We prepare excellent beer snacks for a fun company.

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An old song says: "People are not killed by beer, water is destroyed by people."This truth has been confirmed for centuries, if the table was tasty snacks for beer. This drink is mentioned in the most ancient book of the Bible, which indicates its continued popularity. There are a lot of songs about him, and it often brings together real friends.

True fans of foaming drink prefer to eat it in a friendly company to the sounds of fascinating music. There are those who arrange a holiday home for the soul with a glass of cold beer. Sitting in a chair near the fireplace, with people close to their heart, they remember the past, make plans for the future and say good words to each other. Such moments of life bring true joy and satisfaction.

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Highlight the taste of the intoxicating drink will help excellent beer snacks that are easy to prepare yourself. Of course, you can simply buy shrimp, peanuts, dried fish, smoked cheese, but it's much more pleasant to decorate everyday life with a tasty dish. Among the thousands of different offers we will try to choose the most original ones, so that even gourmets envy us.

Even an inexperienced cook can make snacks for beer at home. The main thing is to get acquainted with the proposed recipes, read them carefully, examine the photos( if any) and get down to business. Brave wants to wish you success and not be upset from failures. After all, the first pancake is always lumpy, but the rest are in perfect shape. So, get acquainted with the popular recipes for beer snacks with photos that give a complete picture of the dish.

Crispy croutons

Long since croutons were considered the easiest and most delicious dish for a hop drink. There are many options for how they can be cooked. Consider the most popular:

  • with garlic;
  • with hard cheese;
  • just salted.

For cooking, it is advisable to take whole bread, as the factory cutting is very thin.

The average thickness of the pieces should be about 1 cm. Thick options are inconvenient to eat and they are roasted for a long time. Thin slices tend to burn.

Bread with garlic

Garlic croutons remain an excellent snack for beer over the centuries. They are served in almost every bar, but even an inexperienced cook can cook at home. To do this, take:

  • bread of any kind;
  • garlic( a few cloves);
  • vegetable oil for frying;
  • salt;
  • greens.
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potatoes The cooking process consists in the actions:

  • cut the bread into even pieces;
  • pour oil into a frying pan and heat until bubbles appear;
  • carefully lay out slices of bread in a boiling liquid and stir fry over medium heat;
  • when a golden brown crust is formed, they are carefully removed and put on a flat plate;
  • chives chopped into small cubes and mixed with oil and salt;
  • warm croutons rub with this mixture and decorate with finely chopped greens or salad.

Garlic Bread throughout the world is considered the best snack for beer. Serve warm to enjoy the taste of garlic. If necessary, you can warm up in the microwave.

Croutons seasoned with


Who doesn't like to taste a frothy drink with hard cheese? Even the most demanding gourmets will not refuse to eat such snacks. The dish will require a set of products:

  • several sliced ​​loaves of bread;
  • garlic;
  • hard cheese;
  • salt.

Squeeze garlic into each piece of bread so that it is soaked. Then put the croutons in the form of a sandwich and leave for 5 minutes. After that, preheat the oven to a maximum temperature of approximately 200 degrees.

Spread slices of garlic-soaked bread on a baking sheet. Put it in the oven for 10 minutes. When a brown crust appears, the baking tray is pulled out of the oven, the bread is turned over and back into the oven.

Hard cheese grated. Hot croutons are plentifully sprinkled on them and served as a beer snack. To get the usual salted croutons, it is enough to fry the slices of bread in butter and season them with salt.

If the cheese melts poorly, bread can be put in the oven for a few more minutes.

Snacks with spices

People who love to drink the intoxicating drink at home, try to make original beer snacks for it. It is very important that the products are harmoniously combined with taste. Consider some amazing recipes.

Excellent chips from Armenian lavash

Recently, Eastern cuisine has won the hearts of many Europeans, especially beer lovers. The culinary specialists have learned to make original chips from Armenian lavash. First, it is cut into small square slices. Then they are smeared with vegetable oil, sprinkled with various spices and baked in the oven. When a crust of ruddy color forms, the chips are ready.

