Where to sleep powder in the washing machine and how much to pour

Washing machine has long been a faithful assistant housewives all over the world. To linen processing pleased with their results, it is necessary to strictly observe the rules of operation. First of all you need to know where to go to sleep powder in the washing machine.

In addition, you must follow the recommended application rate means that allows a perfect strike a balance between effective removal of stains and powder savings.

The content of the article:

  • Terms of Use detergents
    • Where should pour detergent?
    • Rules download detergent
  • Features loading detergent into the tank
    • When adding the powder to the drum?
    • Pros and cons of an alternative method
    • What tools can be added to the laundry?
  • Determination of the optimal amount of resources
    • Which affects the amount of powder?
    • We expect proportions detergent
  • Care cuvette stiralki
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Terms of Use detergents

Most often powdery agent used in modern units, having a different composition.

They may be wholly or partially synthetic, concentrated, made of soap or herbal extracts, but their packaging is mandatory shall be marked

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"Automatic washing".

Where should pour detergent?

Preparations for manual laundry treatment use is not recommended: they cause a strong foam formation, which may lead to clogging of the hose and, consequently, in leaks.

Falling asleep to the powder in different types of washing devices are different. U-semi-automatic machines do not usually have a separate detergent dispenser, the powder is filled into the tank together with the laundry.

Poroshkopriemnik in vertical model

On machines with vertical load cell for washing powder, air conditioning and other facilities it has more parameters than those of front machines

In machines with vertical load cell for powder, conditioner, bleach placed on the inside of the hatch, located at the top.

image gallery

Photo of

Washing machine Indesit EWD71052CIS

Model Indesit EWD71052CIS equipped four-part dispenser (cells pre / main wash, conditioner and two-part bleach compartment)

Washing machine Hotpoint AristonAQS1D

Machine Hotpoint AristonAQS1D has compartments for pre / main wash, bleach and softener removable cell

Washing machine Bosch WAW32540OE

The machine is equipped with Bosch WAW32540OE simple dispenser, consisting of cells for preliminary and main wash, conditioner, liquid starch

Washing machine Whirlpool AWE6516 / 1

Vertical model Whirlpool AWE6516 / 1 is provided with separate compartments for powder core / pre-wash and a compartment for the air conditioner and starch

Washing machine Indesit EWD71052CIS

Washing machine Indesit EWD71052CIS

Washing machine Hotpoint AristonAQS1D

Washing machine Hotpoint AristonAQS1D

Washing machine Bosch WAW32540OE

Washing machine Bosch WAW32540OE

Washing machine Whirlpool AWE6516 / 1

Washing machine Whirlpool AWE6516 / 1

In front stiralok detergent drawer, as a rule, it is in the top left corner. Depending on the brand of its structure may vary.

Consider the details of the tray construction for powder. Extendable cuvette intended for receipt of detergent into the drum, has conceived a device.

As a rule, it is made of plastic: The front panel has a color of the case and the inner surface - white or gray tone.

A schematic of the cell device

This figure is a schematic image of the standard compartment for receiving detergent, consisting of three cells of different sizes

Adaptation is divided into three, at least four compartments which are marked with letter designations, symbols, Roman or Arabic numerals.

  1. The largest moduleDesignated numbers II, 2 or by letter AT It is filled with the means necessary for the main wash cycle.
  2. Medium-sized compartment, Applied numbers on it I, 1 or letter BUT, Designed for filling detergent powder, which is used for pre-zastiryvaniya linen. Here it is possible to add bleach or stain remover.
  3. Most miniature departmentWhich is usually located on the left, it is intended to fill the flavors conditioners. This part can be marked with numbers III, 3in a word SoftenerDepicting florets (asterisks).

To adjust the amount of the emollient to compartment conditioner often applied bounding strip labeled maxIndicating the limit boundary.

Dispenser with a removable cell

In some models, such as the Samsung machines for applying liquid media using a special dispenser bundled. It is inserted into the appropriate compartment cuvettes

In some cases, this compartment is divided by a partition into two parts, and can be used as a removable module.

One of them is actually provided for the air conditioner, the second - the diluted starch, flavoring or other additive material.

Rules download detergent

The powder in the cell is filled with chaotic, it is not necessary to distribute it evenly throughout the tank: the main thing that it does not spill over the edges. After the manipulation of the compartment need to close tightly, and then to run the machine.

Loading powder into a cuvette

When selecting comprising pre / base wash and rinse with the flavoring and softener, all means can be added simultaneously in the cuvette

Some stiralok in cells deposited levels to monitor the amount of the filled detergent. However, often the hostess poured powder on the eyes, noting the number of the previous washing.

