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Idling ID4AD Compote of rhubarb and apple

  • Compote of rhubarb with apple
    • .Sour soft drink is not only pleasant, but also useful. Over the summer, you can collect the plant twice. The first harvest contains malic acid, and this is more valuable. In the second collection, malic acid is converted to acetic acid, so this stem is less useful.

      Cooking rhubarb is not a difficult task. The rhubarb compote recipe consists of several stages in which rhubarb is first cut into pieces and then poured with boiling syrup. But in any step-by-step descriptions there are always some nuances, shown below. Rhubarb can be closed not only in its only way, but also combined with other components, for example, with apples, lemon, orange, various berries and fragrant spices. The procedure will take only up to an hour and the result will be stunning. Therefore, it is worth to allocate valuable time, if you have such a plant on the garden, and detailed recipes with photos of compote from rhubarb help to bring this life-giving elixir to life.

      Rhubarb: Benefit and Harm of

      Before preparing anything from rhubarb, you should be familiar with its advantages in taking and contraindications. Compote of rhubarb, the benefits and harms of which are important if you are going to make it into the diet. Among the positive qualities include the following:

      • strengthens the heart muscle, the cardiovascular system, respectively, reduces the risk of stroke and heart failure;
      • reduces the possibility of the formation of benign tumors;
      • improves digestion;
      • prevents colds due to the high vitamin C content;
      • strengthens bone tissue, improves eyesight with vitamin A;
      • stabilizes the nervous system, normalizes sleep due to the capacity of a large amount of magnesium and iron.
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      The drink from this plant has unpleasant aspects, including:

      • who has stomach problems, large doses of compote can aggravate the disease;
      • can not drink consistency, based on rhubarb, kidney and bladder sufferers;
      • should carefully take rhubarb diabetic drinks.

      Only rhubarb stalks can be eaten, the leaves are not suitable for food.

      Rhubarb Compote for Winter with Sterilization

      This rhubarb compote recipe is a mildly sour drink from young stalks, preserved for the winter. Such petioles can take as much as you like. Based on the amount of collected raw materials, the main thing is to cook the syrup correctly. And it is calculated as follows: 1 kilogram of sugar is diluted in a liter of water. Rhubarb contains malic acid, replacing citric or vinegar, so additional ingredients are not needed to preserve food.

      Preparation process:

      1. Split the plant into leaves and stems. Throw out the leaves, cut the stem into pieces 1 cm long.
      2. Blanch cut. This procedure can be carried out before cutting the stems.
      3. Fill the sterilized jar with parts of rhubarb.
      4. Boil the syrup and pour the boiling mass into the jars.
      5. Send for sterilization, the time of which depends on the size of the cans. The volume of 0.5 liters requires 15 minutes of heat treatment, liter - 25 minutes.
      6. Pull off and tighten the caps. To wrap up until the next day, it is not necessary to turn it over.

      The degree of saturation of the sour taste of the billet depends on the amount of rhubarb poured into the jar.

      Compote from rhubarb for the winter without sterilization

      Easily and quickly compote of rhubarb for the winter without sterilization can be prepared by taking only 350-400 grams of stems.60-70 grams of sugar and about 1.5 liters of water will be spent on the syrup.

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      Preparation process:

      1. Chop the clean stalks.
      2. Place in a jar and pour boiling water. Leave for 20 minutes to rhubarb began to allocate juice in the water.
      3. Drain the liquid in a saucepan, add sugar and boil the syrup.
      4. Fill in future supplies with syrup and cover immediately with lids. Done!

      To enhance the acid, you can add lime or lemon juice to the syrup.

      Compote from rhubarb and apples

      You can get a delicious rhubarb drink with a delicate aroma by adding apple slices to it. Compote from rhubarb and apples is very tasty, and most importantly vitaminized. On it you need to prepare 300 grams of rhubarb and 200 grams of apples. Those who wish to give a different color to the compote need to add pomegranate seeds.45 grams of honey will saturate the winter harvest with a spicy taste and unusual sweetness. For safekeeping, add 45 grams of lemon juice.

      Preparation process:

      1. Into 1.2 liters of water inject lemon juice and honey. Mix the ingredients and evaluate the taste. If it suits you, then you can put on the stove and boil.
      2. Cut the rhubarb into chunks.
      3. Place it in a boiling mixture and boil for 5 minutes.
      4. Cut apples into desired pieces.
      5. Fill with apple pieces and pomegranate syrup with rhubarb. Boil 10 minutes.
      6. Pour into banks and roll up for the winter.
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      Compote from orange rhubarb

      To make compote from rhubarb for the winter with orange additive you need to take 200-300 grams of rhubarb and large orange. For aroma, you can add a branch of rosemary.200 grams of sugar diluted with 500 grams of water and 200 grams of orange juice will go to the syrup.

      Preparation process:

      1. Pour sugar into ordinary, cold water, throw rosemary and boil.
      2. With an orange, peel the zest, which you should throw into the boiling syrup. In the same boiling mixture pour orange juice.
      3. Grind the rhubarb into small pieces and arrange them in sterile jars. Yes, the same send a cut of orange.
      4. Pour boiling orange syrup into cans and immediately close them with lids. Fragrant preparation for the winter to your table!

      Rhubarb compote due to its light sour taste is a thirst quenching agent even in the hottest weather. Useful substances in it fill the body with vitamins, energize and stimulate brain activity. Boil rhubbled compote using impeccable recipes with photos and a good day is guaranteed!

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