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Growing a room pineapple is not interesting for its tasty fruit. Decorative exotic always attracts lovers of home green corner. Pineapple leaves, spreading, prickly and succulent, are very decorative. Create conditions for him in an ordinary apartment is easy. If you do everything right, room pineapple will thank flowering and fruit. It will take several years and the photo of the room pineapple grown by you will decorate your home album.

Basic Requirements

Pineapple is a herbaceous plant that grows almost meter-long spiny leaves. Coming from the arid tropics loves light and heat, in the summer it can live outdoors, but low temperatures for pineapple are destructive. In room conditions, he loves the heat and the absence of any drafts. Lighting, even in winter, should not be less than 6 hours, while in winter it should be kept near the south window or additionally illuminated.

A drought-resistant plant does not need frequent watering. To the ground and food is picky, but their preferences are there. Caring for a tropical resident is simple and can be grown at home.

Planting Pineapple

For planting, a tuft of leaves located on a berry is used. Choose a pineapple for planting in the summer, from a fresh crop. A sign that the berry has been torn down recently will be healthy living foliage on the top of the fruit. So you need to choose a plant with the most powerful and healthy foliage.

At home, unscrew a bunch of greenery from the base of the fruit by gently turning it along the axis. Under the force of this man's hands. If not enough power, twist together, one holds the fruit, the other unscrews the crest. You can simply cut off the tip with a clean knife and remove the flesh from the post. After that, it is necessary to remove the lower leaves by 2-3 cm, freeing the column. There you can distinguish dark points, these are the rudiments of the roots, like on a clove of garlic before planting. Drain wounds, sprinkle with ashes, or pound coal.

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For a week, the tuft can be lifted longer and should hang in a calm, bright place upside down. At this time, beginnings of roots begin to form. In the future, the plant can be held in touch with water or landed immediately.

When growing roots in water for planting pineapple, it is important that the jar is dark, the liquid is changed every two days, and the plant is just touching the surface. After two weeks, the roots will grow by 2 cm, it's time to plant in the ground. You can root and dry sapling, but at the same time keep it under the hood, creating a special microclimate.

Planting is carried out in a small tank with good drainage, a claydite drainage layer and into the soil from equal portions of sand, humus of leaf soil and peat. The soil should be steamed and treated with a strong solution of potassium permanganate. Landing lead to a wet, but not damp earth. Rooting occurs within two months. A sign that the plant is rooted will be the appearance of young leaves, the old ones will dry out and need to be cut.

After the appearance of new leaves, the plants are watered from above, so that there is always water in the leaf funnel. This is a requirement of a dry land plant to collect atmospheric moisture as a reserve.

Pineapple Care

Rooting and making the plant live at home is not enough. It is necessary to create conditions for the plant to bloom. To do this, you must meet the conditions of detention:

  • watering and feeding plants;
  • transshipment or replanting and ground requirements;
  • fruiting provocation;
  • other features of pineapple.

Keep a flower pot in a lighted area, but not in direct sunlight. Indoor pineapple spreads foliage widely and needs a separate stand. On the other hand, he will willingly share the capacity with succulent plants. Neighbors he loves. Therefore, at an early age it is even helpful to put other dry Mexicans in a pot of other residents of Mexico

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Watering and feeding in the care of an indoor pineapple play a crucial role. The plant does not like waterlogging of the earth and stagnation of water in the pan. Therefore, watering is moderate, for an adult plant once a week. But in the summer, spraying is good for the plant in the open air. In this case, part of the water evaporates, and part is absorbed from the leaf funnel. This is an emergency reserve, provided by nature, it must be inexhaustible. If the plant is accidentally transfused, the ground remains moist for a long time, poorly drained, it is necessary to change the substrate, but take the root system as carefully as possible.

Feed the plant once a month. Mug is considered the best organic fertilizer for pineapple. Top dressing with organic matter is done in spring and summer to build up green mass. Fertilizing with mineral liquid fertilizers for flowers is used interspersed with mullein at half the rate. Liquid formulations make during the growing season after 2 weeks with a full dose of . A special feature of the pineapple is the feeding method. Fertilize the plant with water with diluted dressing in the rosette of leaves. Feeding is not required in winter.

Water for irrigation should be warm, about 30, between waterings the earth dries out.

Transplant plants are carried out annually. It uses the soil for cacti, or cooked on their own, with the essential ingredients of peat and leaf soil to create the desired acidity. The sand should be coarse. Charcoal, brick chips vermiculite and perlite will only increase the nutritional content of the soil.

The root system of a room pineapple is weak and the transfer of the plant after a year of life into a large container is obligatory. But an adult plant is enough volume of a pot 3-4 liters. When transplanting a plant, one must remember that for a houseplant a large pot is harmful, since the earth, not filled with roots, is souring. On the other hand, babies will develop in a larger pot even before the plant is fruiting, you can grow a new pineapple for replacement in advance.

When transplanting, the neck cannot be buried.

Several years have passed, and the homemade pineapple is not going to bloom. Then you need to speed up the fruiting. This is another feature of pineapple. If the plant spreads leaf plates in 0 cm, has grown to 25 cm and it is already one and a half years old, you can try to provoke flowering with ethylene top dressing. To do this, a spoonful of calcium carbide insist day in a tightly sealed can and drain the clarified liquid. Seven days in a row, pour 50 grams of ethylene water into the rosette of leaves. Within one and a half months you can expect the nomination of the flower stalk. If this does not happen, then the room pineapple has not yet entered the maturity period.

Pineapple smoke can trigger flowering. Once a week for a month, you should leave a smoking cigarette or paper smoldering on the coals. In this case, the plant should be covered with a film. Such "fires" will lead to the formation of a flower stalk.

Pineapple flowering begins with the formation of a bud on the top, within two months it is pushed up on the pedicel. Within two weeks, blue floral lights on each knob flash gradually and only for one day. In the photo, pineapple blooms are not accompanied by aroma, but the amazing smell is in the room all the time. After poured himself handsome pineapple. This event takes up to six months. Like everything else in nature, pineapple develops cyclically. After giving up on the formation of seeds, he slowly dies off, giving numerous shoots. You can plant and grow a new room pineapple.

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Video about ripening pineapple at home

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