How to wash suede shoes in a washing machine

  • Features of care for artificial suede
  • Features of care for natural suede
  • Without drying nowhere

How to wash suede shoes in a typewriter - this question sounds more and more today. It is especially relevant in large families, where many, many legs of all sizes. So, it is even possible to erase everyday footwear in a typewriter, but not all. Putting a pair of leather boots in a drum washer is nonsense. But everything else( moccasins, sneakers, sneakers, sandals, booties. ..) is quite appropriate.

In this article we will focus on how to properly wash suede shoes. Many will have a pair of other stylish suede shoes, but, alas, not everyone is familiar with the rules of caring for them. Well, let's start, perhaps.

Features of care for artificial suede

Artificial suede - an unpretentious material, so it can be easily washed in a washing machine. Understanding how to wash suede shoes is not difficult. Do it at a temperature of 40 degrees. Do not use detergents made from recycled petroleum products. Avoid washing powders that contain bleach.

The best solution for this task is ordinary liquid soap. Loaded, poured, turned on and washed. The washing program is best set up manually.

Features care for natural suede

Natural suede washing machine is not recommended. Only hands. And only according to the instructions.

So if you plan to wash suede sneakers, be sure to read this article to the end. Better yet, keep it in a prominent place. Believe me, this information will come in handy again and again.

  • Removing dirt 1. So, in your hands an expensive pair of natural suede, requiring urgent cleaning. First, rinse the shoes under warm water to remove dirt. Rinse? Now set them aside.

Next, collect a basin of warm water, pour( pour) powder for hand washing, stir until dissolved, and put shoes in it. Do not apply detergent directly to dirty areas of suede. Direct contact will destroy the texture of the material and then the next “stop” of your favorite shoes is the nearest urn.

We are waiting. After washing, be sure to wipe the pair. To do this, first use a damp natural cloth( cotton), and then dry. Inside the shoe does not hurt to put the paper so that the material inside the product is not damp.

  • Method of removing dirt 2. If your suede "all-terrain vehicles" are generally in poor condition, you need to apply "heavy cleaning artillery" - steam. It sounds threatening, but in fact it looks pretty harmless. The only disadvantage of the method is that its implementation requires considerable time.

This is not your textile sneakers in the washing machine to wash . So, reach for the pan, pour the water and boil it. Now we take suede shoes and hold them over the steam until the cover is soft. Next, take a wet brush and begin to clean off the dirt with it until it is completely removed.

  • A way to remove dirt 3. There is another way to reanimate “dirty” suede - liquid ammonia. Dilute the substance with water in a 1: 1 ratio, apply on a natural cloth and gently remove contamination.

Without drying anywhere

Well, the shoes( or something else) were “redeemed”, now you need to dry. The most important rule that you need to remember - do not put wet shoes under / in / on artificial sources of heating( heaters, batteries, etc.).Inside the boot, put a ball( paper) crumpled into a ball and change it as you get wet.

Can I wash suede shoes in a typewriter? It is possible, but only artificial. Be careful and then your clean and well-groomed shoes will surely lead you to beautiful places.

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