Review of washing machines Beko

Beko washing machines are popular in our country, because they have enough functions and at the same time are inexpensive. Is it worth buying a stick of this brand?

Consider the pros and cons of the machines "Beko provide an overview of the most popular models. Also you can find out what customers think about buying Veko machines.

Review of washing machines Beko

Content of the material:

  • 1Where do the washing machines "Beco"
  • 2Features of Veko models
    • 2.1Design
    • 2.2Pressing
    • 2.3Washing and energy efficiency
  • 3Review of popular models of SMA "Beko"
    • 3.1Beko WMB 91242 LC
    • 3.2Beko WKB 61031 PTYA
    • 3.3Beko WDW 85120 B3
    • 3.4Beko WKB51021PTMS
    • 3.5Beko WMB 91242 LC
    • 3.6Beko WMY 71243 PTLM B1
  • 4Should I buy washing machines Beko: reviews

Where do the washing machines "Beco"

Who and where do the sticks of the Veko brand come from? This is the Turkish brand of the company "Koch". The huge corporation covers several industries and industries, which includes "Archhelik whose firm in 1959 produced a washing machine from the "Beko" series.

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Our country for the first time was able to assess the merits of Beko's washing machines in 1994, when the company began exporting its products to Europe and the CIS countries. Soon the Turkish manufacturer decided to open a factory for the assembly of washing machines in Russia - in 2006.

Features of Veko models

The variety of machines allows you to choose a model for every taste.

Do you have a small room and a limited amount of space? Then pay attention to the narrow styara with dimensions of 85x60x45 cm. If you need even less, the manufacturer also offers super-slim models - 85x60x35 cm. There are also conventional washing machines with a size of 85x60x50 cm.

For those who want not only to save space, but also to organically fit the AGR into furniture, there are built-in machines. The hinges for fastening the door from the headset are mounted on the body. In addition, you can additionally attach the built-in equipment to the furniture, thereby reducing the level of noise and vibration.

Features of Veko models


  1. The drum is made of stainless steel, and the tank is made of a polymer alloy. With a light weight, this tank absorbs sounds better, withstands high temperatures and the effects of detergents.
  2. The heater is covered with a nickel-plated compound, therefore it lasts longer and is not covered with scum.

For large families, SMA has been created with capacious drums. At a time you can wash 8 kg of laundry. For one or two people it will be enough to load on, kg.

Different types of laundry are provided. There are vertical models that open up. This is very convenient if there is not enough space to flip the lid to one side. Also there are models with front loading. In this case, the top cover can be used as an additional shelf.


In the Veko machines of early production, spinning reached only 800 rpm. At the same time, it was impossible to regulate the power. Today, the maximum speed is 1200 rpm. The user can switch the power in steps of 200 revolutions.

Beko produces washing machines that have high (A and B) and medium (C and D) spin classes.


Washing and energy efficiency

Do not overload the power grid by purchasing a CM "Beko" with the class of energy efficiency A + and B. Thanks to modern technology AquaFusion, the consumption of water, electricity and detergents is further reduced.

Even for cars with a super-slim body, a class of washing A and B. A variety of washing programs and functions allow you to take care of any type of laundry.

Review of popular models of SMA "Beko"

Having studied the descriptions of the Veko models, you will be able to evaluate their characteristics and capabilities.

Beko WMB 91242 LC

Front washing machine is designed for washing 9 kg of laundry. CMA has 16 programs for different types of laundry. The most economical of them Eco + 20 - consumes 47 liters of water per cycle, and the energy consumption is reduced by 3 kW compared to other modes.

Beko WMB 91242 LC

Beko WMB 91242 LC is easy to use, the LCD display shows the time and selected programs. The selector allows you to set the modes, and the buttons - additional functions. You can wash delicate and children's things, set the desired temperature or adjust the rotation of the drum.

Beko WKB 61031 PTYA

Narrow car with a body depth of 42 cm. Installation in tight rooms is possible. Despite the size, the capacity of the drum is quite high - 6 kg of laundry. This is enough for a family of 3-4 people.

Beko WKB 61031 PTYA
Among 11 washing programs there are useful additions. For example, washing dark fabrics or removing animal wool. The housing is protected from leaks. Clear electronic control with display and selector.

Beko WDW 85120 B3

Full-size washer with inverter motor, which allows you to develop a speed of up to 1200 revolutions when spinning. Control panel device - touch. Includes 15 modes, plus additional functions. The temperature can be adjusted. Provided control foaming, protection against imbalance.

Beko WDW 85120 B3

A machine with a drying capacity of up to 5 kg, with washing capacity of 8 kg.

Beko WKB51021PTMS

Built-in SMA has a removable cover, which helps to conveniently place it in the headset. The technology of saving the detergent AquaFusion keeps a closed drain hole during washing, so the powder granules are not washed into the sewer. This approach allows you to store up to 10% of the powder.

Beko WKB51021PTMS

At one time, the WKB51021PTMS can hold 5 kg of laundry. Additional functions include cleaning the animals' wool. Prewash and additional rinse will help to completely get rid of villi and wool.

Beko WMB 91242 LC

Full-size washing machine measuring 60x59x85 cm. The model can be integrated, so the top cover is removed. The drum has a capacity of 9 kg, the spin speed is 1900 rpm. The energy efficiency class is A +, therefore the consumption is 7 kW per hour.

Beko WMB 91242 LC

The housing is protected from leaks. The panel is equipped with an electronic type of control, it has protection against accidental pressing. CMA includes 16 washing regimes, including preventing crumpling of tissues. The temperature and spin can be adjusted.

Beko WMY 71243 PTLM B1

Separate standing washing machine with front loading. A special feature of this model is the hatch, which opens 180 degrees. The drum capacity is 7 kg, the LCD is backlit. The maximum spin - 1200 turns, can be adjusted or switched off.

Beko WMY 71243 PTLM B1

CMA includes 16 programs, including nightly washing, wool removal, delayed start. Provides protection of the housing from leaks, protection from children, control of imbalance.

Should I buy washing machines Beko: reviews

If you do not know where to buy Stroalka Beko, and if it is worth it, read the reviews of specialists and buyers. In online stores you can see how much a good CM model costs, and then go in search of regular stores.

Should I buy washing machines Beko: reviews

Having studied the feedback of customers, we determined the main advantages and disadvantages of washing machines from Veko.


  • Users note the compactness of the "Beko" lineup, the convenience of placement in tight spaces. At the same time, the capacity of the drum is quite large.
  • A large number of washing programs, convenient and intuitive operation.
  • Quality spin up to 1200 turns allows you to get almost dry clothes.
  • Economical energy consumption.


  • Embedded models are hard to install, difficult to understand.
  • The machine is very noisy and vibrates when it is squeezed.
  • The case is thin and flimsy (depending on the model). But most buyers still note that the stylalka is not too reliable.
  • It is not always good to pick up the powder from the dispenser tray.

Evaluating the pros and cons and comparing the models, we can conclude that the Veko machines are functional enough and affordable, suitable for the owners of small apartments.

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