How to wash clothes from velor

  • Rules for washing velor
  • How to wash velor in a typewriter?
  • How to clean the outerwear and velor upholstery?
  • Useful recommendations

Bought a beautiful thing from velor and want to keep it in excellent condition for as long as possible, but do not know how to do it? Not only you are faced with this task. After all, velor is a beautiful and exquisite fabric, but it requires a careful attitude. Any deviation from the rules of washing and ironing leads to a spoiled appearance of clothing.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with information on how to wash velor correctly. Adhering to the advice, you will put on clothes and give the impression that only yesterday you purchased it.

Rules for washing velor

The peculiarity of the fabric is in the villi, which create a refined appearance. Therefore, care for velor should be organized so that these villi remain the same as they were when buying. They can crush, change direction, etc. Carefully and correctly refers to such products is difficult, but it is real. First of all, remember a few basic rules:

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  • Be sure to read the label. Manufacturers always provide information on how to care for a particular thing.
  • Regardless of whether the washing is done manually or in a washing machine, the water temperature should not be high. The best option is 30 degrees.
  • You can not twist the product. In the best case - slightly squeeze. But if possible, just let it flow.
  • In no case can you use bleach and laundry detergents that contain them.
  • Cleaning agent should be designed for delicate items. Excellent powder for the care of children's things. As well as liquid products.
  • Wash things without soaking, after lowering into the water, immediately begin the process.
  • If you are washing by hand, thoroughly rinse the item. There should be no soap stains on it. This is best done under running water.

Compliance with these rules will bring you great benefits.

How to wash velor in a typewriter?

It is possible to use a washing machine for the care of clothes made from whimsical material. But before you start this business, you need to know exactly how to wash the velor in a washing machine. Follow the following algorithm:

  1. Turn the item inside out. This way you can protect the villi from damage. If there are locks, fasten them.
  2. If there are stains, lock them. How to do this is described below.
  3. Select delicate mode.
  4. Set the desired water temperature. As already mentioned, it should not be more than 30 degrees.
  5. Put the minimum speed( maximum - 600) and turn off the spin mode, or put the smallest amount that your equipment allows.

Naturally, the question arises, is it possible to wash velor in a washing machine with other products? Yes, because one dress or other item of clothing is not enough to start the typewriter. Together with the velor thing, load items from other fabrics that also require careful care.

How to clean the outerwear and velor upholstery?

Velvet( velor) at the time of its appearance was available only to the higher strata of society. But production technologies have changed, and there is a tendency to use it for various purposes. Including - for furniture upholstery. Such interior items look expensive and impressive. And to prolong this effect, you need to ensure the right care.

The main key to success is to vacuum regularly. For this we recommend using a special nozzle. Pay special attention to joints and seams. There usually accumulates the maximum amount of dust and dirt.

If you want to return to the former shape of the villi that have got stuck, use steam. Hold the section to be put in order, hold it over the steam for 3-4 minutes.

Care solutions for the top things are the same. The exception is outerwear and jackets from drape velor. It is very difficult to clean them yourself. It is better to entrust this business to a professional.

Useful recommendations

Sometimes stains form on clothes that make you not want to wash the whole thing. With products from velor need to do the following. Prepare a weak soap solution, preferably from soap, designed to care for children's things. Using it and a soft brush, remove the stain. If the thing needs to be put on urgently, you can use a hairdryer for drying. But do not hold it too close to the fabric.

In order to ensure the most correct care, it is necessary not only to wash it properly, but also to dry it accordingly. The main recommendations for drying velor things:

  • to place away from heating appliances;
  • is preferably positioned in a horizontal position;
  • is another optimal option - hang on hangers in a ventilated room;
  • not to allow hit of sunshine, burning out is possible;
  • use steam ironing;
  • use iron is permissible in rare cases, with clothing better to turn inside out.

As you can see from the above, by adding a little effort, you can save velor clothes for a long time. Use the tips, and you will succeed.

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