How to smoke fish in hot smoked smokehouse so that it is juicy?

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Knowing how to smoke fish in a hot-smoked smoker can be a good and healthy. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how much to keep the carcass, so that it is not raw and at the same time retains all its flavors. Therefore, you must follow the basic rules and advice, then the dish will turn out incredibly tasty and will be the best meal of a festive or dining table. To know how to smoke fish in a smokehouse, read the information below.

What is special about the procedure?

Hot smoking is a way to process fresh fish or other meats using smoke, which results from the slow smoldering of sawdust. Cooking a carcass at home has many advantages. The main and, perhaps, the main thing is that the fish does not oxidize, as it happens when it is processed in factories.

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In order for hot smoked fish to be not only beautiful, but also fragrant, you need to know which wood is better to use. The best option is alder and juniper. Only with the help of such wood you can achieve maximum taste. If the necessary firewood is not available, then it is recommended to use other trees, but only from the fruit group.

Do not use conifer branches. This is due to the fact that they contain a large amount of resin, which is able to settle on the fish.

In order to diversify the aroma of smoked meat, you can add spices such as:

  • cloves;
  • Coriander;
  • allspice;
  • bay leaf.
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Many gourmets in order to make their dish unusual, they put a mixture of green garlic, onion, dill and parsley in their heads and belly.

How to smoke fish in a hot-smoked smoker in a fast way

The carcass prepared in this way is a real delicacy for many. But not everyone knows which fish is better for smoking in the smokehouse to choose so that it is not dry. To achieve the desired result, you should buy fatty species of sea and river individuals. A good option would be salmon, salmon, mackerel, tench, perch, carp.


  • fish - three pieces;
  • salt to taste;
  • capacity for salting.

Stages of cooking river fish:

  1. Before you prepare a dish, you must choose a method of smoking. Some prefer to gut fish, while others leave it with entrails. In both cases, the meat will be tasty and fragrant. The only difference is the presence of a slight bitterness in the abdomen, which many people love. Therefore, in order to please all your guests, it is better to lay a gutted and unpeeled fish in the smokehouse.
  2. The next step is salting the carcass. If a lot of fish, then it will need to sort by size. Marinating time depends on the weight of the main product. A large fish should be kept in salt for about 2.5 hours, an average one - 2 hours, and a small one - 1.5.Observe these indicators is mandatory. After all, the duration of salting affects the final result. Meat is considered ready when a brine appears on the bottom of the container.
  3. After salting, wash the carcass well in running water. In this case, the liquid must be cold. Then dry the fish thoroughly with a paper towel and hang it to evaporate water in a natural way.
  4. As soon as the skin color begins to change, you can begin to rub it with sunflower oil. Also need to lubricate and grille.
  5. Fish should be laid out at short intervals from each other. It should not be in contact with each other. It is very important. After the carcass is prepared, you can proceed to the very procedure of smoking.

When salting fish, no weights should be used.

The smoking time of a fish in a hot-smoked smokehouse depends on the size of the carcass. For an average fish, 40 minutes is enough; you need to keep a large one for about 50 minutes. At the same time, the air temperature in the smokehouse should be within 70 ° C.

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A delicious recipe for smoked mackerel

This method is the most popular among fans. The meat of the carcass prepared according to this recipe will simply melt in your mouth. If you do everything according to the instructions, then you can be sure that the dish will appeal even to those who do not like the smell and taste of fish.

Food preparation products:

  • 3 medium mackerel;
  • salt( fine);
  • ground pepper.

For smoking it is possible to use both fresh and frozen mackerel. Bought fish put in the fridge, in order for it to melt naturally. Then rinse the meat with water and dry up a little.

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Put the carcass in a deep bowl, season with salt and season with ground pepper. This should be done before sending the fish to the smokehouse.

Put three small handfuls of wet sawdust into the machine. It is best to take from hardwood trees. Place fish on the rack and close the container with a lid. The device is placed on the fire of medium strength. Keep in this state for about 10 minutes.

The structure and taste of meat depends on how much smoked fish will smoke in the smokehouse.

To avoid the appearance of bitterness, after the specified time it will be necessary to raise the shutter. After the first smoke is released, return the cover to its original position and continue to smoke for another 20 minutes.

Fish readiness can be determined by the color of smoke. If light tubers come out of the device, this is a sign of evaporation of the liquid, yellowish indicates burning of the fish, and dry with a rich aroma indicates the finished product.

Mackerel tasting should be started after it has cooled slightly. In order for the meat to become denser, it will take about 10 minutes. Before serving, it is recommended to decorate the dish with thin slices of fresh lemon and green leaves.

As can be seen from the recipes described, it is easy to cook hot smoked fish in a smokehouse. If you follow all the rules of this procedure, then this activity will appeal to all family members, and the meat of the carcass will win the hearts of those present.

Video-recipe cooking hot smoked mackerel

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