Spices can be selected to suit any taste, the main thing is not to lose sight of their flavor. After all, this is the whole charm of the dish.

Original Fried Shrimps

You can prepare seafood for a delicious appetizer for beer at home. For example, fry shrimp. To do this, they first defrost, throwing back on a colander to glass liquid. Then get rid of the shell, and the meat is placed in a deep bowl to marinate. From above it is poured with freshly squeezed lemon juice, salted, covered with chopped dill and fragrant spices. Shrimps in the marinade stand 40 minutes.

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Add olive oil to a frying pan and heat it over moderate heat. Carefully spread the shrimp from the marinade and stir fry from different sides. The original beer snack is ready. Serve cold.

Hot dishes to the heady drink

Who would not agree that beer is considered one of the most popular drinks? With him, people relax in nature, watch sports, and just spend time with friends. To embellish his taste, experienced chefs prepare hot snacks for beer. For many, they have become a good tradition.

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Fans of the ancient drink will not refuse to taste the excellent dish, which is prepared quite simply. Here are the necessary ingredients:

  • fresh chicken wings;
  • flour;
  • butter;
  • garlic;
  • seasoning( paprika, red pepper);
  • sauce of sharp character( it is possible chili);
  • vegetable oil;
  • salt.

The cooking process includes the following operations:

  1. Fresh wings are thoroughly washed, dried and cut into small portions.
  2. Pour flour in deep dishes. Add spices to it( paprika and pepper).All carefully mixed.
  3. Pieces of chicken wings are laid out in cooked powder and left for half an hour to marinate.
  4. At this time, preparing the sauce "Buffalo".To do this, butter is heated to a soft state and mixed with spicy sauce. They put pepper in it and squeeze garlic. The mixture is set on fire, brought to the appearance of the first bubbles and immediately removed.
  5. Marinated meat is fried in a large amount of vegetable oil until fully cooked.
  6. Chicken wings stack in a deep bowl, pour sauce. To absorb liquid, cover the dish with a lid and leave for 10 minutes.
  7. Served as a warm dish.
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Appetizing sausages with frothy drink

You can prepare this dish in different ways. If time is running out, sausages are bought in a store and fried at home. But much more interesting to cook them yourself.

Sausage products:

  • meat of any origin;
  • bulb;
  • seasoning;
  • greens;
  • sausage casing.

Simple cooking operations:

  • meat is cut into small pieces or minced with a meat grinder;
  • add onion, greens and spices to mincemeat;
  • mix well;
  • put a cone-shaped nozzle on the meat grinder to fill the casing with meat;
  • sausages are fried in a pan in sunflower oil( you can use a grill or oven).

If a natural casing is used for sausages, soak it in acidified water for 2 hours.

Beer, snack and calories

As you know, foamy drink is not a high-calorie product. But the addition to it is worth paying attention. To always stay in shape, it is important to choose a diet beer snack that subtly emphasizes its taste. Here are some helpful tips.

At home, you can make vegetable chips from potatoes, juicy carrots or beets. For this, the products are cut into small slices and then baked in the oven. Ready-made chips are poured over tomato sauce cooked in the traditional way.

Diet biscuits, such as cracker, serve as an excellent low-calorie beer snack. It can be spread with low-fat melted cheese and sprinkle with herbs. This combination of products will wonderfully emphasize the taste of an aromatic drink. Cookies are often replaced with wholemeal bread, which is very useful for the body. As a result, a holiday for the soul with a glass of beer will benefit even those who watch their weight.

In addition, ready-made sauces from the store can be replaced with low-calorie foods. If you take homemade skim cream, add greens and spices, you get excellent sauce for a diet snack. Also useful are sauces cooked on the flesh of ripe tomatoes or on the basis of yoghurts. Adding spices, herbs and vegetables there, many appreciated the taste of light foods. Why try to make such a low-calorie snack with your own hands?

Video Recipe for the Best Beer Snacks

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