Meet - Star Pelargonium varieties with photos and descriptions

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stellar stellar Pelargonium video or stellate Pelargonium is an amazing plant, unlike the classic varieties, which most flower growers still need to know and appreciate.s

Pelargonium Lotta Lundberg

The blooming of terry Pelargonium Lotta Lundberg can not be overlooked. As if glowing saturated pink shade star-shaped flowers are collected in rounded dense inflorescences. Strong brownish peduncles and expressive leaves with a dark zone only add decorativeness to this variety.

Bushes are compact, miniature, suitable for keeping in an apartment, but they will not go unnoticed in the garden, near a rocky hill or in a flowerpot.

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Pelargonium Bronze Butterfly

Another spectacular stellar is Bronze Butterfly Pelargonium, characterized by bright inflorescences of star flowers of salmon color and decorative leaves with a dark figured zone in the center of the leaf.

Star Pelargoniums, including this interesting variety, should not be confused with plants that produce double flowers, or with rose-colored or tulip-shaped varieties. The corolla shape in this case is closest to the stud. Semi-double flowers consist of feathery, dissected along the edge of the petals of salmon color.

The plant will produce the greatest effect when planted in a flowerbed in a well-lit place, careful care and pruning.

Pelargonium Richard Hodgson

The compact bushes of star-shaped zone Pelargonium Richard Hodgson enjoy the love of many indoor plant lovers, while the variety, in the opinion of flower growers, has incorporated the best features of both star-shaped and classical plants.

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Bushes do not require painstaking care and shaping, the plant independently produces side shoots and maintains a good shape. Even without the inflorescences, the bushes look attractive due to the characteristic for stellars "lapchatye", with a dark contrast zone in the middle of the leaf plate. But with the appearance of peduncles, the plant shows all its charm.

The flowers of this variety of pelargonium, as in the photo, have a complex color. On a white or pinkish background, which becomes richer towards the tips of the petals, bright bands, specks or very large patches of red or carmine color are clearly visible. At the same time, like all stellar, Richard Hodgson's petals are jagged. The corolla is very airy, terry with visible red stamens.

Pelargonium Flecks

Gentle, quivering Pelargonium Flecks are a miniature star-shaped plant that delights the florist with semi-double star flowers of a warm pink-salmon shade. The middle of the flower is lightened, and to the edges of the figuratively carved petals, the tone becomes warm, rich.

On a small, well-shaped bush, covered with small leaves, large volumetric inflorescences look great. The variety is picky, it blooms easily and does not drop flowers for a long time.

Pelargonium Gosbrook Robyn Louise

Dwarf Pelargonium Gosbrook Robyn Louise is an excellent choice for your home. Small neat bushes of this variety Pelargonium, as in the photo, bloom profusely and can become an ornament to any window sill.

The plant does not have a high growth rate, does not seek to grow up, the shoots form a dense sprawling crown. The leaves of this variety of pelargonium, like other stellar, are seriously different from the rounded foliage of the classic zonal varieties. But this only adds charm to the bushes until terry pink – lilac flowers appear above them. The characteristic feature of the corolla is concave petals, resembling a tiny boat.

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Pelargonium Hulverstone

Among the dwarf geraniums with star-shaped flowers, one cannot but notice the variety Hulverstone. Not only does Pelargonium Hulverstone not demanding to care, almost independently forms a compact crown, the variety stands out with bright, almost yellow, bright foliage, forcing the plant to literally glow on the window sill.

Inflorescences are pelargoniums very fluffy, similar to white-pink pom-poms. Individual flowers - terry, with a paler center and bright, carrot-salmon figured petals.

Pelargonium Elmfield

Elmfield miniature pelargonium is adorned not only with inflorescences of medium-sized dense red with silver specks and stripes of semi-double flowers, but also rich green foliage with purple spots on each of the teeth.

The very unusual appearance of the plant, and the ability to branch well and not to rush with vertical growth attract the attention of growers to the variety.

Pelargonium Kitbridge Vic Caws June Patricia

A dwarf Kitbridge Vic Caws June Patricia delighting with bright scarlet flowers is a godsend for a window sill. Even in summer, the inflorescences resembling "Christmas stars" will not let you forget about your favorite holiday, and the foliage that shows all the decorative elements in the light will make you happy in winter.

In good light, patches of a chocolate shade are perfectly visible on the leaf blades. The bush is easy to form and blooms profusely.

Pelargonium Rushmoor Golden Ruffles

As a true miniature, Pelargonium Rushmoor Golden Ruffles grows very slowly, willingly gives side shoots and blooms profusely.

The variety can rightly be attributed to a variegated, since small golden leaves of pelargonium exhibit a dark orange-brown zone in the sun. The inflorescences are delicate pink – salmon stellate flowers with elongated split petals. The color of the corolla is not uniform. To the center and along the edges of the bizarrely curved petals, the shade loses its intensity. In the center of the flower are visible bright orange stamens.

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The variety is ideal for home cultivation and can easily be placed on an apartment window sill.

Pelargonium Starstorm

Pelargonium Starstorm with an abundance of speckled terry flowers is a godsend for florists who do not have free space for flower pots, but who want to get such an unusual plant. The bushes of this variety are very small, perfectly branched and unpretentious.

The flowering of this pelargonium can be called a record. Snow-white flowers with scarlet spots and stripes alternate with almost completely red corollas, which only adds to the bushes additional charm.

Pelargonium Vancouver Centennial

The unusual variegated pelargonium Vancouver Centennial does not look like any of the plants described. Some of the gardeners consider it the main advantage of elegant umbrellas inflorescences with scarlet tiny flowers in the form of carnations. Some people prefer bright maroon-purple leaves with a green border along the edge of the plate and along the veins. The flowering is abundant, long, and the foliage, and so does, year-round pleases the eye.

Pelargonium forms neat bushes that do not require long shaping and are showing all their virtues in full sun. The variety is suitable for home cultivation, and for planting in the garden, for example, as edging tracks. Bright spots between stones or against the background of ornamental shrubs and conifers.

Video about star-shaped pelargonium of Borthwood grade

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