Structural features that contribute to the machine to detergent (powder, air conditioning) fall into the drum together with the water flow is fed through the tray.

In each section there are openings, creating the conditions for dissolution of the water jet means and transfer them to the tank.

Full transporting substances contributes both to the high pressure at which water is supplied, and smooth walls poroshkopriemnogo devices facilitating dissolved output means.

Features loading detergent into the tank

Sometimes the hostesses before the question arises whether or not to add the powder directly into the drum. Let us examine this question in detail.

When adding the powder to the drum?

This Meria is forced: it is necessary to resort in case of damage to the tray for detergents.

Means is not recommended to make the drum

Do not add to the drum aggressive agents (stain removers, bleach), as they can leave stains on the fabric or even destroy the material. We do not recommend also be added directly to the laundry powder, which has in its composition of colored beads, because they may leave marks

In this case you should first find out whether the chamber can not cope with the proper functions. This can be done simply, carefully inspect the item after the washing.

If it is found the remnants of the detergent, then it is not until the end of vymylos due to malfunction.

Pros and cons of an alternative method

There are different opinions about adding the detergent directly to the laundry.

Proponents note the following positive aspects:

  1. In this case the amount of detergent can be reducedAs it comes into contact with things.
  2. Such method increases the service life of the machineAnd guesswork out of caring for a tray, which is one of the most problematic units of washing machines.
  3. After contact through the cell powder particles may stick to the inner walls, followed by rinsing to get the laundry. When falling asleep in a drum that does not happen, so things quickly rinsed and better.

At the same time there is a significant number of disadvantages:

  1. The powder compartment is washed with water entering the drum is already partially dissolved. When directly adding means together with the laundry, it would dissolve much longer.
  2. Washing powder granules falling on the dark things may leave traces of light.
  3. If the tool to rub on the drum wall, at the start of it is pumped with pump water remaining in the tank from previous washings.
  4. Some washing programs involving the use of a la carte washing powder, will not be available when adding funds to the drum.
  5. It makes no sense to add the powder to the drum in the planning of the pre-wash or soak. These modes require draining after the passage of the initial phase; together with the liquid and leave dissolved therein detergent, which does not wait for the main stage of the cycle.
  6. It is also impossible to use this method for adding a conditioner or other rinses, which should be filled only at the final stage of the process.

Partly to avoid the negative effects will allow the use of a special container: plastic cans on the inside of the holes. Backfilled therein the detergent will be supplied into the water slowly and do not leach out once.

At the same time, this method does not solve the problem using air conditioners or other means for rinsing.

What tools can be added to the laundry?

At the same time there are a number of modern means of which, according to the advice of the manufacturer, it is necessary to make it into the drum. These substances include:

  • Powders made on the basis of soap. These substances have krupnogranulirovannuyu structure that can clog the opening in the cuvette, which is fraught with leakage and the flooding neighbors.
  • Unphosphatic powdersAnd means for production utilizing plant extracts.
  • Powder for washing children's clothes: Filling the drum facilitates Rinsing linen.
  • To bookmark the drum designed modern varieties of detergents, produced in the form gels, capsules, compressed cubes.

The gel formulations are not recommended to add the cell: because they are slowly washed away by the water thick consistency. Because of this, their residues can enter the tank is already in the final stage of the cycle during the rinse and spin.

Liquid detergent

The gelled and liquid detergents is not recommended to use water at a high temperature, however when using them should choose modes, providing maximum heating +60 ° C

If for some reason the gels to add to the pan, they are recommended to be diluted with water. The capsules were specially developed for use in the drum, the other options of their use are not provided.

All of these tools can be applied to the drum in different ways:

  • pre-diluted with water;
  • pour directly on the linen;
  • placed in a special bag (this option is particularly recommended for the powder based on vegetable raw materials).

Sometimes, the hosts faced with situations where there is no way to determine the purpose of the tray compartment (the erased markings, and the inability to consult the instructions). In this case, it is possible to restore the data empirically.

For this purpose the device should run mode without soaking, leaving the detergent tray ajar.

If you look in the cell at the beginning of the cycle, you can see how the department intended for powder detergent, the water will flow.

Determination of the optimal amount of resources

Depending on the program selected when zastiryvanii products need to add the following tools:

  • For a simple washing sufficiently fill the cell marked B or figure 2 (II) powder.
  • For a full cycle with soaking and rinsing with adding softener to the compartments A and B is loaded powder, and the tray 3 or the sign marked "flower" poured conditioner.
  • If the laundry is not available strongly pronounced contamination, you can do without pre-soaking. In this case it is sufficient to add the detergent into the compartment In (II); optionally in a small office is also added to rinse.

Conditioning (flavoring, softener) can be poured into the tray at any stage of the process up to the final stage of start (rinse and spin).

