How to make a multi-tiered flower bed with your own hands?

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tires. Every gardener wants to create something special and unique on his plot. A good solution would be the construction of a multi-tiered flower bed with properly selected plants. This is an original and at the same time very simple structure, which is a multi-level flower garden, made of scrap materials.

Such a bed looks very elegant and original, it can embody the personality of the creator. This fact can be confirmed by multiple photos of multi-tiered flower beds made by hand.

Successfully picking up plants for each level, all summer you can admire bright flowers and inhale their divine scent. In addition, for the construction of such a masterpiece does not require a lot of space and high material costs.

In order for a multilevel flowerbed not to look shrill and tasteless, you must carefully consider the entire structure and design before deciding on its creation. They must perfectly fit into the overall landscape ensemble.

What can I do with multi-tiered flowerbeds?

For such an element of landscape design as a multi-tiered flowerbed in the country, you can use any available material( bottles, old furniture, bricks, wood, car tires, etc.) or buy special designs in the store. We describe several options for the construction of flower beds from scrap materials.

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Many-Tier Bed of Stone

If you have stones left over from the construction site, then this material is perfect for decorating a flower bed. And it doesn’t matter what shape and size the cobblestones will be, because stones and green spaces will always look appropriate in any landscape.

From stones you can build a flower bed in the form of a ladder, by attaching it to the wall of a house or by erecting a separate structure. Such a flower bed is durable and does not require special care. In the bottom of the prepared compartments, you must pour rubble, sand or ordinary construction waste. This material will serve as a drainage so that the roots of the plants do not suffer from excess moisture. Top poured the mixture of black soil with mineral and organic fertilizers, soil thoroughly tamped and planted flowers.

Many-tier beds from wooden boxes

Many-tier beds can be made from wood with your own hands. For this fit boards, old boxes, pallets or bars. The shape of the flower garden can be given almost any: square, rhombus, triangle, polyhedron. In general, the flight of fantasy in this matter is not limited.

For the construction of such an ensemble, it is necessary to knock down 3-5 boxes, which will differ in size. For durability, it is desirable to paint the wood or treat it with a special protective compound for wood.

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Old tires - a great material for country gardening.

Another popular among summer residents is the material for flower gardens - these are old automobile tires. From this material, you can quickly create a multi-tiered beautiful design.

Rubber can be easily dyed to the desired color. And you can put the tires on each other in minutes. If you try and find tires of different diameters, you can make a beautiful cascade structure in which, apart from flowers, you can plant garden strawberries and strawberries.

We fill the void inside the tires with soil with fertilizer, compact it and plant the selected plants.

If you make some efforts, you can make a beautiful garden flowerpot from a car tire, which can be easily decorated with ampelous plants.

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How to choose the right plants?

If the solution for making multi-tiered flower beds is final and irrevocable, then you need to carefully consider and select garden plants that would complement each other.

  1. When choosing colors, you can go two ways: choose contrasting colors or stick to one tone.
  2. In order for the flowerbed to look beautiful, it is necessary to choose for it a suitable solid background( green lawn, brick wall or hedge);
  3. It is extremely important to consider the size of the inflorescences. The ideal option would be when from the lower tier to the upper inflorescence will decrease( on one tier flowers of the same size).
  4. In order for the bed to boil all summer, it is necessary to pick flowers that bloom for a long time and very richly. It is desirable that all tiers of a multi-storey flower bed bloom at the same time.
  5. When planting plants, it is necessary to adhere to the following principle: the lower the tier, the more moisture-loving the plants need to be planted. At the very top should be the most unpretentious flowers to watering, becauseall moisture after watering will flow from top to bottom.

Whatever flower bed you create, the main thing is to take care of the planted plants, because they are the main decoration of any country ensemble.

Video of original beds of tires

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