How to use a gas oven

  • The “Start” button or how to “start” the gas unit
  • And even the gas supply under the control of
  • About the gas pressure
  • How to properly use a gas oven, so that in the joy and without tension. Who does not like to eat well. Eating well is even better. But, alas, the electric oven is not capable of providing dishes with a taste that will cover our taste buds with sweet languor. Unlike gas stove. What kind of animal is this and how to defeat him? Here is a brief instruction for those who are looking for an answer to the question: "How to use a gas oven?".

    The “Start” button or how to “start” the gas unit

    When an unknown item of household appliances appears in the house, you:

    • either study the instructions thoroughly, and then act;
    • either turn on the “fifth sense”, adjust the “oracle” or use the “scientific method”.

    And, you see, the outcome of the situation for scenario 2 is obvious. You bring equipment. Install. Customize. Leave. And you stay one to one with her. This is where the fun begins.

    Subsequent actions are comparable only with the dancing of African shamans. During them, they, too, strangely puff, buzz, moo and unscrew. So, in order to protect you and your nerves from an unfortunate acquaintance with such type of equipment as the oven, we. .. We will reveal a terrible secret - the secret of its inclusion.

    Gas stove consists of two parts - the hob and oven. She can be dependent and independent. The dependent cooker has one control for the oven and the hob, while the independent is separate.

    To turn on the oven, open it. If necessary, turn on the lighting( there is a special button on the control).Find the hole( located usually above the door junction).Light a match and bring it to the fire point.

    Now press the appropriate button and wait. If the gas supply is OK, turning on the oven will not cause any problems. In terms of switching on with an electric oven is easier, but the gas is not inferior, although it is necessary to adapt.


    Memo hostess. The control at the gas stove is most often expressed by the recessed arms( mechanical).Therefore, in order to turn on the stove( oven), you need to easily push the handle inwards and turn it clockwise. And to turn it off - turn against it without pressing.

    And even the gas supply under the control of

    Modern gas units can not but rejoice. Of course, the functions in them are much less than in electrical ones, but the quality and reliability are top notch. Take, for example, at least Slovenian ovens Gorenje.

    Thanks to their quality and pleasant price, they have long since filled the whole of Europe. Especially large exports of products sent to Germany. And as the Germans know how to understand.

    So, modern models of gas ovens include useful modes, including the "Control of gas supply."You press and hold a special button for three seconds after the flame has formed, and only then release. If you do not, the fire is extinguished.

    About gas pressure

    Planning an ambitious move to a new building? About the gas stove can forget. Unfortunately, in modern residential high-rise gas supply is not possible. But what can we say, even in old 5-9 storey houses, you often encounter the fact that gas simply does not “reach” the apartment due to the low pressure.

    Here is the creativity of housewives. Some kindle fire with a broom branch, and some make a paper cord. If you are “lucky enough” to face the problem of low gas pressure, first get rid of it.

    After that, roll the paper into a tube, wet the end with water in your hand, and set the other on fire. This "miracle design" light the oven. Do this only as a last resort, if necessary. If not, call the gasman. There is nothing to try on "headache" in the form of other people's duties.

    If there are no matches at hand

    If you run out of matches, how to make a fire? Use a regular cigarette lighter. The principle is the same: turn off the gas, bring the lighter to the hole, open fire and that's it. But do not forget that this method is dangerous.

    After you have lit the oven, be sure to ventilate the room.“Activating” the cooking surface with a lighter for smokers is also a minute thing. The main thing is to act carefully so as not to burn yourself.


    Memo hostess. The above methods of "production of fire" are life-threatening. You can use them, but we do not recommend this. It is better to buy a household lighter right away with the stove, or not to be lazy and go for matches.

    And what's next

    Congratulations! You turned on the gas, which means you took the first step towards becoming a cook. How to use a gas oven for cooking? Here it depends on the requirements of the dish.

    If you twist the burners gently in a clockwise direction, you will see the fire on the hob and in the oven increase. But here is better without amateur. To cook tasty and healthy food, follow the recipe( everything is from "A" to "Z" painted).And before that, do not forget to read again how to use a gas oven.

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