Tradescantia grows on the site of the garden, planting and caring for which is quite simple

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Perennial herb - Tradescantia garden, planting and caring for which is absolutely not troublesome, many gardeners try to plant. The plant gained considerable popularity due to the abundance of various varieties, which are often used in landscape design. Diverse varieties allow you to choose the most unusual combinations of different colors than decorate any terrain.

Tradescantia garden shrubs help create beautiful bulky thickets on the garden plot. These bushes are planted close to the fern, daylilies, irises. Tall perennial varieties are recommended to be planted in country houses, in gardens near water bodies.

Description of the variety

Tradescantia plant height can reach 1 m. Bushes are dense, form numerous branches, which are rather fragile in their structure. Long leaves of green grow up to 20 cm in length. The color of the flowers is different: pink, purple, white or blue. The flowering of Tradescantia lasts from 3 to 4 months, but each flower on a bush blooms no more than one day.

The lifespan of a single flower is just one day, but as soon as faded buds are removed, new ones appear more lush and voluminous.

Cultivation and reproduction

Garden tradescantia is propagated by vegetative means. For this, it is necessary to separate the stalk from the bush and place it in the water. You can plant the cuttings in a moist soil, and the next day the roots will appear from it. Thus, the plant quickly takes root and soon will delight lush bushes.

Possible reproduction option by dividing the bush. To do this, it is necessary to divide the bush into equal parts and plant it in the prepared moist soil. The roots of the plant are quite strong, so you can use scissors during its division.

Often, tradescantia is grown from seeds, but when propagated in this way, it often loses its varietal characteristics. In order to grow the plant in the seed way, you need a well-hydrated fertile soil. Sowing do the winter, spring need to perform a pick of seedlings.


Proper planting and care for Tradescantia is the careful choice of landing site. It is carried out in the prepared soil, in a place where the sun's rays regularly fall. The best option for such a plant would be soft sand or drained soils.

Choosing the right place for planting - the plant will delight with lush buds.

Land for planting and further care for Tradescantia in the open field should be not through, it is important to protect the plant from strong wind. At the time of planting, it is worthwhile to avoid the territory where moisture is quickly going away. Such a soil will need water-holding fertilizers( clay, sawdust or compost).An excellent solution for growing a bush will be a place that is slightly darkened by trees.

It should be taken into account: if the plant is planted in a very shaded area, such bushes may not bloom.

Before planting, the soil is well fed with organic fertilizers. Make humus, compost or humus. After planting, the bushes are abundantly watered, they make mulching with peat or humus.

Fertile soil will provide an opportunity to extend the lush flowering of tradescantia.


For proper growth and development of the bush, the soil should be periodically moistened. If there is no rain for a long time, as an option, artificial watering can be organized.

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When the onset of cold weather, frequent watering is stopped, carry it only when necessary. Having provided a bush of Tradescantia with proper care, it will please with lush and abundant flowering.

In addition to watering the plant needs spraying leaves. It should be carried out in the morning or evening.

Plant care involves the regular application of top dressings:

  1. The first top dressing is done in the spring, but before that it is important to clean the plant from weeds. Fertilize should be mineral fertilizers.
  2. The second is done at the end of spring( May, early June) using nitrogen fertilizer.
  3. The rest of the feeding is carried out regularly - 1 time in 3 weeks, but only after loosening the soil. To do this, you can use any complex fertilizers.
  4. As soon as the first buds appear on the bushes, the plant will need potash and phosphate fertilizers.

At each stage of growth, tradescantia requires certain types of fertilizing.

Tradescantia garden in landscape design

Garden tradescantia is used in landscape design, because it looks great next to places to rest. This flower is well suited for planting in flowerbeds, can be located in any corner of the garden plot. Even in the absence of smell, tradescantia attracts butterflies, which fluttering around create a pleasant atmosphere, becoming an excellent addition to this composition.

Do not forget that the plant should be planted near water.

