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The main component of comfort in the country house is hot water. Its heating is carried out with the help of a water heater, which must be selected correctly. To do this, listen to a few tips on how to choose a boiler.

Creating comfortable conditions is a priority task for a person. To equip the dacha with all the necessary amenities, you need a boiler that will provide the house with hot water.

There are several types of boilers that use different energy sources:

  • Electric;
  • Gas;
  • Wood;
  • Indirect.

Types and overview of boilers for cottages

Electric boiler. The most common type of energy is electricity, so the most frequent question for gardeners about how to choose the right electric boiler?

Boilers of this type can be of hinged or floor type. On the floor, usually, set the overall capacity of 200 or more liters. In everyday life, mostly, use smaller water heaters (from 10 liters. up to 100 liters.).

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The water in the boiler is heated by means of a built-in fan, power, kW. The design of the boiler is constructed in such a way that the amount of heat loss is minimal. This property is achieved by laying the thermal insulation between the outer wall of the boiler and the housing of the expansion tank.

The temperature and pressure monitoring in the electric boiler is controlled by means of a thermal sensor. The pressure in the pipelines is used to set the water. Water, getting into the tank, is retained in it by a non-return valve. With its help, air bleeding is also carried out, which can get into the water supply system, when replacing the failed unit. A tap is installed on the water supply from the boiler. With its help, you can cut off water, in case of replacement or repair of any part.

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An electric boiler is more efficient to use around the clock. The water in it must be at all times, and it must have a separate, grounded outlet. If there is no ground loop, it needs to be done (this fact is important for safety reasons against a short circuit to the housing, as a result, all the water in the system may be under voltage).

For a large house where one and more families live, it is advisable to use a floor, centralized boiler for a capacity of 100 to 200 liters. For a summer residence such boilers will not approach, as expenses for its heating will be enormous. How much should I choose a boiler?

The optimal boilers for a holiday home will be 50-100 liters capacity with a 2 kW tee. It will quickly heat the water (for up to 3 hours), while the cost of electricity will be minimal. The most famous manufacturers are: Termor, Atlantik, Vaillant, Drazice.

Gas boiler. The presence of a gas main near the house and its branching directly into the house, makes this method more efficient, and energy carriers - cheaper. The choice of a boiler for a house running on gas should be stopped at such brands as Ariston at 95 liters, Vaillant at 130 liters, Viessmann. These are the most common, reliable and in-demand gas water heaters for dachas.

When using any gas equipment in the room should be a reliable system of exhaust ventilation.


Disadvantages of gas boilers:

  • For the installation of gas equipment it is necessary to take the appropriate permit from the gas service in the place of residence. Also, without them, the installation of the boiler will be illegal;
  • It is necessary to issue the appropriate package of documents for the registration of gas equipment. This may take some time;
  • In the gas system, it is necessary to have a low pressure;
  • To install a gas boiler you need more space.
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All work with equipment will cost a lot.

Wood-fired boiler. The rules for choosing a wood-fired boiler are the features of mounting the firebox: separate or welded. With the welded furnace, the heating time is reduced by 30%, but in case of a breakdown, such a furnace is very difficult to repair. Because most of the summer residents, they choose a wood-fired boiler with a separate furnace.

A wood-burning boiler can serve as a heating appliance. As fuel, everything that burns is used, but it does not have any chemical substances (solid fuel, wood, chips, paper, cardboard, pellets).

The wood water heater is used in the location of the cottage, where there is no electricity, no gas main. Their structure and principle of operation are very simple. Put a tank in the furnace. Inside the tank a smoke tube is mounted. With its help, water is heated.

Boiler indirect heating. This kind of water heater, as a source of heating, uses the heated water of the heating system. Its design is a container in which a coil (a heating pipe) is mounted. It plays the role of a heat exchanger - passing the heated water through the pipe, gives heat to the water in the tank, heating it to the desired temperature.

This method of providing a home with hot water is the most economical, since it does not require additional expenditure of electricity or gas. The circulation of water is carried out by means of a special pump, which is connected to the DHW circuit (hot water supply).

To date, there are many manufacturers that produce quality products.

How to choose an indirect heating boiler from a large range of models? The most popular and reliable boilers are the manufacturers Drazice, Acv Smart, Viessmann, Buderus, Vaillant, Junkers Bosch Gruppe, Reflex, French company Saunier Duval, Polish Galmet, Italian Beretta and Baxi.

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Which boiler to choose for a summer residence?

If we talk about the advantages and disadvantages, we need to consider the use of each type of boiler in a particular case.

When choosing an electric boiler, one must take into account its electricity consumption. For summer residents who visit the dacha infrequently, this boiler will be one of the most convenient, since it is enough to plug it into the outlet to start it. While unpacking things, the water will have time to warm up to the desired temperature. Here it is necessary to take into account the simplicity of its installation, which can be carried out independently, without additional permissions.

The review of gas boilers will make it possible to determine the expediency of installing them at the dacha, perhaps it is more convenient to install them in the home of a permanent residence. The high cost and method of installation with the involvement of the gas service, as well as a long time of obtaining permits, can not economically justify itself.

Solid-fueled boilers, relative to previous heating elements, are much more economical, since they can be used not only for heating water, but also as a heating device. But here it is important to ensure that it quickly does not cool down. To do this, you need to constantly be near him and throw up fuel.

The ideal option would seem to be an indirect heating boiler. But in the summer, when the heating in the house is off, the boiler will lose its functions.

Proceeding from this, the question of which boiler to choose for a summer residence, it should be answered that the electric boiler is the best option for all cases of life. Even if the dacha is located far from the city, where there is no electricity, it is possible to use an electric generator to operate the boiler.

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