Harm of the multicooker for human health: myth or reality?

  • What is harmful to the health of the multicooker?
  • Is it possible to use a slow cooker - benefit and harm in reality?
  • Is it possible to cook food in multicookers without health concerns?
  • Conclusion about the benefits and dangers of multicookers

Universal multicookers have long been turned into invaluable helpers in the kitchen. The food they get juicy, fragrant and tasty without unnecessary trouble. Just a few clicks on buttons and even complex dishes will cook by themselves. Even avid housewives, who love to delight their households with culinary delights, have acquired such a useful device.

However, not everyone is so rosy. A lot of people are skeptical. They wonder how much food cooked in a slow cooker is good for humans. Is there any real harm from the multicooker, or is it nothing more than speculation?

What is harmful to the health multicooker?

Such kitchen appliances have become very popular. Manufacturers offer many models that differ in functions and characteristics. As in the case of any household appliances, experts conduct comprehensive studies, trying to study the effects on human health.

What are the possible dangers in question?

The internal container where food is placed has a special Teflon coating. No need to explain why it is - to cook without burning. This material has been actively advertised and used for a long time. The problem is that when it is very hot, it releases harmful substances that can potentially lead to the development of cancer. If on a conventional stove the pan heats up to + 100. .. + 150 ° C, then the temperature inside the multicooker can reach + 400 ° C due to tightness.

At such a high temperature, PFOA( perfluorooctanoic acid), which is part of Teflon, begins to precipitate.

A few negative factors complete the picture:

  • up to the beginning of the 2000s.the exact composition of the Teflon coating remained unknown;
  • in animals showed an increased risk of developing cancer in the laboratory;
  • accounting statements state that the majority of people in developed countries have blood traces of PFOA in their blood;
  • large plants were fined more than once, as they found elevated concentrations of PFOA in water in their district.

If we sum up the above, then there really is reason to think about the benefits of cooking. If a person's concentration of perfluorooctanoic acid is exceeded, then there are risks of developing cancer. Especially if this continues for over 4-5 years.

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Can a multicooker be used - is it really good and harm?

All information about the dangers of multicookers was obtained as a result of extensive research by scientists from different countries. If this fact becomes known, then measures are immediately taken to eliminate the problem. Manufacturers are often subject to heavy fines if they do not comply with the requirements. In this regard, they try to make cooking not only as comfortable as possible, but also safe for humans.

Technologies continue to improve, so it is really possible to cook quickly and usefully. Special attention is paid to both the process itself and the materials from which multicookers are made.(See also: Microwave: harm or benefit, expert opinion)

To reduce the damage to human health, a number of steps have been taken:

  • reduced the maximum temperature inside the chamber with food;
  • eliminates harmful chemical additives;
  • increases the stability of the polymer composition of Teflon.

Moreover, the work in this direction is not completed, therefore, with each new model, the state of the Teflon coating improves. New models of multi-cookers can perfectly maintain not only the temperature, but also the pressure inside. Large companies care about their reputation, so they do not need claims from consumers or environmental organizations.

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Is it possible to cook food in a multicooker without health concerns?

From a technological point of view, household appliances are becoming more sophisticated. Electromagnetic radiation becomes less, induction heating affects only the surface layer. Most of the questions presented to the Teflon coating. Manufacturers were able to slow down the process of decay into components.

How dangerous is a Teflon-based non-stick coating?

Specialists who study the properties of various materials declare that degradation does not begin earlier than after 5 years. This fully applies to Teflon, used in the manufacture of kitchen utensils and various household appliances.

One of the complaints of housewives is that the coating layer is quite easily damaged. Moreover, if you actively prepare and often wash after 2 years, there is no trace of it left. And this is no accident.

It would seem that a thicker and more durable polymer layer can be fully applied. But manufacturers do not do this in order to reduce possible harm. A large amount of Teflon when exposed to high temperature would inevitably lead to the release of PFTOR in food. But this does not happen, and the other side is the requirements of Teflon coating for care.

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Conclusion about the benefits and dangers of multicookers

Manufacturers are working to reduce the concentration of harmful substances, and this gives its results. Of course, if you use low-budget models from cheap plastic, poor-quality ceramics and stainless steel with nickel content, then there is a health hazard.

Proven models of leading brands are made with all environmental requirements in mind, so the multicooker saves nutrients and does not poison food with perfluorooctane acid, nickel or other harmful substances.

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