In spite of what sort of tradescantia will be planted - any of them always looks spectacular. There are many flowers on the bushes that form bright dense clusters. The lack of smell is not a disadvantage, but on the contrary, does not attract bees and bumblebees. If at the time of removing the already faded buds, then soon there will be new lush flowers. Thus it is possible to extend and increase the flowering plants.

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Garden trips have an abundance of varieties, thanks to which you can choose an interesting combination. Proper planting and care of tradescantia will allow in the future to avoid problems with the plant. For example, to do without tying up each plant, bushes need to be planted closely.

Tall varieties are sometimes troublesome to maintain - they do not keep their shape, especially after watering. Unfortunately, such varieties are not complete without tying up, so before choosing a plant you should pay attention to this feature. If you plant bushes in dark places, they too will tend to stretch out regardless of the variety, which means the best place for the Tradescantia will be a slightly shaded area or place under the sun.

In order to avoid the garter of a bush, gardeners recommend planting a host, brunner, a bathing suit and similar plants close to the plant.

Low-growing varieties are planted near the lungwort and geraniums. Such herbaceous plants will not only be an excellent support for the bush, but also create beautiful compositions on the garden plot.

Landing tradescantia next to other plants - not only decorate the appearance of the site, but also will be an excellent support for the plant.

Anderson's Tradescantia

Tradescantia hybrid variety was bred by the American botanist Anderson. Tradescantia virgin was taken as a basis for the experiments. Hybrids obtained during tests have a difference in the branching of a plant with straighter leaves. In height can grow no more than 80 cm, the color of the leaves is purple with a greenish tinge. Flowers vary in color - from pink and purple, to blue or even white. This type of plant is distinguished by larger flowers, which further adorn the bush.

Anderson's variety has an abundance of various shades, one of the most popular is purple.

Planting and maintenance of Anderson's tradescantia is a non-hortal process. The plant is unpretentious in the care, it can grow even one who has never had to deal with the cultivation of flowers. It is recommended to plant flower bushes in slightly shaded places. The main rules in the care of the plant - is the observance of regular watering and the implementation of timely feeding. With all the manipulations, the bush of Tradescantia will bloom from the beginning of June until the beginning of October.

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Tradescantia ruddy bride

This variety differs in shape and color of pearl pale pink flowers with bronze-glossy leaves. The height grows up to 40 cm, begins its flowering in June - ends in late August. Tradescantia variety Rosy bride is unpretentious in the care. Planting and caring for the bushes is carried out according to standard rules.

Tradescantia virgin

Tradescantia virgin has another name for the people - the street, which is popular among many summer residents. It has a fairly dense bush that blooms continuously. Unpretentious care, well resistant to various diseases. Growing the street Tradescantia, you can elevate your site with brightly blooming blue or other colors in shades. The life of each flower is small, but because of the large growing bushes the plant does not lose its decoration.

Planting and care of Tradescantia virginina is a process not different from the standard: regular watering and timely feeding.

The Virginian variety produces lush bushes that form whole thickets.

Tradescantia Wegelin

One of the most popular and commonly used varieties of Tradescantia is Wegelin.

Many people strive to plant him, because the blue, violet-like flowers leave no one indifferent. It is famous for its increased resistance to frost, grows in any conditions. In the process of growth forms dense bushes up to half a meter. Flowering lasts from early summer until late autumn. Not afraid of disease, but very demanding on watering.

This variety is frost-resistant, not afraid of diseases and insect pests.

Tradescantia charm blend

Another of the unpretentious varieties of Tradescantia is charm blend. Used as a perennial plant. Flowers consist of three petals of one shade: pink, blue, violet, blue, white. Sown charm mixture is shallow in the ground closer to March.

It is worth remembering that such a plant grows well in fertile soils, so before planting it is very important to take care of feeding. Charm mixture is unpretentious in care, well resistant to diseases and insect pests.

When choosing a tradescantia variety for planting, it is worth remembering that each of them requires regular watering. It is worth making a choice from your own wishes and preferences, and then a lush bush will not only become a charming decoration of the summer cottage, but also a joy for the owner himself.

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