Preservation of sweet cherries in their own juice

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A rich sweet cherry harvest is requested in jars. In addition to canning jam, compote, jam, sweet cherries in their own juice for the winter will be a great variety in this list. For such a preparation, sweet cherries need to be scrupulously picked, so that there are no rotten berries. Even one thing can ruin the whole piece. Only ripe and fresh fruits are suitable for storage in their own juice. Cherries are more dense in structure than cherries; when exposed to hot temperatures, they will not lose their shape. Therefore, it does not need to be kept in cold water for a short time before canning as a cherry.

Sweet cherry in its own juice, closed for the winter, is perfect as a filling for delicious cakes or pies. For this purpose, it is desirable to preserve the berries without sugar. White, pink, red varieties of cherries are taken for cooking, tamped up to the top in jars and sterilized in a saucepan for 10-15 minutes. Then sealed and sealed and sent to storage.

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White sweet cherry in its own juice with pits

The recipe for sweet cherries in its own juice for the winter white variety will need liter jars. About 700 grams of average sweet cherry will be used for one such container. Sugar also needs to be taken so that it takes up ¼ of the volume of container( approximately 200 grams).This recipe provides a procedure for sterilizing jars with cherries inside.


  1. Sterilize a liter glass container of your choice. One jar can be treated with hot steam using a kettle, but if you plan to close a large batch of fruit, then this procedure is best done in an oven or microwave.
  2. Pour an incomplete cup of sugar.
  3. Cherries wash, get rid of spoiled, remove foliage and stalk.
  4. Fill the jar to the top with berries. Pour boiling cherries with boiling clean water over the shoulders. It is not necessary to top up the neck; in the process of sterilization, a dedicated cherry juice will fill the empty space.
  5. At the bottom of the pan, put a clean towel, cover with water and warm it slightly. Put the jars of cherries in the pan so that the warm water reaches the shoulders. Start sterilization, lasting 30 minutes.
  6. Gently pull the provisions out of the pan with the nippers, screw tightly with the caps, turn them over and wrap them before cooling. The next day, give the usual position and put in the pantry.

If, after sterilizing the cans with cherries, they didn’t drink enough juice, and there was nothing left to the brim, it should be filled with boiling water. Only after that, can be sealed with lids.

Cherry pink, black varieties in their own juice with sterilization

Preparations of cherries for the winter, the recipes are not particularly diverse, but, nevertheless, require adherence to a certain order when canning. The preparation will need 700 grams of medium-sized sweet cherries, which should fit in a liter jar or two half-liter.100 grams of sugar will make the billet not sweet enough, which will further allow the use of berries for baking. To the syrup will go 0.5 liters of water.

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from watermelon peels Preparation:

  1. Remove berries from debris, tails and wash.
  2. Fill a clean, sterile jar with cherries. Cover with sugar.
  3. Boil water and pour it into the jar.
  4. Send a jar for a 10-minute sterilization procedure.
  5. Seal tightly tin lids. Turn over for a day. Cool down provisions in the pantry.

The bottom of the pan before sterilization must always be coated with a thin cloth to avoid cracking the glass container under the influence of hot temperature.

Sweet cherry in its own juice without sterilization

Sweet cherry in its own juice for the winter without sterilization provides for storing it without stones. The recipe will need 2 cups of cherries and 1 cup of sugar. Safety will provide 1 tsp of citric acid. The fruits of such provisions in the winter can be eaten without worrying about the bones.

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  1. Remove the tails, foliage, and rinse the picked berries. Place in a colander and let all the water drain.
  2. Remove bones and send in clean, pre-sterilized jars.
  3. Fill with sugar and citric acid. Pour boiling water ingredients. It is necessary to pour carefully, thin stream, so that the glassware does not crack.
  4. After the bay, immediately clogged tightly tin lid. Wrap, turn not necessary.

Too concentrated juice from berries requires dilution with boiled water according to the proportions corresponding to your taste.

Classic sweet cherry recipes can be varied by adding other berries or fruits. You can also add various spices to saturate the taste with certain notes. Delicious berry blanks you!

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