Which affects the amount of powder?

The amount of detergent required for washing, depends primarily on the amount of goods that are loaded into the machine.

In addition, influenced by such factors as:

  • the degree of soiling;
  • hardness of water;
  • amount of water required for washing;
  • the selected program;
  • washing technology.

The more spots on the product, the higher the amount of detergent. If pollution complex, it is better to apply a stain remover or bleach.

Soda water softener

An alternative means of industrial water softener may be a few tablespoons of baking soda, which is added to the powder compartment. We just need to keep in mind that this tool can not be used for washing wool and silk

Washing in soft water requires less powder than rigid. To determine what type of water in your area, look closely enough to the transparent window at the beginning of the wash. If it is visible bubbles, it means that from the taps flowing soft water.

The liquid can be mitigated artificially by adding special washing powder agent containing phosphates. The large volume of the wash water requires an increased content of detergents.

Various modes involve the use of a certain amount of detergent.

In some cases the difference can be striking: for example, when washing 3 kg load mode "Cotton" at +60 ° C require 6 tablespoons of detergent, whereas when selecting the program "Synthetics" at +40 ° C - only three.

The amount of gel for washing

Use as liquid gel must be in a certain amount. Increasing the bookmarks rules only leads to wasteful spending of funds, while the quality of washing remains unchanged

Innovative solutions used in modern models of washing machines can reduce the consumption of electricity, water and detergent. These technologies include:

  • "Smart bubbles» EcoBubble;
  • laundry with steam.

In the first case applies special foam generator, whereby the powder is stirred in water before entering into the drum. Under the influence of the bubbles means better penetrate into the fabric structure, effectively removing contamination, thereby saving powder.

steam washing means supplying heated water jet on the product placed in the drum. This technology facilitates the rapid dissolution of the detergent and efficient otstiryvaniya pollution, including stuffy.

In this case the water temperature is selected at random, it does not necessarily need to be heated to high temperatures. Among the important advantages of the steam washing may include radical destruction of germs and allergens.

We expect proportions detergent

Should not be mindlessly pour in household products tray. Above normal at higher foaming, which can lead to clogging of the pipe and leaks.

If you do not calculate the flow and fill a little detergent, the laundry may be difficult to wash out.

Washer avtodozirovkoy

Some expensive models can automatically dispensing detergent. In this case the machine is loaded a large number of substances, the costs for the washings, and then she measures out the right amount, focusing on the weight of the laundry

We will try to determine exactly how much detergent powder should pour into the washing machine.

As a rule, on the label of any funds deposited information about dosage, and sometimes the manufacturer provides a pack measuring spoon or cup. At the same time, experts are skeptical enough to these reports, considering the data exaggerated.

According to the manufacturer, the laundry may require 115 grams and heavily soiled items, even 225 grams.

Practice shows that good washing results can be obtained using much less detergent. For heavily contaminated goods not sufficient per 1 kg of laundry add one tablespoon powder with a slide (25 g).

If things are very dirty or washing is carried out in a very hard water, the dose should be increased to 1.5-2 tablespoons per kilogram.

Stains when powder overdose

Exceed the flow rate of the detergent is not recommended, not only because of economy: the excessive amount of detergent to remain things whitish divorces

Advantageous to use concentrated powders, which include Japanese funds and Amway products. Their proportion is calculated depending on the amount of laundry loaded: for every cycle just enough 2 tablespoons detergents of this type.

If you are using the capsules, you should know that one element is sufficient for the cycle, regardless of the load.

Consumption of detergent

In the following table, one can see an exemplary flow of detergent needed for the various modes of washing with the water quality

Liquid and gel-like agents is usually laid at the rate of 1 tablespoon per cycle (outside the Depending on the amount of items), hard water when the amount of detergent should be increased to 2 tablespoons.

Care cuvette stiralki

To poroshkopriemnik regularly worked for a long time, you must abide by a number of recommendations.

Care cuvette

After each wash, necessary to remove all traces of detergent products (rinse, powder), as well as excess moisture, and then dry the cell, leaving it open

Periodically, it is necessary to fill the compartment air conditioning. After otmokaniya cell goes from the recess, and then thoroughly washed with a brush.

Simultaneously cleaned and hole wall where often dusty and accidentally spilled powder.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

On the video presented below shows you how much detergent should be added in the wash in the machine:

For quality laundry powder with a minimum expenditure necessary to consider a number of factors.

To determine the correct amount of detergent, it is necessary to take into account the volume of laundry loaded in machine, hardness of water used, the degree of contamination of products, especially the mode selected for wash.

In addition it should also comply with the recommended action algorithm correctly laying the laundry detergent or other means in the cuvette is intended for it.

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