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Salting fish in an industrial environment occurs quickly: with the help of injectors, the meat is pumped up with a solution of salt, preparations for bright color and moisture retention. Since the taste and usefulness of such a product is doubtful, the question arises how to pickle the trout yourself. Here are 8 recipes for cooking at home delicate, moderately salty delicacies - trout fillet and caviar.

How to chop trout for salting

It is difficult to get live trout, so in most cases you have to be content with frozen or chilled fish. The last option is better: for such a carcass is easier to determine how fresh it is. The fish was stored for a long time if it has dull eyes, sticky scales, and there are dents on the fillet after pressing. Do not buy trout with bright red meat. In fish grown in their natural environment without feeding with tinted feed, the color of the carcass is light pink.

Tricks of the sellers who want to increase the weight of the trout and give it a marketable appearance are indicated by too shiny scales, a liquid that flows when pressed. For salting suitable fish without a pronounced smell. It should have bright clean gills, moist skin without damage, and an elastic fillet with white veins.

Before salting the trout, you need to carve it:

  1. Place the fish on a cutting board and, moving from tail to head, clean the scales from both sides. The most convenient way to do this is with a large kitchen knife.
  2. Carefully, in order not to accidentally pierce the gallbladder with a knife, cut the belly. Use your fingers to remove the guts. Together with them, remove blood clots and film from the cavity - they give bitterness.
  3. If there is caviar, put it in a separate bowl. Clean and rinse the fish thoroughly with cold water.
  4. Very sharp knife, cut off the head and tail, remove the fins.
  5. Walk the knife along the chord. Having grasped the skin near the head section, lightly pull it towards the tail to remove it. Do the same with the other side.
  6. Remove the fillet from the ridge. Remove bones with tweezers.

To keep the meat elastic, the trout should be cleaned without strong pressure. If the bile is still spilled, as soon as possible, rinse the internal cavity with water, process it with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, and then rinse again.

Recipe for wet salting trout at home

Any fish can be salted dry or wet. In the first case, use of pickling mixture, in the second - tozluk. Thanks to the brine, the trout meat is juicy, tender and spicy. For the preparation of brine for each liter of water take 90 g of salt, 25 g of sugar and 15 ml of vinegar. From the spices you can take bay leaf, coriander and allspice peas.

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Step-by-step recipe, how to pickle trout in brine:

  1. Boil water. Add to it salt, sugar, seasonings.
  2. When salt and sugar dissolve, add vinegar and turn off the stove.
  3. Leave the brine to cool for a couple of hours.
  4. Cut the fish in equal portions.
  5. Place the fillet in the pan or tray.
  6. Strain the cooled brine, strain, and then fill them with fish.
  7. Tray cover and refrigerate. In two days the fish will be ready.

Salting trout at home is quickly done in the same way, but for every kilo of fillet they take a liter of water and 4 tablespoons of salt and sugar. Flooded with a fish do not put fish in the refrigerator. It should stand at room temperature for two hours, after which it can be eaten.

Express Recipe for Spicy Trout

To pickle a kilogram of fish, you will need 90 g of salt, 750 ml of water, 50 ml of vegetable oil, 15 ml of acetic essence, 3 bay leaves, onion, 8 black peppercorns.

Preparation process:

  1. In half a liter of cold water salt is diluted.
  2. Fillet, cut into small slices, put in a tray and pour saline.
  3. The fish is left standing on the table. After 2 hours, the solution is drained.
  4. A glass of water with vinegar is added to the fish.
  5. After 5 minutes, the trout are thrown back in a colander.
  6. Pepper, Lavrushka, and vegetable oil are added to salted fish. Everything is mixed.
  7. After 15 minutes, the trout is ready to eat.
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How to tasty salted trout at home in the dry way

Before salting, remove the skin from fish and remove the bones is not necessary. It is enough just to make an incision on the back along the ridge. Mix two parts of salt and one part of sugar, white pepper and a few crushed laurel leaves. Rub the fish inside and out with the mixture. Be sure to season the “pocket” at the ridge. Wrap sprinkled fish in a towel and tie it with a string. Wrap the paper over the top. Put the trout in the fridge. For the next three to four days, turn the fish several times from side to side. Change wet paper to dry as needed. When the fish is salted, remove the skin and bones, the remnants of the mixture. Smear the fillets with sunflower oil.

Recipe how to pickle trout at home in Finnish

Cooking fish:

  1. Put the pieces of prepared fish( 1 kg) in the tray, skin side down.
  2. Sprinkle the slices with a mixture of salt( 60 g) and sugar( 25 g) on ​​top.
  3. Transfer the fish with dill sprigs. Liberally sprinkle the trout with brandy or vodka.
  4. Cover the tray with cling film and leave it on the table.
  5. After 3-4 hours, when the salt has dissolved and the fish put in juice, put the container in the fridge.

After a day you will get excellent salted meat for sushi. Do you want to be saltier? Wait another day and the fish will be ready.

In Kamchatka, lightly salted trout are prepared in a slightly different way. Per kilogram of fish take 6 tablespoons of coarse salt and 3 tablespoons of sugar. Pieces of fillet with skin sprinkle liberally with the mixture, and then placed on a dry cotton( linen) fabric on each other. The skin should be outside. Next, the fish is wrapped in cloth.

The bundle should be such that the tissue completely absorbs the fluid that will be released from the fillet for 2-3 days. Wrap the fish should be tight, but not tight.

Wrapped trout should be put on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. On the second day, you can deploy it and taste it. If the meat is salted, add a little more salt with sugar. On the third day, the fabric is removed. You can store dry salted trout for a long time, but only in the freezer, wrapped in paper.

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How to pickle trout caviar at home

Before salting, put caviar in a sieve and rinse with cold water, remove the yastek. The eggs released from the film are transferred to a container where they are poured with a solution. Brine should be 2 times more than the salted product. To prepare a brine for each liter of warm water take 60 g of sea salt and 30 g of sugar. Caviar lies in solution for 10–20 minutes. Then it is thrown back into a colander, allowing the liquid to drain. The finished caviar is transferred to a glass jar, sealed and stored in the refrigerator for no more than 75 days.

Recipe for salting caviar of trout at home( dry method):

  1. Remove yastyki, fold the eggs( 1 kg) in a sieve. Rinse with salted cold water.
  2. Put the caviar in a bowl. Add 5 tablespoons of salt and 2 tablespoons of sugar.
  3. Mix gently to avoid damaging the eggs.
  4. After 10–15 minutes, transfer caviar to drain excess fluid into gauze.
  5. Arrange the finished product in glass jars.
  6. In a closed form, send in the refrigerator. After 3-4 hours you can eat caviar.

If the caviar is too salty, immerse it for 3–4 minutes in warm boiled water. The ratio of liquid and product is 2 to 1. Then, using gauze or sieve, strain the water.

Below is a video of how to pickle trout at home. Using the recipe of the leading column "The same taste" by Mikhail Gaseneger, you can cook a delicious salted fish in just an hour.

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