of the bud. The water in the vase, of course, need to pour the separated, with the addition of the necessary nutrients and bactericides.

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In addition, the roses should be rearranged at night in a cool place. If they began to wither, you can carry out such a procedure - immerse flowers in cold water at a temperature of 7-12 ° C( buds should be above water level), leave overnight, shorten the stems in the morning and put the bouquet in fresh water with the addition of ammonia( 2hl.).This will allow for some time to keep the roses in a vase.

Specialized preparations

In addition to traditional methods to prolong the life and freshness of cut flowers, today you can use chemical means. The trade sector offers an extensive range of specialized products that make it easy to solve the problem of how to keep roses in a vase. Such drugs include a mixture of "Fresh Flowers", "Bouquet", "Living Rose", "Chrysal".

Choosing roses

In order for the roses in the vase to stand for a long time, the flowers for the bouquet should be chosen correctly:

  • bouquet should be made at the time of purchase, and not to buy already ready;
  • roses for a bouquet should be chosen fresh, with clean petals, firm, “squeaking” to the touch bud. If the tips of the petals are with a dark stripe - the flowers are long standing and can quickly fade;
  • stem cut should be light - this is a sign that roses have been cut recently;
  • bud should keep straight on the stem. If it bends when the flower is held at the tip of the stem, the rose is not fresh;
  • is better to give preference to flowers on short, thick legs, thanks to which they can drink water better and, consequently, stand longer;
  • for a rosebud must necessarily have a “shirt” - extreme petals, as a rule, are coarser, more dense, somewhat dry and not as beautiful as the inner ones. If it is not there, most likely, several external petals have grafted and removed them to create a beautiful appearance;
  • is also a sign of fresh rose glossy, vibrant, vibrant foliage, located on upward-directed sprigs.
  • choosing roses for a bouquet, you should prefer pink and tea varieties, since black, scarlet and maroon are more capricious.

Choose the right roses, make fresh bouquets, take into account recommendations for their preservation in a vase - and these amazingly beautiful flowers will delight you for more than one week.

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